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Not Bands but Something New

October 30, 2018


Maybe it’s time to recognize that the musicians you played with in high school or college may not be your life time friends.

Bands are the cutting edge of nothing now, and tying yourself to a set of musicians has never worked – not for the Beatles, Stones, Beach Boys, or any lesser group.

Choose musicians for a project, or a revue, or an album, then let them go and keep your independence. That is the lesson we should learn from 60 years of bands.

My choice is none of the above, something new, not a band, not a singer songwriter, something in between, something new.

Tom Hendricks (Hunkasaurus and HIs Pet Dog Guitar)
Join the music revolution! We want YOU!


Name that Classic Song

August 27, 2018

Dear Readers,

This is a live recording of a 60s classic that I liked to play in my Box Office Concerts, but I never got around recording it in my 150 song OUTSIDE THE BOX set of 9CDs – now streaming everywhere.

Can you name it, and the group that made if famous?

See what you think, vote thumbs up, and share if you like.

My youtube channel is TomHendricksMusea


Backstage at the Fashion Show (original instrumental).

August 27, 2018

Dear Readers,


Backstage at the. Fashion Show (guitar instrumental) PDG – YouTube

Here is my video of song #1974 written 8/10/18.

This is a rough demo, so to enhance the sound – with finger picking – I recorded one version, and played live a 2nd time on video.

What do you think? Youtube page: TomHendricksMusea


Before Going On Stage, The Warm Up Song

August 19, 2018

Dear Readers,

Lots and lots of music. Can’t wait for a recording studio – here is one very fresh and hot off the guitar strings!


Hunkasaurus and His Pet Dog Guitar.

(lots of fun to play too!)

Cheap cassette recordings brings you one of my 1950 songs! This one #1971 written 8/4-18/18, by Hunkasaurus and His Pet Dog Guitar.

This is NOT a studio recording. See my 9 cd “Outside the Box” set for those 150 songs (CDBaby on YouTube.)

For all else about music, music revolution, Musea since 1992, etc. see . When you are there give it thumbs up too!


POSTISM, WOW or POSTMOD Music Revolution (quick summary)

August 29, 2011

FOR:  the best of independent music.  AGAINST: the abuses of corporate music Big  Three (WUS or Warners/Universal/Sony). ——————————————-

*POST-ISM, WOW, world open wide, or Postmod Music- its 3 things: Revolution against what rock/rap/country/pop have become, Back to early rock and roll’s simple honesty, directness, and passion with an emphasis on melody and great SONGS, and Music that includes all types of music from every place in the world. (and It’s part of the overall art and media revolution). ________________________

Here’s a quick summary of WOW or Postism Music.

  • Top 40, (closer to 200!) of the world.
  • Want some real change?  First steps
  • Music Revolution Video, (part of the bigger arts and media revolution)
  • NAQ’s , (never asked questions)
  • My personal music history
  • Hit Song Challenge (1955-75 versus 1995-now)
  • The Big 3
  • Why are So Many People Saying Bad Music is Good?
  • Videos are Out
  • Why Rock Can’t Get Better
  • Poems, Sayings, Comments on Postmod music
  • Tin Box Set – 10 year , 150 song, music project – youtube video
  • Five Possible Music Firsts
  • Texas Video Showdown!


FIRST WORLD TOP 40 LIST! BEST MUSIC LIST in the WORLD!!! (And hardest to get on!) Never before – or probably never again in history, will anyone hear such great new music all at once.The internet is the world’s first worldwide JUKEBOX. And this is the first music in that jukebox.  The first OUTSIDE THE BOX set. Week after week Musea, my 23 year old Dallas art and media zine scours the net for the very best in music from every corner of the world for the world’s first list of new great music. First World Top 40 ___________________________

WANT SOME REAL CHANGE?  FIRST STEPS Want some change? Real change not just more sound alikes? Want some revolution? Start with no electric guitars, bass, or drums. Why? That forces musicians to think outside of a 60 year old, generic rock, formula, and forces people to be creative and innovative etc. So really want revolution? Leave the Big 3, the 3 corporations that own the music business (Warners, Universal, Sony); and oppose their stranglehold on music. So really want revolution/ Oppose videos, as being too expensive for most musicians to make, and that shifts the emphasis back on the music not the visuals. So really want revolution? Dump corporate sponsors. So really want revolution? Stop writing your own songs, and let professional songwriters write good songs again. So really want revolution? Support the Postism revolution coming out of Dallas and the zine Musea.. ___________________________

MUSIC REVOLUTION VIDEO Short video from a series on the art and media revolution. 5 Doors to the Art Revolution – Music ________________________

NAQ\’s – NEVER ASKED QUESTIONS _________________________

MY MUSICAL HISTORY One standard guitar, one voice, one revolution: My Music:  Trying to lead the new music with some rebellion and vitality that includes these CONTENDERS FOR WORLD’S FIRSTS in music: 1. First music to oppose what 60 year old rock/rap/country/pop have become, and start a new back to basic music. First new music of this century. 2. Postmod Music is part of the larger art and media revolution started by the Zine Musea 20 years ago. 3. First Box Office Concerts. Guitar and voice concerts from the Inwood Movie Theater in Dallas played IN THE BOX OFFICE. – Glass Booth. 4. First Internet, BEST NEW MUSIC – WORLD WIDE LIST Musea’s Worldwide Favorite Music LIST (200+ now) “100 Plus Favorite Music from Youtube and Myspace” 5. First live request and dedication IN CONCERT. 6. “Combo” acoustic guitar style (bass, rhythm and lead all at once) – The, This Silvertone is as good as a band” style. 7. Bringing the ROLL back ! (the roll that rock and roll and popular music has lost).  Too much of the music today is like gum without the flavor. Something is missing. It’s the oil, the “roll” in rock and roll. That’s the oil in the machine! 8. First artist’s first CD, a 9 CD SET of 150 songs HUNKASAURUS AND HIS PET DOG GUITAR, Outside the Box Set”. Fo/mo/info  – See CDBaby for all 9 CD’s This outside the box, set of 150 songs by Hunkasaurus and His Pet Dog Guitar, is a collection of all types of music, that show: the many variations of voice and standard guitar music, a type of combo guitar style, and 17 years of box office concerts. Now listen to the simple melodic music covering every genre except generic bands, 1.,  CDBaby, or streaming on most all major music sites. 2. Lost Tapes (from the 80’s and 90-‘s) 3. The Big List. (200 of the best new music on the internet) ——————————————

HIT SONG CHALLENGE Let’s go beyond the music hype and get the music facts. Compare how many musicians had 3-6 big hits from the period of 1955-1975, with the corporate music era of 1995-2014. ———————————————–

THE BIG THREE:  Instead of thousands of small record companies from every town in the country, competing on quality, we have 3 who own 80% of the music business. Warners/ Universal/ Sony (WUS). What they don’t own outright, they distribute. It has led to safe, generic ,formulaic, music  from a few stars, and an almost complete loss of vitality. Why have all the creative people been marginalized? Where are they? Have you gotten the corporate memo?  Music is only these 5 musicians ———————————————

Why are So Many People Saying Bad Music is Good?

VIDEOS ARE OUT Right now only the richest musicians back by the largest corporations can afford making videos (short films with big budgets). The Eighties are over. Time to put the emphasis on the audio music, not the visuals or the singer.  by getting rid of videos, the playing field is more fair, and the competition to get good music is much wider.  Back to basics music, means you don’t need a record company, all you need is a voice and guitar and some good music .  Back to basics means music is open to all on talent not depth of pockets. ———————————————-

WHY ROCK CAN’T GET BETTER ——————————————-


ROCK AND ROLL DOESN’T ROCK NO MORE Rock and roll doesn’t rock no more. It’s turned middle age and become a bore. It’s everything it used to oppose. Rock and roll doesn’t rock no more. Rock and roll is corporate and dull. It’s phony music that’s lost its soul. It’s paint-by-number and rotten to the core. Rock and roll doesn’t rock no more. Rock and roll has got to go. Base, drums, and guitars are so so-so. Enough of the clones of clones of clones. Rock and roll doesn’t rock no more. Rock and roll has got to go. Its taken 60 years but now it’s so. It’s lost the beat and doesn’t roll. Rock and roll doesn’t rock no more. Rock and roll doesn’t rock no more. It’s a has-been and It’s your father’s olds. It’s spirit is gone and the choir all knows Rock and roll doesn’t rock no more. c Tom Hendricks, 2010 but free to reprint in full. (Just one person’s opinion) —————————————–

TIN BOX SET (youtube video)






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