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Sweet Daisy Jane – John Buzzonski

April 22, 2020

Dear Reader,

For the third time, musicians from the Facebook Musicians Group, “Reinventing the Wheel” have covered one of my songs.
This time John Buzzonski, has done his version of my song “Sweet Daisy Jane. It features Adam Grossman on Drums, and was engineered by Andy Reece.

I’ve posted the link to his version and my original version is in the comments.

John Buzzonski version on FB Hunkasaurus version on YouTube


What a treat it is to hear someone record one of my songs! Here John Buzzonski and crew have done their version of Sweet Daisy Jane, (the Riff Song), a story song about one of the best female electric guitar players ever.
John is a fine guitarist himself, and the first thing you notice is his guitar work. He starts his version with multiple guitars filling the intro. Then they merge into the main riff, which is the subtitle of the song, “The Riff Song”. Then he breaks into lyrics about a female lead guitarist that wants to play lead, not learn chords! Sweet Daisy Jane!
His voice gives it a punk style vocal that is direct and succinct. After the verse the riff comes back and he plays it with extra guitars swirling around it and gives lots of room for a full lead break. You will hear that his chorus is slightly different than mine, but that makes it his own. Grossman adds the needed drums and does so in a way that accents the song well.
The major difference, is my demo is a simple and direct demo recorded live, while his is a built up studio version with more complexity. Be sure to give it a listen.

Musicians remember too that this Facebook Group of musicians is virtually the only place on planet Earth where you can get your music heard and reviewed. The rules are super simple. You review 3 other songs, then post one – limit one a week!
Thanks to Tevil X. Bloom

Sweet Daisy Jane (the Riff Song)

Song geared for the best Female Electric Guitar Players.
by Hunkasaurus and His Pet Dog Guitar.
Lyrics below. Headphones best! Guitars too loud!

1. Her daddy bought her, an electric guitar.
Now she’s got, callouses galore.
She’s learning every riff she hears.
She’s got herself a golden ear … she goes

2, She took lessons, but it didn’t work out.
They never got what she was crazy about.
She wanted to play, fast and with soul.
They wanted her, to learn some dumb chords … she goes

C. Sweet Daisy Jane
She’ll pack her guitar and play with any player she can.
Sweet Daisy Jane
She’ll pack her guitar and play anywhere she can.

(middle + guitar improvisation.)

3. Fame came fast and now there’s bigger crowds.
they got to see what people talking about.
She likes the lights. She likes to plug in,
and find the magic that comes from the strings … she goes.

C. Sweet Daisy Jane
She’ll pack her guitar and play anywhere she can.

Song #2222, 2,5-24,2020
(c) Tom Hendricks 2020

Snow Falls – Reviews from the Wheel!

April 15, 2020

FaceBook group led by Tevil X Bloom.
Read the reviews and listen for yourself!
Song #2226, 2,18-28, 20

It’s Snow nice Tom. Lovely picture you paint and I like the way to mix up guitar parts for variation. Good one.

Beautifuk Tom. Really liking the arpeggiated guitar bit in the softer parts, huge dynamic play in this and you know I’m a sucker for big dynamics. Just about the point where I’m missing pet dog’s toe tapping rhythm, here it is! This song has it all for me, and it sounded like snow to boot – actually, you know what – it reminded me very strongly of the Peanuts Christmas special soundtrack at first. Unusual soubd from you, you wear it well my friend!!

Lovely song Tom, nice to hear a nice quiet tune that hits the spot, you don’t have to bust your lungs apart for people to hear you.

Nice one Tom, nicely sung & performance

Curious one this, I really like the verse and chorus structures independently, but I think you could transition between the two parts more fluidly. The tune’s quite short so I think there’s room to do that without impacting on what is essentially a really nice song. Regardless, an enjoyable listen

Interesting progression and resolves challenge the listener, a terseness and complicated mix of major sevenths, diminished and inversions. It had a lot of uplift in the chorus, to me just the chorus could be the whole song in a way. Original and new, well done.


Yip it’s another good one, and like the change, but the timing is out between the two and it jars. That said, I really liked this lyrically and melodically. Simply, you write great songs. 🙂

I like the structural and melodic components in this one. I sense infancy in the delivery but its an enjoyable listen with some depth in composition !!

Great dynamics change to the strumming. Love your choice of chords and melodies. Lovely lyrics too. A love song with mystery to it.

Raining Down, recording and video by Greebly Mork

March 3, 2020

"Raining Down", is a brand new recording of a song of mine, by Greebly Mork.
Here is the link to his version and youtube video. Then under it I’ve added a link to my rough youtube demo. When you listen, I recommend you use your headphones and you’ll get the richest sound experience on both.

Raining Down, Greebly Mork

Raining Down, Hunkasaurus & His Pet Dog Guitar

Greebly Mork is, not only a talented musician, arranger, etct; he is the moderator of an online Face Book music group called, "Reinventing the Wheel". The group may be virtually the only place most musicians can get a review of their music!
Mork has set up this basic rule; before a musician posts his song, he has to review and comment on 3 other songs. That has worked well. Visitors will find lots of great music from about 100 musicians so far; and each song posted on the site, is packed with lots of comments.

This is my review of "Raining Down" by Greebly Mork:

Wow! There is a lot here I wanted to talk about. Your version is topnotch studio work, compared to my rough live demo; so, listening to your version in headphones is a real treat. You get that professional crisp fullness, plus a solid clear separation of parts.
I liked the simple intro that gets things started, and keeps things in a basic form up to the big choruses, with those multi vocals you are celebrated for.
But what was a real delight to me is how you use the background vocals to, not double track the lead, but to add a second answering melody line to the chorus. That was really sweet!
Good guitar work on the middle. I like the 3 or 4 different leads that built up before the song goes back to the verses.
I may be just imagining this, but the second revised version I listened to, seemed more lean on instruments on the verses, which
gives the choruses more punch. You mentioned minor changes – was there some changes like that too?
The one thing that surprised me the most is your version sounds more optimistic than mine, believe it or not! That’s the fun of hearing another’s take.
Now every review has to have one negative – and here it is: I did NOT see the 11 measure’s long, vocal belting, "OHHHHHHHHHH" at the end on your version! But I’ll let that slide as artistic differences! LOL

Thanks for doing this! It’s a big treat to hear one’s song done up so well!

Music Quotes about the Music Revolution from Musea, since 1992

September 5, 2019

Music Quotes about the Music Revolution.
From Musea, since 1992

Time for a change in music – instead of just 3 companies controlling everything there should be thousands!

Musea, leading the music revolution against the “Big 3 Labels” that control the music industry.

Those born since the 90s have the delusion that mainstream music is supposed to be bad and not the best in the world.

The Big 3 Labels control manufacturing, distribution, promotion, reviews, concerts, radio, awards shows, music media, music charts, and streaming. Anything else they sue out of business by their watchdog organization, RIAA.

When you have to search out a musician’s music, they are probably making minimum wage, while 1% make 70% of all money in music.

When people hide their heads in the sand about all this, it’s the same as bowing down to the 3 CEOs that control and have ruined music.

Join us – thousands of musicians against the 3 CEOs that control the music industry.

Time to stop supporting the 3 old men, no women, that control all music, the Big 3, and start supporting all musicians. That includes ending the glass ceiling against all women in positions of leadership in the music industry.

Which side are you on, 3 CEOs, The Big 3, that control the music industry or all musicians?

Musicians need your support not your head in the sand!

Who here would get upset if there were more than 3 people who decided if you got a career in music or made minimum wage all your life?

The Big 3 control 80% of the music industry and their lawyers the other 20%.

When the music media blocks out the music revolution against the Big 3, they block out every musician making minimum wage or less = thousands of talented people.

Music revolution has two sides:
3 greedy CEOs that prop up the same 10 top 40 pop stars versus all the other musicians in the world.

Katy Perry spent $11 million on promoting one song!
Ed Sheeran’s “Divide” tour has made $736.7 million!
To make minimum wage through streaming on Spotify, a musician has to have 336,842 total plays. No musician can compete against the pop darlings of the Big 3 Labels!

Remember my ear is always open.

World’s First Singalong Song

August 28, 2019

Dear Readers,

Today I posted my new video, the world’s first, online, singalong, song. See lyrics and sing the ‘lalalala chorus.” Join the world.

For this and all my channel of youtube videos see this url and give it a thumbs up or comment. Thanks!


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