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My 1,800 Song

August 24, 2017

Composed my 1,800 song last month on July 25.

When I write a song, I write the music first, later the lyrics. This song is just music now. The working title is ‘Take A Breath”. This (c) song, #1800, is pictured below.

When telling people about my compositions, I usually say something like this. Without a hit song you don’t have much of a music career. With one you have one for life.
Just look at all the one hit wonders that YOU know about. Then I add, how many famous musicians do you know that have never had a hit song?

Then I would go on to say this. With all my songs (rock, pop, country, folk, rockabilly, bossa nova, classical, jazz, instrumentals, etc. etc. We can find one to fit your taste. For starters, I’ve got over 200 videos on youtube, 9 CDs streaming all over the net, just look.

Then I would usually add that there are very few good composers out there. 99% of musicians should no more write their own music, then build their own cars to get to their concert hall. I am one of the few that has a proven ‘record’ made over 50 years.

But NOW I say:

That is the current truth with 3 CEOs that control 80% of the music industry. When the world decides music deserves better and has had enough of the way that the music business is now – Radio is just ads, concert tickets are a rip off, the music media is just press releases, awards shows seem fake, online streaming sales never get to the musician, music never changes, always the same few promoted over and over, and there is never news of the alternative to all this – then a hit song will count.

Till that day comes, we can only BAND together to help all musicians. The choice for you is clear – either support 3 old men, or support everyone else.


TeXas Video Showdown hits 3,000

August 10, 2017

Dear Reader,

My musical protest against the 3 CEOs that control so much of music, and for all the rest of the world, has reached another milestone. 3,000 views.
Come view it and help raise awareness. Give me a thumbs up too – that means lifting a finger – literally! Here’s more.

We are told, year after year, to only talk about, support, and buy music from the same 6 or so teen pop stars. The real story is one the music media won’t dare tell you. Music is falling fast, 1% of musicians make 70% of the money, and everyone else is so uninformed that they don’t even know that it’s going on. Yet everyone does know that music is dull, radio is awful, concerts are a rip off, music media never covers anyone really different, and there is never news of anyone against all this! That’s why the musicians in Dallas are against it, and why you never hear about that either!

Hunkasaurus Songbook

May 2, 2017

Some Early Favorites.
(All songs c Tom Hendricks 2003)

Dancing Across the Moon

I’m dancing, dancing across the Moon
I’m dancing, dancing across the Moon
C/mon babe, rocket up and join me soon.

I’m hip, hopping across the Moon
I’m hip, hopping across the Moon
C/mon babe, rocket up and join me soon.

Well I went downtown to the hardware store
Got me some pipes and some tin foil
Put them together and lit the fuse
Headed off into the blue.


Don’t Give Up on Love

On the road to who knows where
Where nobody seems to care
And you ask ‘why am I here?’
Don’t give up on love

Cry your eyes out everyday
Hide out in your hide-a-way
Keep all the world at bay – but
Don’t give up on love

Don’t give up on love
It’ll see you through

One more time and verse to say
Say in time you’ll try again
You may loose or you may win
Don’t give up on love.


Zine World

Zine World, Zine World,
Doug is working overtime
Zine World, Zine World
he and his crew don’t make a dime but
They’ll bring to you an anthology
Of 100’s of reviews of 100’s of zines in
Zine World, Zine World, la la la la la la la.

Zine World, Zine World
Spreading like a Godzilla rampage
Zine World, Zine World
The underground press is all the rage so
Buy a copy and only send cash
We’ll separate the wheat from the shaft in
Zine World, Zine World la la la la la la la.

Zine World, Zine World
All you zinesters send in your zines
Zine World, Zine World
we’ll take a look and say which stink
Then you pick your favorites, you make the call
take your world with a grain of alt and
Zine World, Zine World, la la la la la la la.

* *

I’m Alive

I walk, love to walk
’round twilight, round the block
But I’m alive, I’m alive, I’m alive… with hope.

I live, in a room
“bout the size of the hut, on Walden Pond
But I’m alive, I’m alive, I’m alive… with hope.

Say what you will, but I’m all right. I’m alright
I’m alright … with hope.

Simple life. Work hard.
End of the day, I’m tired
But I’m alive, I’m alive, I’m alive… with hope.

* *


Mortally wounded sails to Ireland
Touches the sleeve of Iseulde and is
Healed but lovesick now… Tristan

Riding horseback with Iseulde
Oaks flashing by like bolting rabbits
Sun rays falling like spears… Iseulde.

Oooooooh, Oooooooh

Vows made,
Echoing off the walls of the cathedral
Smoke spiraling up from the flickering candles
And in the half liight they turn and face for their first kiss … Oooooh.

* *


Everybody’s trying to discover a new comet in the sky
And everybody’s talking ’bout what girl is dating what guy.
But all I want to do is stare into the starry sky above.
And all I want to do is dream about the one I love

Everybody’s talking ’bout the Mars rock that fell from space And every boy and girl has got something that they just gotta say But all I want to do is stare into the starry sky above.
And all I want to do is dream about the one I love

Dreamboat, dreamboat, be mine
Dreamboat, dreamboat, be mine.

* *

How Beautiful

How beautiful Cinderella must have been and
How beautiful in the eyes of her Prince and
How beautiful girls are

How beautiful Hedy Lamar in black and white as
She walks through the maze of the streets of the Casbah and
How beautiful girls are. How beautiful they are
How beautiful in my eyes.

I look around,I look, I look and see
How many variations there can be
How many ways a girl can be – beautiful

How beautiful Kelly Bundy, Christina Applegate as
She does her lines, comedic fun and all that dumb play and
How beautiful girls are, How beautiful in my eyes,
How beautiful girls are.

* *


Stopped at a light behind a small truck
It turned green but there they’re stuck
I thought I’d honk, but instead I’d watch and wait

Up ahead the couple in the cab
Trying to save a love gone bad
Trying to save what was lost and will never return

Heaven help the man, who refuses to change
Heaven help the man, who refuses to change

There was a man who lived alone
Watching TV on his own
A fuse blew and the room turned totally dark

The TV light shrank to a dot
That went out and left a black spot
That he sat and watched till the break of dawn

Heaven help the man, who refuses to change

* *

140 MPH

140 miles per hour
You make me bitter, you make me sour
Say you’re mad in love with me
Well stop this car and set me free

Pull over at the next light and ease that pedal that’s floored and I’ll, I’ll love you more.

3 long days and starry nights
Desert heat and red oil light
Your foreheads hot, the hoods a cloud
Both need water to cool them down

Your eyes are glazed over, knuckles white to the core
And I, I love you more.

Love you more than anybody
Love you more than anyone

So go ahead and drive and drive
Until this malady subsides
Take me there no matter where or when
Hope the gas holds out till then

Speed up and keep passing , we’ve gone to long and too far
And I, I love you more.

* *

AOL Can Go and Tank Tomorrow

AOL Can go and tank tomorrow and I don’t care
I yi yi prefer the indy artist everywhere

Corporate Art can go and tank tomorrow. It’s no big deal.
I yi yi prefer the indy artist . They’re more real

Open up your eyes and see the endless mindless junk
that they’ve foisted on you and me.
Open up your eyes and see the endless mindless junk
a product of soulless corporate greed.

* *

We Are the Kernels

We are the Kernels of the popcorn patrol
We say butter. You can say yes or no.
We have three sizes, medium large or small OH
We are the Kernels of the popcorn patrol

Kernels of the popcorn patrol
Kernels of the popcorn patrol

* *

Tommy’s Got a Song in His Guitar

Tommy’s got a song in his guitar.
He plays it everyday.
Tommy’s got a song in his guitar
He plays it everway

Winter’s over friend, I get to play again
And show you all of my songs.
They’ve been locked away. And I got to say
They’re a thousand st

Box Office Concerts

April 21, 2017

Box Office Concerts (1996? ā€“ 2014).

My job at the theater was OK. It was busy before the shows started, then a long break, then we would let those first shows out and repeat the process, two or three times a shift. The in between slow times were boring, and there was nothing to do. Then I got an idea.
I asked my manager, David Kimball, if I could bring up my standard guitar and play in the box during the in between periods. The Inwood was known for being a fun place to go to, and an innovative place to work. David thought it was a great idea. Box Office Concerts were born.
I was scheduled the same two nights each week, Tuesday and Wednesday. Iā€™d play from about 5:30-6:00 before the first rush started for the 7-8PM shows, and then play another half hour from about 8:00-8:30 before the last shows started.
Things evolved. First I just played my standard guitar. Pet Dog Guitar is a 60ā€™s standard Silvertone bought at Sears for about $50. Then I brought an amp. I had a small practice amp, about the size of a shoe box, that fit the ticket window perfectly ā€“ pure luck. I would hook up my mike to that, put it on the mike stand, strap on my guitar, stand up, stand back, and play and sing into the single mike.
People liked it. I got lots of fun press for both me and the theater; and the pictures, a man playing guitar in a glassed in box office, looked offbeat and original. Even the three original owners of the entire theater chain praised my Box Office Concerts when they visited from California.
My favorite audiences were kids. For many of those years there was an ice cream shop or a frozen yogurt place next door, and many families would be walking by with their desserts. The young kids would hear the music and always react the same. They would see me playing, freeze with their mouths open and their eyes wide, check with their parents to see if I was dangerous, and then begin to dance to the beat! I often had two, three, or more kids running around and swinging to the music while their parents watched, or clapped.
There was one mom who often walked her daughter Phoebe in a baby carriage in the evenings. Phoebe seemed to love to hear me play. And because I did it for 15+ years, Phoebe actually grew up during that time. I saw her mother recently. She said Phoebe is now taller than her and in high school.
My favorite adult response was one I got many times and it was always the exact same wording. They would hear me first, then discover me playing, and say:

I thought you were a radio!

Photos by DAVID McGHEE

Three CEO’s Control 80% of Music

April 21, 2017

Three CEO’s from Warners, Universal, and Sony control 80% of the music industry and have ruined it. Here’s more.

You will never hear a protest song on mainstream radio. That means there is no revolt allowed in music. That’s why the revolt in music.

For all musicians out there, unless you are one of 6 main pop stars, you have been marginalized out of a career by 3 CEO’s that run the music business. Join the Dallas rebellion or start your own. For those who want more information…

There are 3 record companies that control 80% of the business, Warners, Universal, Sony. Each has a CEO. That’s 3 CEO’s controlling the music industry. They are in turn owned by the few major media conglomerates. Through this synergy, these few companies make the music, distribute it, promote it on their entertainment outlets, and then give themselves great reviews in the media they own.

The 3 have made it clear,
We only support a generic pop sound. We only promote that type of music, and only for a few. (Swift, Beyonce, Bieber, Adele, Gaga, Perry, and the pop star of the week.)

What else are they saying?

You play folk music? We don’t do folk, so you are out of a career. You play heavy metal? We don’t do heavy metal, so …
You play religious music? We don’t do religious music, so … You play classic rock? We don’t do classic rock, so …
You play classical music? We don’t do classical music, so … You play roots music? We don’t do roots music, so …
You play music and you aren’t a 20 something? We don’t do your music, so … You play kid’s music? We don’t do kid’s music, so …
You play jazz or big band? We don’t do jazz or big band, so… You play instrumentals? We don’t do instrumentals, so …
You play old style soul, r & b, or rap? We don’t do old style, so … You play protest music? We of course never make waves, so …
You play in a new style, are innovative and leading the way? We don’t do that ever! You play ???. We don’t do ???, so you are out of a career – period.

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