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April 24, 2021

Dear Readers,Been a long time since you’ve seen a new issue of Musea! Still working on my big Psy Phy physics issue all about physics, yeah I know that is very unexpected!
Till then I sent two recent poems to Webmaster Matthew who posted them on our Musea site at


The Seer

Morning, Storm, and Aftermath

Letter to Lynn Monk on the Big Three Labels

April 17, 2021

My post to Lynn Monk another person who has spent years supporting indie musicians:

Now for something personal, you and I have both spent a decade or more supporting musicians, and the music industry has not changed; Swift, Bieber, still get all the money, and indies don’t. Hard work and talent have not helped. Time to recognize the obvious, nothing will change until we protest this mess.
These mega labels are houses of cards, and real indie protest of say one thousand musicians saying theses three are dull boring, uncool, and ruining music, will force them to do anything to look trendy, hip and get back the money. So protesting the Big Three labels is not our best option, it’s our ONLY option.

Sayings of Editor Art (continued)

January 5, 2021

Sayings of Editor Art (more of them).

I don’t let chocolate decay!

Band Aid Charity : charity that addresses poverty in a piecemeal manner.

Flying into your pants!

Just a few more months of caution, then you can throw it to the wind.

Remember with CBAs, poverty is a choice to make not a problem to solve.

Chose: Marketing Ploy for Big 3 Labels, or vibrant music industry for everyone.

99% of physics books set up a wall for the reader and say, “You won’t believe this but it’s true, and stop there – leaving you filled with doubtful wonder – like the author has.
I raise my hand an say, “I do!!! Let’s go!!!

Nothing has just one answer.

If you are a rock band now, you are pretty much stuck in last century.

Let the windmills tilt themselves.

Stay lit!

Everyone gets a thorn in their paw.

Song title: I may be wrong but you’re still stupid!

Black hole of need.

Media – reaches out for trauma and drama.

Whether its this wine or that wine, its still wine!

People who don’t wear a mask – I avoid like the plague!

The oasis of civilization.

That’s like a sax solo in the middle of the Moonlight Sonata (first movement.)

A song with a wide range in the melody is lighter than one with a limited range.

Be daring – Wing it!

Waves are everything!

These musicians need some smoke and mirrors.

Thin people read the room. Fat people read the people.

More a rock garden than Versailles.

Data mining – get your hands out of my … everything

There’s lots of ways to run a maze (also add as poem?)

A few bad apples? A few bad orchards!

The Music Revolution is for those who don’t want ten more years of the same 9 pop stars.
Support all musicians not the greed of the 3 CEOs, that run the Big 3 Labels, and who tell you who you can like and control the entire industry: radio, concerts, reviews, promotion, press, streaming, etc.

It’s a good thing you don’t have any money or your relatives would have committed you long ago!

I’m in a sea of stay-the-same, and the undertow is fierce.

If you’re not going to enjoy sex, why go through puberty?

I can’t go on the subway. I’ll get mobbed, and not because I’m famous.

Beware science discoveries that are too clever. Mother Nature hates clever!
(and usually they are wrong.)

If a photon is outside of time, then it can be anywhere and back.

The physicist calls his wife, quark and gluon!

Some paint by number. Some paint by experience, practice, and talent.

40 Billion Dollar Gift

January 1, 2021

SOMEONE sent me 40 BILLION DOLLARS – nice!
But I don’t think I would have accepted the two bills if they were … Wrinkled!
Good start for the new year!

PS That someone was Fred Argoff, who does the fun zine Brooklyn. He writes: "Having been such a supporter of my zines, I thought I’d do something different this year and say both thanks and Happy New Year by giving away huge amounts of money. Like, say, 40 billion dollars.
Enclosed please find two genuine banknotes from Zimbabwe in the amount of 20 billion dollars each…

Tom, Why Don’t You Play Your Guitar Right?

October 9, 2020

Here are some differences that are on purpose!
For me songs should be at 2 minutes, 3 minutes for Ballads, that forces the song to have just the essentials and no excess repeats. Motto: stop playing before they stop listening!
The other thing is my guitar playing. This is what I call combo guitar style, not a singer songwriter, not a band something in between something new, where I play bass, rhythm, and lead, at the same time on one guitar. This single guitar leads to a more direct, passionate, and personal song. Though I will add that in my studio recordings I expand this to background vocals, and sometimes a 2nd standard guitar for a fuller sound.
Besides playing a lot of maj7, diminish, and suspended chords, I often play these with ringing open notes, such as an open A on a Bflat chord. I also often make up chords to enhance the melody.
So I encourage you to take these things as new ideas.
Those that like the older style are certainly welcome to do covers of my songs, some have already.

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