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The Little Girl with the Big Name

August 15, 2018


Kids at Work (poem)

May 5, 2017

Kids at Work

My dad says I’m lazy.
there’s work to do.
No more lollygagging!”
But I’m just two!

“I started late.
When I was one
everything was outlawed
especially fun.”

“I worked from sun up
till it went down
and then 10 chores
when I got home.”

“I washed and cleaned
before I could walk.
I worked in the fields
before I could talk.”

“You think you can sponge
off your mother and me
and just lounge around
until you’re three?!?”

The Boy Had Seen A Frightening Movie

November 26, 2015

Still working on my big sci-fi novel titled “Writings in Science”. Here’s a short poem that will be part of it.


The boy had seen a frightening movie
with aliens pictured as bloodthirsty monsters.
But his father said, “Son rethink your fears.
Listen to me carefully and I will explain.

If they are advanced enough in technology
to travel to Earth then somewhere in their history
they must have discovered the parts of the mind
that work in tandem or conflict sometimes.

And learned how to merge them into one self.
End the inner war, not project it on others,
which ends the conflicts and the violence,
and the need for domination.

In essence if smart they’ve already learned
the technology necessary to live in peace.
And the smarter they are, the more loving they are
because it’s through love that the fittest survive.

And it is love that builds up wisdom
enough to prosper and think up rockets. ”

3 Children’s Poems

January 18, 2015

“The Moon’s a balloon,”
said my older brother.
“And if it pops …
run for cover!”

I am a
wee little child
that sleeps in an
empty tea pot.

slide down the spout
and drink up some Z’s
until mother in the morn
with a spoon in her hand
taps the half opened
dangling lid …
“Wake up! Wake up!
My sleepy head!’

we’ve got a problem ….
sorry child ….
all the bird poems
have flown away!

May 2, 2013

Poem from my kid’s book “Moon Tea”.
A mom answers her child’s question


How many miles to Wonderland?
It’s as close as can be.

Close your eyes you sleepy head
and get there in your dreams.

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