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Sayings of Editor Art

August 12, 2017

You don’t have to approve the message, just allow the discussion.

I wonder how much of NYC art is just hustling rich donors.

Don’t you dare say you support musicians if you allow 1% to make 70% of all the money and you are fine with that!

Everybody writes, nobody reads!

Don’t pave a rut!

Isn’t gravity a perpetual energy machine?

Which is more probable, a one time pop up of 5 or so linked chemical steps that each have to occur in the proper order in a hostile environment that they are not protected in and that would quickly destroy each step, OR a chemical selection over millions of years of UV radiation?

When any media covers the scandal of the few to avoid covering the issues of millions, then it is fake news.

Think people are anal
Fat people are bossy
This little maxim is a major clue to many health discoveries.

House of Thorns: A house where the women don’t get along.

Which better protects our country, health care for all or more military spending for wars over there?

Too much of modern art is just bad surrealism 100 years out of date.

We’re going on a dragon/unicorn hunt. (An outing with no purpose.)

There are about 50 people in the world that can write good music and I’m one of them.

Music MEDIA, what will you do? Report on the cutting edge of the change in music, or ride the coat tails of corporate music with another irrelevant press release.

There is not a lot of think tanks trying to end poverty. That is another problem for think tanks to solve.

Time for a rainbow.

TeXas Video Showdown hits 3,000

August 10, 2017

Dear Reader,

My musical protest against the 3 CEOs that control so much of music, and for all the rest of the world, has reached another milestone. 3,000 views.
Come view it and help raise awareness. Give me a thumbs up too – that means lifting a finger – literally! Here’s more.

We are told, year after year, to only talk about, support, and buy music from the same 6 or so teen pop stars. The real story is one the music media won’t dare tell you. Music is falling fast, 1% of musicians make 70% of the money, and everyone else is so uninformed that they don’t even know that it’s going on. Yet everyone does know that music is dull, radio is awful, concerts are a rip off, music media never covers anyone really different, and there is never news of anyone against all this! That’s why the musicians in Dallas are against it, and why you never hear about that either!

Gravity = Perpetual Energy Machine

August 8, 2017

GRAVITY = Perpetual Energy Machine

(or to be more exact
Gravity = Perpetual Force Machine OR
Gravity = Perpetual Motion Machine.

(For more wacky physics – and what physics nowadays is not – see my sci-fi novel Writings in Science)

Houses Under 50K

July 1, 2017

Why are we down to so few housing choices.

1. Buy a new mansion that no one can afford.
2. Buy a second hand home that is crumbling down and still too expensive. 3. Rent and never build home equity.

Where is number 4? Why do all new houses have to be mansions and be so expensive? What new home buyer can afford a new home? Few millennials can. Want people to buy homes? Then build new homes for less than 50k, $50,000.


When you ask that question to any innovative architects, each has a dozen answers on how to make stylish, affordable, non cookie cutter, homes at affordable prices. Many allow homeowners to add on to their new homes as their incomes improve.

These well designed small homes are perfect for newly married young couples, single parents and their kids, and seniors living on their own.

So what’s keeping this from happening?

My idea is that rich people don’t want a ghetto of poor people next to them, even if they are owners of new houses. The fifties had a building spree, but all the houses, tract houses, were congregated together and were exactly alike. The rich don’t want low cost housing in their backyard, and the new home buyer doesn’t want to be in a low income ghetto either.

Here’s the solution.

Make affordable houses, but only a few here and there. I saw one architect who suggested putting a complete small home as a self contained pod, on top of an empty roof! (See Werner Aisslinger’s LoftCube, a prefab pod home.)

Now if he could do that, why not two or three prefab pod homes, not only on a flat roof downtown; but, on a single tract of land in a mixed development neighborhood?

Many major cities have vacant lots. Instead of leaving them empty we could fill one here and two there with 3 or 4 small affordable homes.

More than once, I’ve said that any company that can develop a small attractive completely contained home, could make as much money as the first manufacturers of cars did with that invention!

Time for new solutions. This is one that is due. Having home owners stabilizes a community like nothing else. People who want their own homes, should have a way of getting them. This is a good way.

More of everything at

Here is an earlier post on Housing costs.

I’ve always thought that that manufacturer who can build a modular one or two bedroom home that can virtually be droped from the sky anywhere – would become as big and successful as any major car manufacturer.

Through this period of excessive house building that led to the economic crisis we are all now in, I was saying, why are these houses so big and so expensive? Then the housing bubble burst and we are still collectively paying for the housing/banking crisis.

But in the future, why not a small one or two bedroom, well designed, not cookie cutter, $30,000 cottage with basics. Then let the homeowner add on as he moves up. Washer/dryer, garage instead of carport, etc. There seem to be many architects that love to design the small house. Even modular housing could be made that is artistic and distinctive – why not support these architects and help people get homes again?

Time to remember what happened to baby carriages. They got bigger and bigger. Then one person invented one so small it could be carried in the car. That soon wiped out the competition. Smart builders could learn a lesson from baby carriages.
I’ve always thought that that manufacturer who can build a modular one or two bedroom home that can virtually be droped from the sky anywhere – would become as big and successful as any major car manufacturer.

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