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Rock and Roll Doesn’t Rock No More

March 21, 2023


Rock and roll doesn’t rock no more.
It’s turned middle age and become a bore.
It’s everything it used to oppose.
Rock and roll doesn’t rock no more.

Rock and roll is corporate and dull.
It’s phony music that’s lost its soul.
It’s paint-by-number and rotten to the core.
Rock and roll doesn’t rock no more.

Rock and roll has got to go.
Base, drums, and guitars are so so-so.
Enough of the clones of clones of clones.
Rock and roll doesn’t rock no more.

Rock and roll has got to go.
Its taken 60 years but now it’s so.
It’s lost the beat and doesn’t roll.
Rock and roll doesn’t rock no more.

Rock and roll doesn’t rock no more.
It’s a has-been and It’s your father’s olds.
It’s spirit is gone and the choir all knows
Rock and roll doesn’t rock no more.

c Tom Hendricks, 2010
but free to reprint in full.
(Just one person’s opinion)

Galileo and Anti Gravity

March 10, 2023

This suggests that Galileo proved anti gravity was the force.The wood ball and iron ball are different weights, but they land exactly the same time. The force from space is the same on both weights, the force from space underneath is the same on both weights. That suggests weight doesn’t matter here.

Letter to Journalists

March 6, 2023

Letter to Music Journalists:

The music press should be about journalism not promotion.
When that returns, journalists will ask these tough questions of the music industry:

1 Should 3 CEOs control the entire music industry like they do now?
2 For twenty years sales have been half of what they were in 1999, why
3 Why does music never change? Never new stars or net trends?
4 Do you think auto tune is fake music to hide people without talent?
5 One percent of musicians make 70% of all the money, should they also make 70% of the charitable contributions?
6 Do you approve of NPR revenue sharing deals?

Photons, Electrons, and Positrons are the same Thing

February 24, 2023

My suggestion is that PHOTONS and ELECTRONS / POSITRONS are the same thing. They are two Versions of the same thing.

Consider the following:

The photon is a particle of energy
The electron / positron are mass

The photon displays more wave properties whereas the electron / positron displays more particle properties.

Photons create electron / positron pairs.
Electron / positron pair can annihilate into energy, photons
Let’s rephrase.

Photons turn into electron / positron pairs under certain conditions.
Electrons and positrons turn into photons under certain conditions.

Photons is the speed of light version.
Positron / electron are the space time version.

Photons have no mass, but are still affected by gravity. Why? Suggestion that when photons are electron / positron pairs, both the electron and positron have mass, and that explains why gravity affects them. See post on gravity or anti gravity.

The movement of electrons causes both the creation and destruction of photons.

Both photons and electrons / positrons behave as a wave or particle but never both at the same time.

Photons pop up out of nothing but always match the exact energy needed for a quantum jump.

Photons pop up out of nothing and create electron and positron pairs that are entangled.
Virtual particles pop up out of nothing and create virtual electron positron pairs that are entangled.

Photon energy can create mass in pair conversion of electron and positron
The annihilation of the mass of an electron and positron create photon energy.
Two pure energy photons can create mass of electron / positron pairs in pair conversion.
The mass of electron / positron pairs in annihilation turns to complete pure energy.

Photons are energy that travels at the speed of light.
But electron / positron pairs are mass so
They should travel slower than the speed of light, and they do
They should also be larger than photons, and they are.

Quantum jump is when an electron takes in energy to jump to a higher state. Here I substitute an electron / positron pair for the photon:
First electron takes a photon.
But photon is electron / positron pair
So electron takes electron / positron (photon)
The electron and positron annihilate to pure energy that propels the other electron to a higher level.

Suggestion that if photons, through pair conversion, create all fundamental particles (See my posts),
Then every electron is entangled with a positron, and all particles are entangled.

Suggestion that like entangled particles can switch spin, so entangled electron and positron particles can switch charge.
That means electron can switch to a positron and back at any quantum event.

Some thoughts

The fact that pair conversion is more active at higher temperatures is a clue to what could have happened at post Big Bang temperatures

Bhabha scattering supports that photons and electron positron pairs are different versions of the same thing.

Quote from Secret Melody, by Thuan
In the past, the appearance of infinite values has always signalled a breakdown of our theories, rather than extreme behavior on the part of the universe. It has been a sign of lack of imagination on our part, rather than a property of nature itself.

My suggestion is that the infinite values are correct, and that renormalization was a mistake. The infinities are correct.

Follow that and everything starts being a unified theory not a patchwork of solutions on separate specific problems.

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