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3 Golden Ages in the Arts

February 1, 2023

3 Golden Ages in the Arts

From 1990 to 2020 there was a golden age of technology but no golden age of content in the arts. The mainstream mega corporations invented new tech, but couldn’t find content to fill them!

Through the last 30 years there has been a consolidation of companies connected to the arts and media into fewer and fewer hands. This consolidation has ruined almost all the arts from music, writing, and art, to film, theater, and dance.

But there are these 3 exceptions. They all have something in common. They all developed outside the control of the giant media art conglomerates. That means that in every case thousands competed, not 5 or so mega corporations like in the mainstream generic arts.

These three still remain unappreciated and underreported by the mainstream media.

Here are 3 that stand out for me.

1. Zines. The late 80s and 90s were the last golden age of literature before the net.
2. Online bloggers, and original youtube channels, are the new radio and TV.
3. The Korean wave of both K-Pop and K-Dramas developed innovative music and TV / films.

Tom Hendricks
Musea since 1992.

Recent LIve Videos (youtube)

July 1, 2020

Music Music Music! Songs Songs Songs!
Please see my Youtube channel

Wonderful Animals
Guitar instrumental

Janet/ Janice
In love with a twin.

Mechanicals in Love
Robot Love.

Mon. Tues, Wed. Too.
Operatic love song.

Poor people in love.

My Dream
Time to end poverty.

We’re Breaking Up?
Something’s Wrong!

Look at that Flower
Nature song.

In Law Causing Blues
They got to go!

Some Day (Your Ship Will Come In.)
My most optimistic song

South Bound
Moving for the warm sun.

(guitar instrumental

Summer Romance
Love on vacation.

The Woman on the Screen
Falling for an actress on screen.

Breaking News, Broken News
Problems with the media.

11 Kisses
What it takes to fall in love

The Great Plains
Song for the Prairie

There’s No Reason to Cry
Returning home.

Wild Woods
Guitar instrumental with stops

Square One
Broken up again!

Clear Sky
Night with the Stars

White Moth
Spring is here.

Waiting on the Moon
The Generation Song.

Don’t love too fast!

D-Pop Sounds
Brand new sounds are here.

Snow Falls
Winter Love Song

Sweet Daisy Jane – the Riff Song
She becomes a famous guitarist.

Little cold for Snowflake

Nothing in This World
The Love song.

Raining Down
Hard times weather.

What’s the meaning

Beautiful Morning
Yes it is.

Fun tonight!

Breakup Song
For both men and women.

Boulevard of Love
That place where singles go

Stocking Cap
Xmas song about Brothers

Sitting on a Hill
Music that sets you free.

I Really Love You

I Saw You
Love at first site!

Land of Love
Where lovers love to go.

Skipping Down the Alley Way
Some times dreams come true!

Slow Down!
Classic rock and roll tune!

Secret Admirer

Just a Love Song
Too little time to be together.

Cinderella Johnson
Teased woman lament

Knots & Strings
The connected world we live in.

Tell the World
They are now a couple!

Clockwork People
Protest song against cruel people.

Autobiographical song.

Wear a Flower
Will she or won’t she?

Song to help lull to sleep.

Some Day Soon I’ll Be Gone
When you’ve had enough and it’s time to leave.

Two versions, guitar and guitar + voice.

Guitar Instrumental.

World Sing Along Song
First online world sing along song.

Two Fools
Country song about loving too much or too little.

Folk song for the wayward.

Catch Me (If You Can)
Jazz Piece – short!

The Little Slavic Dancer’s Waltz
Keyboard bagatelle.

Baker’s Moon
13th Moon of the Year – celebration!

The Happy Flea
Keyboard bagatelle.

Keyboard bagatelle.

Worker Ants, Worker Bees
Keyboard bagatelle:

Little Sparrow
Keyboard bagatelle.

Keyboard bagatelle

Keyboard bagatelle.

Another Lonely Night
Keyboard bagatelle.

Mother Goose
Keyboard bagatelle.

Pioneering Women
Guitar Instrumental (double tracked)

Won’t Work on Me!
She can’t take him away from her!

3 Problem protest song – each makes the other worse!

Lost in the Cold! Song as a short drama piece.

My Mistake
What happens when some break up!

Sci-fi story in song

River Long
Guitar Instrumental with a song at the end.

Call Someone
We all need help from others sometimes.

Pre Coffee Cranky (homage to Monk’s piano style)
Piano piece for pre coffee time. #1893

Short guitar instrumental – dark and passionate.

Hay Ride for Two
Simple short guitar instrumental – lots of guitar picking.

Rock and Roll Vapors (and Big Beat Fever)
Got a good beat and you can dance to it! –
This is an infection caused by a backbeat!

Wayfaring Stranger (traditional lyrics)
My original music to this traditional folk/Gospel song lyrics.

You Better Find Someone to Break Your Heart
Love can hurt too!

Color My World (fast version)
Classic from Chicago

Grand World
Unabashedly Optimistic Song.

Song for Lead Guitarists to Solo

Watching TV
Guitar Instrumental

Basket Girl
Wolves and Hunters here!

From Me To You
Classic Beatle song

Color My World (slow version)
Classic from Chicago

Backstage at the Fashion Show
Guitar instrumental

Before Going On Stage
The Warm Up Song

Bam! Bam! Bam!
Rhythm and Blues about getting there on time.

Cherry Tree

Blink of an Eye
Bittersweet song of lost loves.

Rock, Paper, Scissors
Hand Dancing. Can you do the moves?

Jingle Jangle Day
Surely one of my happiest songs with the least amount of lyrics.

Road Chorus
Should be played loud while on the road.

Someone Who Loved Me
Two friends or lovers?

Shoo Bop
Song for background singers everywhere.

Cello (a Love Story)
Man falls in love with a Cello player next door.

Goodbye to War
Title says it all.

Lullaby (a Mother Goose Rhyme)
Pure melody and voice – nothing else.

I Was There
Simple instrumental for all your memories.

All the Birds in the World
Synthesizer song – lots of joy in these notes.

Happy Birthday Song
Now you have two choices for birthdays.


TeXas Video Showdown.
This is the ongoing, worst video ever made… for a good reason –

Snow Falls – Reviews from the Wheel!

April 15, 2020

FaceBook group led by Tevil X Bloom.
Read the reviews and listen for yourself!
Song #2226, 2,18-28, 20

It’s Snow nice Tom. Lovely picture you paint and I like the way to mix up guitar parts for variation. Good one.

Beautifuk Tom. Really liking the arpeggiated guitar bit in the softer parts, huge dynamic play in this and you know I’m a sucker for big dynamics. Just about the point where I’m missing pet dog’s toe tapping rhythm, here it is! This song has it all for me, and it sounded like snow to boot – actually, you know what – it reminded me very strongly of the Peanuts Christmas special soundtrack at first. Unusual soubd from you, you wear it well my friend!!

Lovely song Tom, nice to hear a nice quiet tune that hits the spot, you don’t have to bust your lungs apart for people to hear you.

Nice one Tom, nicely sung & performance

Curious one this, I really like the verse and chorus structures independently, but I think you could transition between the two parts more fluidly. The tune’s quite short so I think there’s room to do that without impacting on what is essentially a really nice song. Regardless, an enjoyable listen

Interesting progression and resolves challenge the listener, a terseness and complicated mix of major sevenths, diminished and inversions. It had a lot of uplift in the chorus, to me just the chorus could be the whole song in a way. Original and new, well done.


Yip it’s another good one, and like the change, but the timing is out between the two and it jars. That said, I really liked this lyrically and melodically. Simply, you write great songs. 🙂

I like the structural and melodic components in this one. I sense infancy in the delivery but its an enjoyable listen with some depth in composition !!

Great dynamics change to the strumming. Love your choice of chords and melodies. Lovely lyrics too. A love song with mystery to it.


April 1, 2020

Bang a Pan wherever you are on
April 19th at 3:PM
Make some noise to show you support
all those working for the rest of us!

Raining Down, recording and video by Greebly Mork

March 3, 2020

"Raining Down", is a brand new recording of a song of mine, by Greebly Mork.
Here is the link to his version and youtube video. Then under it I’ve added a link to my rough youtube demo. When you listen, I recommend you use your headphones and you’ll get the richest sound experience on both.

Raining Down, Greebly Mork

Raining Down, Hunkasaurus & His Pet Dog Guitar

Greebly Mork is, not only a talented musician, arranger, etct; he is the moderator of an online Face Book music group called, "Reinventing the Wheel". The group may be virtually the only place most musicians can get a review of their music!
Mork has set up this basic rule; before a musician posts his song, he has to review and comment on 3 other songs. That has worked well. Visitors will find lots of great music from about 100 musicians so far; and each song posted on the site, is packed with lots of comments.

This is my review of "Raining Down" by Greebly Mork:

Wow! There is a lot here I wanted to talk about. Your version is topnotch studio work, compared to my rough live demo; so, listening to your version in headphones is a real treat. You get that professional crisp fullness, plus a solid clear separation of parts.
I liked the simple intro that gets things started, and keeps things in a basic form up to the big choruses, with those multi vocals you are celebrated for.
But what was a real delight to me is how you use the background vocals to, not double track the lead, but to add a second answering melody line to the chorus. That was really sweet!
Good guitar work on the middle. I like the 3 or 4 different leads that built up before the song goes back to the verses.
I may be just imagining this, but the second revised version I listened to, seemed more lean on instruments on the verses, which
gives the choruses more punch. You mentioned minor changes – was there some changes like that too?
The one thing that surprised me the most is your version sounds more optimistic than mine, believe it or not! That’s the fun of hearing another’s take.
Now every review has to have one negative – and here it is: I did NOT see the 11 measure’s long, vocal belting, "OHHHHHHHHHH" at the end on your version! But I’ll let that slide as artistic differences! LOL

Thanks for doing this! It’s a big treat to hear one’s song done up so well!

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