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Letter to Journalists

March 6, 2023

Letter to Music Journalists:

The music press should be about journalism not promotion.
When that returns, journalists will ask these tough questions of the music industry:

1 Should 3 CEOs control the entire music industry like they do now?
2 For twenty years sales have been half of what they were in 1999, why
3 Why does music never change? Never new stars or net trends?
4 Do you think auto tune is fake music to hide people without talent?
5 One percent of musicians make 70% of all the money, should they also make 70% of the charitable contributions?
6 Do you approve of NPR revenue sharing deals?

Musicians stand up, not bow down!

September 14, 2022

MUSICIANS … TIME TO STAND UP not BOW DOWN !!!You don’t have to have your music career ruined by 3 CEOs before you start!

First the hard truth! if you are in your TWENTIES, your music career with the three major labels that control the entire music industry, is already over. Just ask anyone older. They control all and don’t want you. Talent doesn’t matter to them.


Music sales in the US for the last 20 years are still half of what they were in 1999, yet no one will talk about this collapse of the entire industry.

The Universal music executive recently got a $300 million bonus. What about you?

Two composers and only two, write most corporate hits!

The Big Three Labels, control the entire music industry from radio, and reviews, to streaming and concerts. They are, Warner, Universal, Sony.

These 3 labels put out horrible songs, can’t get a hit, and then spineless media like Rolling Stone, Spin, NPR, and Billboard, give them great reviews that tell them how good these generic songs are.

While YOU are making t-shirt money and

YOU STILL WONT COMPLAIN ONCE – 95% of you are on your knees with open wallets asking this handful of inept businessmen that have ruined the entire industry with excess greed, to PLEASE TAKE MORE OF MY MONEY and PLEASE RUIN MY CAREER and ALL THE CAREERS OF THE MUSICIANS I KNOW AND LIKE!

Time to, WAKE UP and STAND UP!
Start by telling others you don’t like fake music anymore. Tell your music media source to talk about this the biggest issue in the entire music industry!!!

Gregory K H Bryant on a Modern Art Prize Winner

August 9, 2022

When I first posted this piece on bad art that won a big current prize, my friend Gregory K. H. Bryant a great artist and brilliant thinker, added his comment.

What’s most annoying to me about all of this is that work of this sort has been around for over a century now.

There is nothing challenging, cutting edge or avant garde about any of it.

From the the absurdism of the Dadaists to Claes Oldenberg’s soft sculptures, and Jean Tinguely’s self-destructive pieces – among countless others who did it much better – these artists are simply regurgitating well trodden grounds that anyone with a first year college course in art history should be embarrased to repeat for being so obviously, naively and slavishly imitative.

Dividing Line in Music Revolution

May 9, 2022

Musicians in every country are finding out that their chances for music careers are being blocked, no matter how talented or hard working you are.The reason is the greedy marketing plans of the Big 3 Labels that control the entire music industry, prop up the same few pop stars that make mega millions, and block out all new music – like you!

Clearly a dividing line is being formed

Side one – the Big 3 Labels, their parent media companies, and the radio, media, and streaming service they control VERSUS
Side two – the rest of us – all musicians – you reading this!!!

Sayings of Editor Art

February 12, 2022

Sayings of Editor Art

Musical formats and genres are a way of blocking creative people

Podcasts – they are like real radio but good!

War is the marketing ploy for the military industrial complex.

All that and a bag of quips

Rick democracy, versus poor drudgery.

Corporate socialism – tax breaks, subsides, and lobbied bills.

If the latest creation doesn’t look good on the model, it’s not going to look good on you!

3 reactions to the Sun/UV daily cycle: 1 it is destroyed, 2 it stays unchanged, 3 it changes and becomes more stable (life)

Government money to the rich doesn’t trickle down, it just adds up!

Mars waves hi to Earth, but ignores Venus and Mercury!

People say, you can be anything you want. Not so!
Because there are millions of others thinking the same thing!

3 “Independent” Nightly news programs cover the same stories often in the same order. Who is telling them what to do?

Pizza Album: an album mostly of cheesy crusty filler with only a few ‘pepperoni’ .

Running a government like a company means the people at the top have total control and the citizens do what they are told.

When you love someone in a TV show, do you love the actor or the screenwriter?

Theater workers couldn’t make less – the law doesn’t allow it.

Where do twins like to vacation?
Pango, Pango!

Science is like sweeping dust into a dust pan – there’s always a line of dust to go!

Remember when you see someone trip in a film, it’s just make believe.

I have two eyes so I want two Moons.

The people that apologize are the people most likely not to offend.

This is a fragment or frag.

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