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Christmas Posts on my Facebook Page

December 23, 2017

Merry Christmas to all.

To celebrate this holiday season, I’m doing what I did last year. I am reposting on my Facebook page 100 of my saved Christmas posts.

That is Christmas related posts (humor, music, fashion, culture, etc.) each day of the 23rd, 24th, and 25th. There are so many that I hope you will find a few you like.

See my facebook page for all 100 and any you might have missed and tell your friends and family.

Tom Hendricks
(editor of the 25 year old zine Musea)

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190 Christmas Posts for FaceBook.

December 26, 2016

190 Posts for Christmas. That was fun. Started Monday 19th, and ended Christmas 25th. Here is the complete list.

They included, classic songs, films, hymns, carols, stories, TV shows, poems, art, shared posts from others, and some surprises. Hope you enjoyed them. I had a lot of fun finding, revisiting, and posting them. And then reading your responses. MERRY CHRISTMAS and HAPPY NEW YEAR.

1. Santa and Boy on lap – photo.
2. Sergio Mendez The Christmas Song
3. Cartoon 1932 Silly Symphony Santa’s Workshop (Walt Disney) 4. Dot’s Playhouse – short story.
5. Frank Sinatra – let it snow.
6. Skyliner – You’re My Christmas Present.
7. Christmas Cookies for the Artists – saved.
8. Charlotte Church O Holy Night.
9. Miracle on 34th Street.
10. Christmas Serial – SNL
11. Candles (art)
12. 12 Days of Christmas.
13. 10 Company Men.
14. Twilight Zone Night of the Meek.
15. Wonder Woman photo in Santa Hat.
16. Tree Ornaments, bubblers.
17. Bob Dylan Reading Twas the Night Before Christmas.
18. Yo-Yo Ma, Alison Krauss, The Wexford Carol.
19. Piccola
20. Chuck Berry, Run Rudolf Run.
21. Louis Armstrong with Benny Carter Orchestra – Christmas Night in Harlem. 22. Christmas Ornaments, Out of this World (planets)
23. Hallmark Eloise at Christmastime 2016.
24. Christmas Card ’09 H and PDG.
25. Jose Feliciano – Feliz Navidad.
26. Fruitcake Cartoon.
27. Santa Claus is Coming to Town – Crystals.
28. Charlie Brown Christmas Dance.
29. Two – A Holes buying a Christmas Tree – SNL.
30. Ranger 330 – short story.
31. Ventures – Frosty the Snowman.
32. O Holy Night – Sara Niemietz.
33. The Beatles Christmas Record 1964.
34. Fendertones Little Saint Nick.
35. Gayla Peevey I Want a Hippo For Christmas.
36. Tchaikovsky, Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy.
37. Alvin and Chipmunks – Christmas Don’t Be Late.
38. Video of Ski Run through Forest.
39. Roy Rogers, Comic Cover with Christmas Presents.
40. Donny Hathaway – This Christmas.
41. Aretha Franklin – O Holy Night.
42. Sara Hickman and Salvation Army Austin.
43. What’s Your Naughty Santa Name.
44. AC/DC Synchronizes to Christmas Lights
45. Betty Paige and Season’s Greetings.
46. Mystery Christmas Quote.
47. To Light the Way, Christmas Candle.
48. Candy Cane Forest (Musea Christmas Card.)
49. Surreal B/W Tree photo with hands and feet.
50. Reindeer Head Christmas Sweater.
51. Ray Conniff Singers We Wish you a Merry Christmas.
52. Mister Robinson’s Neighborhood Christmas – SNL.
53. Mahalia Jackson – Silent Night, Holy Night54.
54. Tosuke’s Tax. Short Story.
55. Santa’s Surprise. 47 Little Audrey cartoon.
56. MadTV Santa Claus is Caught.
57. Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer – Gene Autry.
58. Wonderful Christmas Time – Paul McCartney.
59.Yul Tidings. 4 Works by Yul Tolbert.
60. What Child is This? Vanessa Williams.
61. Poem, My Pocket is Empty.
62. Crackling Fireplace Sweater.
63. Walking in a Winter Wonderland – Dean Martin.
64. Galaxy Sci-fi Cover
65. Animaniacs Christmas
66. Mary Did You Know – Pentatonix.
67. Wrappinville – SNL.
68. Chess Sets. Short Story.
69. American Weekly Cover.
70. Boogie Woogie Santa Claus – Brian Setzer Orchestra.
71. Four New Christmas Finds ’16
72. Christmas Candles – 2 Works. th.
73. Santa’s My Boyfriend. SNL
74. Scrooge A Christmas Carol 1935.
75. Mariah Carey – All I Want for Xmas is You.
76. Trying Norwegian Food, Catarina Quare.
77. Ingrid Michaelson – Christmas Medley.
78. Dog Barking Song, Jingle Bells.
79. Elvis If Everyday Could Be Like Christmas.
80. Tins.
81. Mother’s drawing of Mother and Child.
82. Xmas – Short Instrumental.
83. Stuart Christmas – MAD tv.
84. Christmas Wreath photo.
85. Santa Claus Go Straight to the Ghetto – James Brown.
86. Christmas Nail Art.
87. Santa and Elves – SNL.
88. Rosemary Clooney – Let it Snow.
89. Excerpt from Book of Renown.
90. Mr. Weebler – short story.
91. Santa Calus Conquers the Martians.
92. Handel Messiah – Hallelujah Chorus.
93. Christmas Tree Costume.
94. Merry Christmas Darling – Carpenters.
95. John Lennon – Happy Xmas, War is Over.
97. Santa Baby – Eartha Kit.
98. Angel, painting by Thater.
99. Live New Yorker Cartoons. Seth Meyers.
100. Christmas Tins.
101. Potter Commits Felony, No Jail. Article.
102. Christmas Door.
103. The Echelons – Christmas Long Ago.
104. Cheech & Chong, Santa Claus and his Old Lady.
105. Nightgown Beauty Rattling Presents.
106. Static – Christmas Short Story.
107. Liam Neeson Auditions for Mall Santa.
108. Silly Symphony Santa’s Workshop 1932 cartoon.
109. My Advent Calendar.
110. Brenda Lee – Rockin Around the Christmas Tree.
111. SNL Charlie Brown’s Christmas.
112 Katie Muffin. Poem for Xmas Dinner.
113. Applique Wall Hanging, Christmas Star nativity.
114. Twas the Night Before Christmas Perry Como.
115. Two Broke Girls Christmas Wishlist 2013.
116. Diana Krall Winter Wonderland.
119. 60’s Ornament set of Pop Art.
120. Vancome Christmas. Madtv
121. Darlene Love – Christmas Baby Please Come Home.
122. Astronaut in Space.
123. Christmas Tree Grows Through Roof.
124. Santa Costume Pullover Sweater.
125. Christmas Cats – Ace Backwards.
126. Santa Willie Nelson. Photo.
127. David Sedaris – Santa’s Helper NPR.
128. Annette Funicello in Santa Fashion.
129. Hard Candy photo.
130. Merry Hannukkah, Happy Christmas.
131. White Christmas – The Drifters.
132. Stan Freberg, Christmas Dragnet.
133. Leo Mars – Xmas Short Story.
134. Brian Setzer, Nutcracker Suite.
135. Cardboard Chimney.
136. Otis Redding, Merry Christmas Baby
137. 500 Thousand Christmas Lights.
138. Elvis If Every Day Could be like Christmas.
139. Candles and Icicles – Musea Christmas Story.
140. 3 Wise Men J. C. Leyendecker.
141. Aluminum Tree.
142. SNL Steve Marin’s A Holiday Wish.
143. Candy Cane Forest – art work.
144. Christmas Comes But Once a Year. ’36 Cartoon.
145. Christmas Tree Clip Art.
146. Little Saint Nick – Beach Boys.
147. Saint Nick Painting.
148. Ernie Crews Space Santa.
149. Heads Up Penny. Short Story.
150. Rui Chiu, Monkees.
151. Coal in Your Stocking – poem.
152. Musea Reading Fund.
153. Merry Christmas Cake.
154. David McGhee – Snow Scene.
155. Santa Goes to Mars – comic book cover.
156. Charlie Parker – White Christmas.
157. Doll Collector Video
158. Lionel Model Trains Video.
159. Chess Sets – Short story.
160. Screaming Family Christmas – Mad TV.
161. Santa Claus Funnies – Rocket Ship. Comic.
162 Party Mess – 50’s kitchen.
163. Four Little Swans – Swan Lake.
164. Amy Winehouse – I saw Mummy Kissing Santa Claus.
165. Bill Evans, Santa Claus is Coming to Town.
166. Ernest Saves Christmas.
169. Kim on Santa’s Lap. Photo.
170. Dexter Gordon Quartet – Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas. 171. 12 Days of Christmas (ed.) – Rockettes.
172. Santas Village – Mad TV.
173. Carol of the Bells, 12 Cellos – The Piano guys.
174. Elf on Jet. Painting.
175. Hope is Sparks before a Flame. Sayings
176. Scrooge Movie, 1951.
177. Flashmob – Ode to Joy.
178. Sump’n Claus – SNL.
179. O Holy NIght – 7 Year Old Singer.
180. Painting After El Greco.
181. Oscar Peterson Christmas.
182. Honeymooners – Twas the Night Before Christmas.
183. Sugar Plum Fairy – Glass Harp.
184. Mistletoe + Record.
185. Zac Toons, Sexy Elf Kisses.
186. Christmas Auld Lang Syne, Bobby Darin.
187. Old St. Nick Print.
188. Religious Painting. Mother and Child.
189. Ann Margaret = Photo.
190. Child Singing Carols – Photo.

190 Christmas Posts on FaceBook

December 26, 2016

190 Posts for Christmas. That was fun. Started Monday 19th, and ended Christmas 25th. Here is the complete list.

They included, classic songs, films, hymns, carols, stories, TV shows, poems, art, shared posts from others, and some surprises. Hope you enjoyed them. I had a lot of fun finding, revisiting, and posting them. And then reading your responses. MERRY CHRISTMAS and HAPPY NEW YEAR.

100 Christmas Posts

December 19, 2016

One Hundred Posts for Christmas

This is for all FaceBook Friends, For a while I have been collecting Christmas posts. I’ve gathered a lot. I have about 100 saved! Starting today, Mon. 19th, and each day until Christmas I’m going to post them. Ready?

They include, classic songs, films, hymns, carols, stories, TV shows, poems, art, shared posts from others, and some surprises. Hope you enjoy them.

Here goes and

Piccola (a Christmas Story – from the Musea Vaults)

December 24, 2015


(Musea version of a poem by Celia Thaxter.
Note it was the custom for St. Nick to leave a present in the child’s shoe. ) …

Poor Mother, poor Father, house maid and share cropper
and both pockets empty, except for due bills.
What can they get their little girl for Christmas.
“Piccola! Piccola! Love of my life!”

Father wrings hands and mother cries.
The bells ring carols as the family walks to church.
A snowflake falls on Piccola’s nose.
The sky turns from grey to deepest pure blue
As they enter the nave with the other parishioners.

All three singing from hard wood pews.
Piccola’s mouth makes a big “O” on her vowels.
But her mind’s trying to see, not the notes, but the future – Trying to see what would fill up her shoe,
Trying to see by one dim candle.

Parents in whispers, decide it’s best
To tell her her present is not here yet,
Not denied, it’s only delayed …
And drop into slumber as they pray
‘Perhaps by January and Jesus’ grace …

Morning Sun peeps through the fluttering shades,
The window cracked open gets abundant free air.
Piccola’s eyes widen as she remembers,
And before the cock crows tumbles to her shoe.
And their shivering, a refugee from the cold.
A tiny beige and half asleep sparrow.

Picolla feeds it – they have crumbs a plenty,
And bounds to her parents, “Look what St. Nicholas left me!
It’s the best gift a girl could get”
I’ve decided to christen it Picollete
And all eyes glisten with tears of joy.

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