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When Major Brands Fail, Everyone Wins

January 14, 2019

When major brands fall, everyone wins!

Boomers got most of their advertising from 3 TV networks and a single local newspaper. So the companies that controlled ads on those outlets became major brands, got mega big, began to lobby and then control the government as they pushed out competition.

But Millennials don’t have that brand loyalty because they didn’t have that concentrated brand onslaught – and they look to the internet for info, not the networks, not a local newspaper.

That break down of major brands means, a breakdown of major corporations that have ruled too much for too long; and in doing so, they have more and more limited everything to control more.

Specifically in the arts, this change will go a long way in opening the door to thousands of companies competing in music, publishing, film, media, etc. etc. etc.

Look to a break down of the big, and an opening door for all the rest of us.

Paradigm Shift

May 19, 2018

The paradigm is shifting from

Day after day it’s becoming more and more clear. Both are fighting for control of the government. Corporations usually win.

Look at this list of problems facing the nation. These major problems all have something in common. PEOPLE vs. CORPORATIONS.

People want it. Major media corporations don’t.

People addicted. Drug corporations making big profits.

People lost their homes. Banks got 700 billion dollar bail out.

People want reasonable gun laws. NRA / Gun Lobby opposes change.

5. F – 35 FIGHTER JET ( Cost 1 trillion dollars), Military spending, oil wars. Capital enough to end poverty in the country. Weapons Manufacturers.

People got little relief. Corporations got massive tax cuts.

People want reasonable privacy. Corporations want personal data to focus ads.

Medicare for all. Health Care Business Profits.

People for common sense change. Polluting Corporations.

National Parks for all. Corporate controlled land for profit.

People need to know about issues and solutions. Media concentrates on scandal to avoid investigative journalism of corporation abuses.

Smokers addicted. Tobacco company profits.

College Education . College profits.

We have three political parties, the Republican Corporate Party, the Democratic Corporate Party, and all the rest of us that don’t have lobbyists.


The list is just started. What would you add to it?

Back to Endless War… Again!

September 13, 2014


When the 13 years of war in Iraq and Afghanistan were coming to an end, I predicted that there would be some in the government and media that would start another. And that would keep us in endless war.*

Keeping the US in endless wars, and in middle east conflicts, will not improve anything – many seem to suggest that success hasn’t happened for a decade but it’s about to change if we just invade, bomb, and spend more.

Remember the other side knows that the quickest way to sap the strength of this country is to keep it in perpetual war. That saps our resources, standing in the world, best and brightest young people, and spirit. It also allows the government to silence many of it’s critics – which it often does in even small wars.

We need leaders with the courage to stand up to endless war. We need leaders that can lead the world with power and strength, not bombs.

These endless wars not only hurt us there, but they hurt us HERE. That’s the part you never hear..

By refusing to talk about what this massive war spending is doing to the US side of the equation, the government is not telling the entire story and the media is slanting all the news. Before we decide to do another war we should both consider what it does there and what it does HERE.

Remember the cost of one middle east war would have ended poverty in the US through CBA’s community bank account.

Which would have better protected the interests of this country- war over there or no poverty here? That’s the other side of this issue. Talk about both sides please.

The enemies of our country know that the fastest way to ruin the US is to keep us in endless war.

Government, Media, and people, don’t get enamored with war. Before the US gets directly involved in any way, in any conflict or war, anywhere, we need to do the following 8 steps.
1. Let the combatants solve it – if they can’t
2. Let regional leaders and neighbor countries solve it – if they can’t
3. Let the UN solve it – if they can’t
4. US put pressure on combatants to solve it – if they can’t
5. US put pressure on regional leaders and neighbor countries to solve it – if they can’t
6. US put pressure on the UN to solve it – if they can’t
7. US put pressure on our allies to work with us to solve it.
THEN and ONLY THEN should the US even CONSIDER getting directly involved.
8. Consider that the cost of one war would end poverty in the US. Weigh the two options carefully. Would fighting this war really be better for US interests than ending poverty in the country?
To force the country into a war do the following: find a horrible incident. spotlight it and use it for selfish gain and endless war.


PART TWO Replace War with a Constructive Peace.

Replace war with a constructive, more secure peace, to better protect the country. The strongest nation should lead the world, in ending war; not be bogged down in fighting them.

1. First end the wars we are in.
2. Next use our power to not only keep the US out of war, but to stop all other wars from starting,
3. Support economic and social issues that prevent war, and support penalties for those in wars.
4. Set up and support conflict resolution methods to stop wars in a fair way for all sides involved, before they begin.

No Call List (suggestions box)

June 15, 2013

How about a NO CALL list for the government?

The Third Solution Solves the Economy

January 4, 2013

There are 3 solutions to solve the economy. 1. The government needs to solve it. 2. Consumers need to buy more. 3. Corporations need to start hiring. The media will talk about the first two but not the 3rd. But the first two do not work. The government is at a political stalemate, and out of work consumers can’t buy more. So Corporations will have to take the lead. Here’s how to do it in a way that supports all with virtually no sacrifice from anyone. National Hiring Day. We can solve the economy by working together to call for a National Hiring Day.

National Hiring Day – This is a day that corporations are encouraged to fill open positions and larger corporations hire one or more new employees. Corporations are called on to put patriotism first and help their country in hard times. Those corporations that cannot hire, are asked to stop firing for that month.

For More Info on the Grass Roots Idea of a National Hiring Day, click here:


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