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Musea #200 Will Be Late

April 28, 2016

Dear Readers,

The Musea for May,June, July is not going to be available in May, June, or July!
This is the first time I’ve missed a deadline, in 23 years but there are reasons, good reasons.

1. The next issue is the 200th, and I’m planning something special.

2. I’m finishing – yes I can see an end – to a 15 year old writing project, my sci-fi novel called
WRITINGS IN SCIENCE, A History of the Future in Stories, Essays, Poems and Plays.

There is a saying in the book itself that reads, “This may not be the widest sci-fi novel ever written, but it is the biggest.” That will make sense when you see it.

3. I’ve got other fun plans in the works for all things in the Musea world.

So nothing now, but plenty on the drawing boards.
Don’t forget the 199 issues that went before – most on line, or see my blogs, or music site.

Tom Hendricks
(editor of the 23 year old zine Musea)

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Light in the Caves

April 26, 2016

Post Series

April 25, 2016

Post Series

April 25, 2016

From the Physicists Bible

April 23, 2016

From the Physicist’s Bible *

High at the top
of the tower was
a light house encased
in a fog and yet,
there were no ships,
the light was not lit,
the swirling fog
dashed the dark waves
against the island’s
steep steep rocks!

And God said,
“Release the photons,”
and there was light,
and it swept around,
cleaning out fog
with every sweep,
conquering black night
sending light deep
into the sea,
into the depths
of cold cold sand,
arousing life,

bringing it awake,
giving it spirit
to exist, to be,
to look around;
leading it toward

And then these first
gatherers of sun
and in their seeds
was all that followed.
And God looked around
on all that was,
and said to himself
“This is good.”

* This is an excerpt from my Sci-fi Novel in progress called
Writings In Science, a History of the Future, in stories, plays, poems and essays.


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