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Your Love Is True ’67 Single

November 26, 2016

Look what I found on youtube. Your Love is True/ Say So.

This is my first song on record. It is also a fine example of what records in 1967 sounded like. Both sides of the record have good songs, good music, good productions, – and every 60’s cliche in the lyrics!

I wrote Your Love Is True in Tyler, Texas and it ended up recorded by the Dallas group American Blues, two of which went on to a much much more famous group. Here is the story.

It was the 60’s, groups and combos were everywhere. The Five Americans, out of Oklahoma, had some notable national hits with two personal favorites, I See the LIght, and Western Union.

Both were produced by Dale Hawkins, a music producer who was known for his 50’s classic recording, Susie Q. (See youtube.)

Dale was looking for original songs for another group of his called the American Blues. Through some Tyler, Texas connections, one of my songs reached him. He liked it and wanted his group to record it in the same style as the Five Americans.
But first some tinkering. He changed my lyrics, the title, added two other composers to the credits, and misspelled my name on the record!

If you listen, you’ll hear the new lyrics have just about every late 60’s cliche in them!!! I promise you I did not add them … most of them anyway.

Anyway, the American Blues recorded my song, Your Love is True (originally called, Your Lovin Trip before they changed it – it was the Summer of Love remember,) and it became the A side of a single,Your Love is True / Say So. The flip side is pretty good too! My song got a good review in Billboard, but no national airplay. And I have never seen any royalties. Hear both sides on Youtube.

The group tried some other recordings, but nothing worked and they disbanded. Two of the group joined a Houston guitar player and formed, Z Z Top. So 2 of the 3 members of Z Z Top recorded my song! See if you can find a copy. It is still a good song, a two sided hit, and a great 60’s recording.

The Vision of the Child Prophet

November 25, 2016


I had a fever
and went to bed early.
I was restless
but finally I fell
into a deep slumber.
I dreamt I could fly
and went to the garden.
Night was there
and I was ready.
Up I flew
leaving the ground.
So many bright stars
shinning everywhere.
So close each one
the size of my pockets.
So I reached out
with arm and arm
and touched one star
and then another,
and there was a jolt!
And with the energy
that they gave me,
I could fly further.
And so I flew
all through the heavens,
and night passed
in an instant.
I woke to the Sun
beginning to peek
through my window
filling the room.
Morning is here
and everywhere else.

This was written at the end of my work on the sci-fi novel Writings in Science. I decided not to include it, and thought it would be best to stand on its own.

3 From Hard Day’s Night

November 23, 2016

Three songs from the Hard Day’s Night soundtrack.
Done in the back to basics style.

Anytime at All

And I Love Her

A Hard Day’s Night.

My Recordings of Songs from That Hit Year 1965

November 15, 2016

Here are four songs I recorded in the back to basics style, that were first recorded in 1965 – a very good year for hits.


Mrs Brown You’ve Got a Lovely Daughter

Ferry Cross The Mersey.


You’ve Lost That Lovin Feeling


November 9, 2016

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