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Library Planet, This is my first streaming novel I’ve published.

February 24, 2015

BIG ANNOUNCEMENT! My first book, a short novel titled, LIBRARY PLANET is now published on line and streaming at Amazon (it will be at all the others within a few weeks.).
The price is very reasonable at $1.99!

Library Planet Co
Go here and you can preview the first chapter. and search Library Planet + Tom Hendricks
Above the cover of the book on Amazon, is a sign that says “Look Inside”. That leads you to the first chapter.

The last Musea was the 8 doors issue. Door #5 was all about Library Planet.  Here is an excerpt.

Door 5. SCI-FI NOVELLA / (booklet?)
Look for my first streaming novel being posted soon. Title:LIBRARY PLANET, Download it and read it at most all major book sites such as iBooks, Amazon, Nook, Kobo, Copia, Bookbaby, etc.

Library Planet is a sci-fi adventure, a gothic tale of suspense, a mystery, a quest, a romance, and a thousand libraries to house them in – a story so vast it requires a …

Though it is a complete short novel in itself, Library Planet is also an excerpt from a longer work in progress titled ‘Writings In Science.’
The premise of ‘Writings in Science’ is this:
Millions of years from now the Earth is dying and in the rush to flee the planet, 1 man collects his favorite ‘writings in science’ to preserve Earth’s legacy.
“Imagine, like I did, a time in the future/ close to the end of a dying sun/ when we are now preparing to leave/ this our home for other worlds./ What will we take when we leave? – signed “I”.
For us the reader, he has assembled a ‘history of the future’.

PS, Library Planet was first published as a Musea extra in the summer of 2004. Readers, if you have a copy – that is somewhat rare – hold on to it!

First Infant Infection Good in Small Doses

February 22, 2015


This study suggests that the introduction of some bacteria into the infant gut, helps it set up its immune system. And without that early introduction – usually from mother’s breast milk – the child’s immune system does not set up well.

The immune system is designed to be exposed to bacteria on a grand scale. If you minimize those exposures, the immune system won’t develop optimally.”

This supports my idea that there is gene transfer from the mother to the child, not in the genome, but in the bacteria DNA transferred from Mother to infant’s gut.

Silly Selfie Symphony

February 21, 2015

Photo 12


Photo 9


Photo 1


Photo 1

Wax Tower (salute to bees – kid’s poem)

February 21, 2015


“We had BIG bees and I shooed them away
And they being polite, did not stay
But went to the side to watch and wait.
So I took a shovel and went to the hive
That stood at least 30 feet high
And began to dig out the wax from the cells
And put them in a pile … a mound … a hill.”

And in one corner sat the sleeping Queen.
“Shoosh”, I to me. “She needs her sleep.”
She yawned and opened 1 big black peeper.
“Sorry to wake you. You’re such a light sleeper!”
“What’s all this?”
“Just re-decorating.”
“Well wake me when you’re done,” said the bug lady.
And hearing her voice, returned all the workers.
“I’m now the boss. There will be no shirkers!”
“Lift that bale. Tote that barge.
I’m the lady that’s now in charge.”
“We’re going to build in the modern mode –
Under the noses of those lounging drones –
Where form follows blueprint,
And function comes later,
And on top a penthouse
For our dear sleeping ‘mater'”.

And they molded bricks out of the wax,
And nouveau looking smoking glass,
And door knobs and hinges and places to linger
Where a worker could rest her aching stinger;
Sculptured gargoyles around the rain spouts,
And a bell tower and a lookout,
And 13 gables, 6 more than the book,
And a late-night, can’t-sleep, coffee nook.
And it grew and grew like that Babel Tower
Until the clouds almost tipped it over.
But before that happened a tragedy :
It began to melt from the Sun’s heat!

The little girl was shining a brass plate
That announced the builder and the building date.
“It’s the last thing that one must do
Before the building can be said to be through.”
But then a bee like Paul Revere,
Buzzed the alarm, “It’s melting up there!”
And when the girl looked, it was true.
The top of the tower was turning to goo!
And down ran the wax so avant garde,
In little running twisting rods
That rolled and curled all over the top
Until they’d melted 2 stories and stopped.

The bees kept sobbing but the girl declined.
She said to all, “I like the design.
It’s just the thing, the ‘je ne sai qua’.”
And the bees looked again and yelled, “Hoo-raa!”
And the Queen heard the noise and woke up with a start
To not the old hive but a wax work of art.
And she liked it and said, “Now it needs naming…
I dub it the tower ‘Waxing and Reigning.”

The end.

73 Signed Box Sets – 150 song 10 year Music Project

February 19, 2015

Glad to announce to all, that I have 73 boxed sets for sale:

The Hunkasaurus and His Pet Dog Guitar, 150 song, 9 cd, signed, tin box set.

For the next 30 days it will be an introductory price of $30 (cash or check).
Then it goes up to it’s official cost, $50.
Why $50? That makes each song cost 33 and 1/3 cents!

Here’s a video showing all the features of the box set

Here’s my music site to preview all the songs (or go to any major streaming site)

Contact me for any questions.

Tom Hendricks


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