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The Meadows Millions – A Gift Lost in an Ivory Tower? (art)

March 25, 2015

The Meadows Foundation has given a massive gift to SMU.  See link.
That’s a fine gift for my hometown, Dallas. But the Meadows Foundation seems unaware of the postism art movement going on in it’s own backyard, bringing the vitality to art that modern art has lost. I doubt that the 20 million, that part of the money given to the Meadows school of the art, will do much to help art go beyond the salon art that modern art has become. It will most likely get lost in the ivory tower that mainstream art has become.
Modern art is in many ways the salon art of our times. It has not fared well in the last few decades and is ready for the art revolution in the wings loosely called Postism or No-isms, that is back to basics.
The revolution against modern art has had more resistance than the Impressionists had from the Salon. You’d think that today the art world would be more open to new ideas not less.

Blue Nude (art)

March 24, 2015

Photo 6

Why are so Many People Saying Bad Music is Good?

March 24, 2015


Music has really reached some new lows. Why are so many people saying it’s great when it isn’t? Why are so many people listening to generic formulaic music and claiming it’s innovative and new? Why doesn’t a single person in the music press stand up for good music, and against the bad that everyone else is praising so much?
Has corporate music jumped the shark?

Consider some of these points:

This from SNL nasty critic character, Jebidiah Atkinson in talking about contemporary music and all the Grammy winners,
” (It’s a)… Spotify playlist of a 12 year old girl.”

This is being passed around as Things that Will Disappear in our Lifetime e-mail.

MUSIC : … The music industry is dying a slow death not just because of illegal downloading. It’s the lack of innovative new music being given a chance to get to the people who would like to hear it. Greed and corruption is the problem. The record labels and the radio conglomerates are simply self-destructing. Over 40% of the music purchased today is “catalogue items,” meaning traditional music that the public is familiar with — older, established artists. This is also true on the live concert circuit. To explore this fascinating and disturbing topic further, check out the book, “Appetite For Self-Destruction” by Steve Knopper and video commentary, “Before the Music Dies.”

This from Billboard, Feb 14, 2015 :

This is from an interview of Lucian Grange, Chairman/CEO/Universal Music Group. the #1 person on the, 100 most powerful people in the music business, yearly list.

He is quoted as saying,
‘The industry broke five new artists in 2014, and we broke four of them.” Iggy Azalea, 5 Seconds of Summer, Ariana Grande, and Sam Smith. ”
UMG owns three of 2014’s top five labels.

Why would the biggest music exec in the world be proud that 1. he only released 4 new artists in a year, and 2. that the industry only released 5 in a year.
That is a massive failure. Where is the rest of the world? I’ve found 200 greats that should break out – see the BIG LIST

MUSIC is 80% 3 Companies: Warners/Universal/Sony (WUS)
For real vitality we need not 3 but thousands of competing record companies. Every time there has been a great variety of record companies, the music has improved, often to a point where there is a golden age of music.

The FORMULA: electric guitars, bass, drums.

Some of us, including me, think that the music business is stuck in the same electric guitar, bass, and drums formula done better 60 years ago. Some of us think the real creativity is to break free of bands and go a different way from the 60 year old path that everyone else is on.
How can a musician fit a 60 year old formula and call it new?

Music Down to Coke or Pepsi, Swift or Beyonce.

Here’s the dilemma for the music media – either talk about thousands of musicians and their great music, or just cover Beyonce and Swift over and over and find out what they wear, and where they go.
Music now is down to Coke or Pepsi, Swift or Beyonce.
Where is the media? Rolling Stone, Spin, NPR, anyone – anywhere???


Compare the massive amount of hitmakers from 1955-1975 to the last 20 years.



There is a music revolution going on called Postism music out of Dallas. Some of these musicians are changing music history with some possible world’s firsts; while the dance pop stars that are over hyped seem to be most interested in more publicity.

POSTISM is 3 things, a revolution against what rock/rap/country/pop have become, its back to early rock and roll’s simple honesty, directness, and passion with an emphasis on melody and great SONGS, and it’s a music that includes all types of music from every place in the world.
(and It’s part of the overall art and media revolution).


(no wonder radio is so bad)


Six Corporate Country Hits Sound like the Same Song – Proof here.



3 Figures (art)

March 21, 2015

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First Review CENDRILLON, The True Story of Cinderella

March 19, 2015

Today I received my first book review, for my kid’s book
CENDRILLON, The True Story of Cinderella

The reviewer is from Reader’s Favorites a website that reviews books.
I have included the review, plus my response.
At the end is a link to the online review.
Thanks Readers Favorites (check them out.)


Reviewed by Kristine Hall for Readers’ Favorite

Happily, the writing was mostly error-free and easy to follow since it was simply written and everyone loves a Cinderella story. What really made this version appealing was that it was pitched as “a world exclusive” and the real story of Cinderella, which parallels the well-known fairy tale. What is supposed to make this story unique is that readers are asked to believe it was written by Cinderella (Cendrillon) herself, in correspondence to her son, and the true story. What I hoped for and expected was more from the letters than just the author’s word that he was translating them. Was there a letter where his mother addressed Prince William directly and told him she was writing her story? Where are the citations? The photo is great, but where is the source reference? A photo of the letters or the royal seal would have gone a long way towards making this seem authentic.

As a translation, authentic language for that period would have helped, and the speaker should have always been Queen Cendrillon; however, there were lines in the story that seemed like an author’s aside rather than something that would have been included in the original letters. Most of the time, there was no way to tell what was translation and what was the author inserting his thoughts into the translation. At one point, the author says he did some of his own research and came up with a possible explanation for the fairy godmother — this was a very interesting addition to the story, but again, it is misplaced if readers are supposed to be getting a translation. Cendrillon clearly thought her experience was all magical, so though the author’s research lends credibility to the story and gives a logical explanation to readers, the “truth” is that the author’s gives a logical explanation to readers, the “truth” is that the author’s research is speculation.

The biggest problem is that this story is pitched as belonging to the real Cinderella, but no proof is provided — as is, it’s just a retelling. Some
facts that are supposed to lend credibility may be off, too, as with the reference to the fast moving plague, which wasn’t really so much a factor
(and certainly not new) by the 8th century. And this Cinderella story is pre-dated by the Egyptian version by several centuries.
There has to be something different to make this story work, but just saying it’s different only makes the reader feel cheated.

My Response

Reviewer, remember this is just for fun. It’s the true story only so much as those involved in publishing claim it to be.
I meant it to be more fun and less serious or scholarly, than perhaps you found it.
That was proved when the narrator interrupts the story for comment.
Thanks for reading it. I had a lot of fun writing it.

[For the most part, most of my work, whether writing, music, art, or other ideas, gets a similar response of “it’s not what is usually done, it’s not what is expected, Why is it different? And I don’t know what’s going on. I don’t get it.]




What was most amazing
was that upon investigation
it was found that these letters
were positive proof
that the Cinderella story
the fairy tale,
was a factual event,
history, the truth!


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