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“F#m” (video of guitar instrumental)

June 15, 2019

Short guitar instrumental – dark and passionate.
This short work is also my musical work #2,100

(rough version – not a studio recording)

No Door

May 21, 2019

No Door
(Inspired by Eeka Neeka, a poem by Walter de la Mare)

The deserted house
has roof and floors,
and walls and windows,
but no door.

And there”s no lock
upon that door
that isn’t there,
and there’s still more!

There is no key
to open the lock
to the door
not there anymore.

The question left
that beleaguers me
is can we solve
this mystery.

Can we enter
the deserted house
or forever be
kept without?

Hide and Seek (Who plays it best?)

May 21, 2019

Hide and Seek (Who plays it the best?)

The wind when it’s still,
spring in December,
the Moon when it’s new,
dew under the sun,
stars when it’s raining,
the shadow of a flame,
the tide when its low
the sun at night time.

Which Side …

May 21, 2019

Which side
do you
side with?

The Noise Stopped … (poem)

April 22, 2019

The Noise Stopped

The noise stopped.
The sky was still.
One lone soldier
marched over the hill.
He shuffled his feet,
he had a blank look.
I saw him pass
and then there were more.

All dressed in grey
and covered with dirt,
kicking up dust
as each one passed.
The battle was over!
The march of the dead.

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