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Musea # 205 Now Available

July 5, 2019

Dear Readers,

Musea #205 the Bedtime Story Issue, is now out.

Red (a fairy tale play) Scene 4

March 25, 2013

Here is the latest episode of my play Red. The story so far – the Queen needs a new royal rug, but it’s got to be RED! Enjoy!


Scene 4
Setting: The Queens Chambers.

Carpet Master:
I have here my Lady, what you’ve request
A thousand swatches of one thousand reds.
It’ll take all night and a day or two,
but we’ll get the red that is your due.

Oh me! Oh my! There’s certainly a lot
Of shades of red in this box.
And you have 2 or 3 boxes to go?
(Workers are bringing in more big boxes)
We’ll you’ve done well, I want you to know..
Leave me a while and I’ll peruse.
And I’ll get back to thee by tomorrow noon. (Curtain closes)

But not just a night and a half a day
But thirteen full weeks she searched the shades
And pared it down to 100, then 5,
then down to 2 that were absolutely right.


Red (a fairy tale play) Scene 3

March 23, 2013

The Play continues:

Scene 3
Setting: same. Through the window we see smoke from the burning of the old carpet.

Carpet Master:
Old is out and new is still thread
(holds up a roll of uncolored beige thread)
First things first. Let’s dye it red.

But the Queen, Carpet Master was surely precise.
She wanted it quick, but she wanted it right
And right to her will be quite a quest…

Carpet Master:
I’ll take care of the Queen. Dye it regular red.

But didn’t she just now demand a color
Of a red much deeper than any other,
That’s glaringly rich and not under done?

Carpet Master:
I’ll take care of the Queen. Dye it red number one.

Red (the fairy tale play) Scene 2

March 22, 2013

For those following the play (see earlier blog for opening scene where the Queen needs a new RED carpet)  here is scene two

Scene 2
Setting Carpet Guild’s Workshop – with guild sign on the door.

(Pointing to diagram)
I want it thick and plenty plush
With the expensive-est dyes and royal-ly lush.
Search the kingdom and all through the land
For the deepest hues of deepest red.
And I want a border – thread of gold,
Not too blaring but whimsically bold.
And take this other, out of my sight.
I don’t want to see it, it’s a frightful blight!
Burn it to ashes…

Carpet Master:
… to ashes we’ll rend

And make sure the fire is fire down wind

Red – (the fairy tale play) Scene 1

March 21, 2013
Hi readers. I’m going to post my short short fairy tale play, RED, in a series. Here’s the first scene.
Characters: Narrator, King, Queen, Carpet Master, His Assistant.
Scene 1
Setting: Throne  Room.
Oh the crown the heavy heavy crown!
… Said the King
sitting on the throne
purched on the dais
resting on the cushiony
red red carpet.
No dramatics my dear, dear, dear.
We need a new carpet there, there, and here.
This is thread bare from suplicates kneeling
It’s got mead stains from spilling and spitting
And more than 1 sword has pierced it through.
It’s faded and musty and out of style
We need a new carpet with a deep  pile.
Thus it shall be done
And thou wilt be doing it,
Cause I’m going hunting!
Goodbye and forsooth it!
[to be continued]

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