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Thought Experiment and more speculation in physics

May 19, 2020

If NOTHING moves,
does time stop?

DIMP, new name for dimensionless point that all photons are in.

Why do particle and anti particles annihilate each other? Why don’t their waves build destructive interference instead?
Suggestion: They do but it’s so exact they annihilate each other.

Not constructive/destructive interference in waves
But constructive/destructive interference in fields of like waves. the superposition of many like waves creates energy fields.
Destructive or constructive wave fields, plus superpositions may be a key part of quantum physics.

What If? Physics speculation by a Sci Phy writer

May 19, 2020

Physics – what if? by a sci phi writer.
What if neutrons and protons are waves? What if the so called magical shells that make up a nucleus, resemble the much larger electron shells? What if the center of the nucleus is empty? What if the magic numbers of 2, 8, 20, 28.l are shells of waves such that there is incredible constructive interference from their waves at each shell, but not in between the shells? What if this incredible constructive interference is a very strong force? What if a proton wave has two crests and one trough, (2/3+/13-,2/3+) and a neutron has one crest and two troughs? What if neutrons and protons are fundamental particles? What if we don’t need quarks? What if the mass of neutrons and protons is almost all binding energy. What if the mass of neutrons, protons, and electrons are all the same. What if they are all waves? What if charge (negative or positive) is the meeting of waves from an electron and proton that are exactly opposite in their wave structure such that together they make waves that are destructive interference, and set up a field of destructive interference waves – which is what charges is? What if this meeting of waves explains why the amount of negative particles and positive particles are exactly the same? What if the zoo of particles is really just a zoo of waves? What if ….

Pan-democratic update!

April 27, 2020

Pan-demic: Bang a pan wherever you are in the world on

(Date to be determined)
Make some noise to show you support
all those working for all of us.
This is something anyone can do, anywhere, at any age, at no cost –
just a concert of shared noises!

Though none of the 100 media outlets that I’ve contacted so far is interested, you are welcome to join me.
I have heard about a similar idea that I would like to share.

Laura Lamarca writes! It’s not an idea you’ve started. We “Clap for the NHS” and all frontline workers in the UK every Thursday at 8pm. Many bang pans. We borrowed the idea from Spain and have been doing it for 5-6 weeks.

My idea came to me on April 1, this month. Seems I was not the only one with the idea. Salute to all those others!


April 1, 2020

Bang a Pan wherever you are on
April 19th at 3:PM
Make some noise to show you support
all those working for the rest of us!


February 21, 2020

Musea History – the First Website

Readers, The following is the first page of the first Musea Website posted in the 90′s. It’s a general welcome to all. It was retrieved through the WAYBACK MACHINE, the internet archives. (the Musea website is at or look up the article about me in Wikipedia)


Once upon a time
In a Prairie Town
On the edge of a pine forest
In the hot summer of 1992…

I, Tom Hendricks,
A Musician, Painter and Writer,
Was slipping into nowhere
At a steady pace – then…
An idea…a fantabulous idea-
Musea was born…

HELLO AND WELCOME to the website for the zine MUSEA. We’re the monthly newsletter that is leading the ART REVOLUTION AGAINST the handful of CORPORATE ART AND MEDIA CONGLOMERATE WEASELS (there are only 10* now) who control virtually all of the arts and media in the U.S.; and we are FOR the best of all the “Indie” (independent) artists outside of corporate art…

Thanks for stopping by and browsing, and tell your friends about MUSEA. the zine for ART and the ART REVOLUTION.
Musea since 1992.

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