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The Blockers

March 15, 2019

The Blockers.

These are media sources, advocacy groups, etc. that do not talk about progressive music, musicians, or music ideas. Why? Time to ask them! Readers suggest others you think should be on the list.

To get your name off the list, report the news in a way that is fair to all.

1 NPR (radio)
2. Dallas Observer (media)
3 Dallas Morning News (media)
4. KERA (radio)
5. Commercial Stations (radio / tv)
6. KNON (Dallas music radio station)
7. Texas Music Office (gov. org.)
8. KERA (radio)
9. Texas Music Magazine
10. TYT, the Young Turks (media watchdog)
11. Project Censored (media watchdog)
12. FAIR (media watchdog)
13. Texas Standard (radio news.)
14. Takeaway (radio news.)
15. Billboard (music media)
16. Rolling Stone, Spin, etc. (music media)
17. SXSW (music festival)
18. Digital Music News (music media).
19. BBC (and all foreign press.)
20. Pop Culture Happy Hour (radio show)
21. Think (Dallas radio show).
22. All Songs Considered (radio show)
23. KXT ( Dallas music radio station.)
24. The Tech giants (all of them that deal with music.)

Minimum Wage and Theater Workers

September 7, 2013

Some guy reading my posts supporting us Theater Workers, thinks working at a theater doesn’t deserve a fair wage and shouldn’t be considered with WalMart and fast food places. He said all we do is shovel popcorn in a bag. Here’s what I say:

I don’t see much difference from a factory job where you do the same thing over and over and our job – and we have to do it at night and on weekends – specially now when most factories have better air conditioning than old theaters. AND we have to work with the PUBLIC! Some of them can be very difficult.

Why should film industry brag about how many millions their picture made over the weekend and we can’t even get full time work, benefits, etc. Movie workers are in the same boat as WalMart and Fast Food. No difference. And corporations have squeezed the American worker, such that we can’t even afford to buy their product. I can’t afford going to our theater, let alone buy that popcorn we shovel.

Then too paying low wages is not really good for the company either. ¬†When you offer so little, you get very little in return from your workers, you end up training people most of the time because the turn over is so bad, and you keep loosing people with experience – this is not good business. You end up having to hire the least educated people, and the most unreliable people. I see this daily where I work. So giving theater workers a decent wage would be bigger profits for the corporation. What we have now is not a win-loose situation. It’s stupid business all around. Oh yeah, add resentment from employees, that’s a good motivator to support the company – not!

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