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Hide and Seek (Who plays it best?)

May 21, 2019

Hide and Seek (Who plays it the best?)

The wind when it’s still,
spring in December,
the Moon when it’s new,
dew under the sun,
stars when it’s raining,
the shadow of a flame,
the tide when its low
the sun at night time.

Four Poems on Animals

September 1, 2018

Scamper! Scamper!
little rabbit.
Hide in the hedges
little rabbit!

Black flash across the pond!
A waterbug or the shadow of a moth?

“Show me how
the cricket jumps!”
The boy’s eyes
shift about –
He’s thinking ….

like Schrodinger’s cat
my future is uncertain.
Unwrap the box,
pull back the curtain!

The Little Girl with the Big Name

August 15, 2018

Five Short Kid’s Poems

October 14, 2017

Pipes shake and groan when
Mom turns on the faucet.
The child hears it and says
Squeaky water!

Splish, splash!
Splish, splash!
find some cover
or we’ll all get wet!

“That low star
rests on the mountain,”
said the child
tired from walking.

the Unicorn and Pegasus
fought to determine
which was the best
mythological horse!

if every child
was good as gold
we’d long for silver.

Little Red

April 19, 2016

Little Red

Little Red loved the color
in her favorites like strawberries
in her cap like riding hood
in her dress, her socks, her shoes,
in her braids and hair berets
in her food, rhubarb and beets,
in her bedroom, in her pillow,
in her blanket and pajamas
in the cherry wood of her dresser,
in the handle of her mirror,
in her bowl, plate, and glass.

Then comes her birthday – red cake, red candles
with a red flame flickering all over,
and a present wrapped in red paper
from her dear aunt from far far away.
But inside is a pair of gloves in blue.
What is poor Little Red to do?

She treats it as an emergency
and puts on her specks pink and tinted.
Then on to the bigger catastrophe.
She dyes the gloves the deepest scarlet,
lets them set, lets them dry,
noting to self as she takes off the glasses,
“Phew, that was close.” The danger passes!.

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