Today is Record Store Day (4 short posts)

April 18, 2015

Four Fast Features about RECORD STORE DAY and my song  RECORD SPINNING

RECORD SPINNING  (instrumental by Hunkasaurus and His Pet Dog Guitar)


I get a lot of my music from the radio, but second on my listening list, is my Crosley record player. Used LP’s are cheap and that makes it easy to take a chance on the recordings of the past. For example, I’ve lately listened to new-to-me, LP’s from The Association (some nice surprises) Caruso (passionate opera) and assorted big band, make out , 50’s music with those great covers: they almost all have a lounging beauty in an chic gown with a drink in her hand.

Those great covers are one of the big draws of LP’s. I also like the idea of a complete side A, and then a side B. That sets up spots – you want a great lead off song, you want a great ender, and you want some soulful in between.

Each format has some advantages – cassettes are easier to play and great for personal recordings, and CD’s are compact, as the name says. I couldn’t have fit my 150 song, music project in a small tin if they were records, or cassettes – only CD’s would do.


Through the years I’ve put out my share. Here is my discography, of mostly records.

TOM HENDRICKS DISCOGRAPHY: Before starting the 150+ song Hunkasaurus recording project, I had done a number of recordings. This discography (from issue #134) lists them. They include “Your Love Is True/Say So” (’67) (see below), singles/45’s: “A Hit Song/You” (’78), “DeskClerk/Others Like You”, note the ‘b’ side is sung by Joy Tarver (”79), “Stars Moon and Sun/ Through My Window” (’82). Plus, “John And Martha – A 5 Act Illustrated Short Story” (’84), assorted singles from the 12 By 12 Co-op Record Company recordings (’85-95) , “Hunkasaurus and His Pet Dog Guitar – 4 song cassette (’95), and the Landmark Music CD (’02).


Z Z TOP records my song:

In 1967 a local group in Tyler, Texas, was going to record a song I’d written, then titled “Your Lovin’ Trip” – it was the late 60’s remember. Complication arose and they couldn’t do it. The guitar player for the Tyler group, Doug Rhone, later went on to play as guitarist in Neil Diamond’s band, where he still is.
But Dale Hawkins, a musician, known for his national hit, “Susie Q.”, and a record producer, wanted the song for a Dallas group, called The American Blues. They recorded “Your Love Is True”, as the “A’ side of a single. The arrangement had a Five Americans sound. The Five Americans were a Dallas group with some national hits like “Western Union” and “I See the Light.”.
Here’s the review from Billboard Magazine of the single, and my song, “Your Love Is True.” (note my name is misspelled on the record, and I had to share writing credits with the producers – typical suits behavior!)
AMERICAN BLUES – Your Love Is True (Prod. Dale Hawkins) (Writers Kirk-Hendrix-Hawkins) Tyler Belldale, BMI) – Dale Hawkins first production for Amy has the earmarks of a hot chart item in this pulsating rocker with good group sound and identifiable lyric content for the teen buying market. Flip: “Say So” (Belldale, BMI) Amy 997.


Finally, my latest from HUNKASAURUS AND HIS PET DOG GUITAR (The Musician who played two BOX OFFICE CONCERTS , twice a week for 17 years, at the Inwood Theater’s Glass Box Office Ticket Booth DALLAS/TEXAS (1996-2013)

Tom Hendricks and his Standard Guitar (known as Hunkasaurus and His Pet Dog Guitar, and also Art S Revolutionary, editor of the 23 year old zine Musea) has just officially release his 10 year, 150 song, 9 CD, ‘OUTSIDE THE BOX SET’, recording project. It’s finally done!

The music is available on all the major music sites including: I-tunes, Amazon, Google, Spotify, CDBaby. etc. etc. – with a special, limited edition, signed, tin boxed set

Box Office From my Back

Sayings of Editor Art (they just keep coming)

April 16, 2015


it takes darkness to see stars!

metabolism = nurturing = anabolic
replication = waste out = catabolic

No more OIL WARS!

If you call a series of films a franchise, what does that tell you about the quality of the films?

Make a customer, not a sale.

Good composers are rare. Compare how many good orchestras there are with how many good Bachs, Mozarts, and Beethoven’s there are.

For awhile in architecture, modern meant square and round meant ancient. Gehry and others have changed that.

Being weird doesn’t make art modern. It’s just the opposite. It makes it more like 100 years ago with surrealism, dada, Duchamp, and two world wars.Weird is not more modern, it’s just more weird.

The new art post-ism is not about a new ‘ism. It’s about art that is beyond ‘isms. Post-ism is art that is great because it’s great, not because it fits an ‘ism.

Q. If you are a Photon, What time is it?

April 16, 2015

Q. If you are a photon, what time is it?

A. ?????

Discussion: Photo 5

Discussion welcome.

For the first post on this see Alpha

Self Portrait in a Favorite Shirt (art)

April 13, 2015

Photo 9

Had Earth = Cheeseburger, then Life = chem. adaptation to Cheeseburgers

April 13, 2015

Had Earth = Cheeseburger, then Life = chem. adaptation to Cheeseburgers

Had the earth been a cheeseburger, life would have evolved as the best chemical adaptation to cheeseburgers. In other words, no matter what existed, life would be defined as the best most stable reaction to that environment.

My suggestion as to how life began:

UV energy from the sun –> strikes chemicals during the day, then goes away at night in a daily cycle that continues for 4 billion years.
Chemicals hit by the sun react in one of two ways
———-> 1. they are destroyed.
———-> 2. they continue to exist another day.
The UV cycle of energy repeats itself every day.
The chemicals that are not destroyed in this cycle develop two types of stability:
a. they are stable in not changing what is stable in that environment.
b. they are stable in changing what is not stable in that environment.

UV energy –> selection on chemicals —> the most stable continue to exit —>
they are stable in two ways —>

Stable a. take in and hold what is nurturing —> metabolism —-> anabolic
Stable b. block out, and excrete out what is not nurturing —> replication –> catabolic

There IS a direction to natural selection. With every step life gets better anabolic or catabolic processes.

Catabolic and Anabolic evolved, but they did not blend.

These posts are built on the premise of the evolution of catabolic and anabolic processes to other separate deconstructive and constructive processes.
Catabolic and anabolic processes evolve but they do not blend (bio summary)


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