Sayings of Editor Art!

January 21, 2020

X: Wow, you are a Renaissance Man!
Y: I’m not THAT old

Musicians, are you D-Pop and for all musicians or for the Big 3 Labels: Warner, Universal, Sony?

D-Pop is music where the song is most important; not fame, millions spent on production or the number of background dancers in your video?

Naughty or Nice – it’s not a multiple choice!

We’ve had 30 years of technical innovations in the arts. Now it’s time for a golden age of content!

Have you ever had a dream that you were sleepy?

My wallet is a one way street.

The accountants run Hollywood and it shows.

3 companies, The Big 3 Labels, run music, have ruined it, and have got to go. Share the news!

The person who uses religion to hurt others is a monster!

Why does time have speed limits; velocity up to the speed of light.

a franchise is a product not a film.

Ulysses by James Joyce, abridged version.
Buck Mulligan
came bearing
a bowl of lather.

I’d ask you to grow old with me, but I’m already there!

Everyone wants to record an album cut – no one wants to record a hit!

I write my children’s books for me. Kid’s opinions just get in the way.

I like this novel! It doesn’t bog down with good writing!

When a business makes excessive profits, it’s either in a banner year or it’s cheating someone.Sad to report that this recording’s sophistication will be lost on all but the most discriminating and refined tonal palettes!

1,000+ Art Works on Pinterest Page

January 16, 2020

Dear Readers,

The picture site, Pinterest,now has 1,000+ of my Art Works on a single, scroll down, page!
Go to Pinterest, search Tom Hendricks, then click on the “Revolution in Arts” Board.

Lots to see!

Tom Hendricks

Physics Speculation – The Time Boundary

January 10, 2020

The Time Boundary

1. There seems to be a boundary between time and no time.

2. The boundary seems to be the speed of light such that
fermions are below the speed of light and in time
bosons are at the speed of light and outside of time.

3. Suggestion that the less mass, the smaller the particle and the greater its velocity – such as electrons and quarks – the closer these particles get to the time/no time boundary and MAY EVEN CROSS OVER AND BACK.

4. The time/no time boundary may be the speed of light, or may be wider and include a zone approaching the speed of light,

5. This time boundary or gray area of time /no time may give clues to many puzzles in physics.
The main one being wave particle duality. This may be the case that the particle aspect of the duality is in time, but the wave aspect of the duality is outside of time. The particle/wave duality is then the particle/wave going in and out of time – across the time/no time gray area .

6. The idea of the extremely small mass, fast moving, wave-particles going in and out of time may help explain these strange occurrences.

wave particle duality
Two slit experiment,
Heisenberg Uncertainty principle
Pauli Exclusion principle
Virtual particles.

Problem/Solution Musea #206

January 10, 2020

Musea’s Problem/Solution issue, #206 has reasonable solutions for these problems:

How to get fair payment for all creative content online.
Power in an Emergency
Cost of College
Workers’ Rights
How to end poverty without spending a penny
The Arts and Media controlled and ruined by too few media/art conglomerates. How life began
How to revitalize downtown Dallas (or any major city).
How to call a halt to perpetual war.
Housing shortages
Education reforms,
How to make car designs exciting.
For newscasters, how to interview hostile subjects and get real answers. Thinking creatively
Mass marketing of Paintings and Drawings like books, films, and records. Fair reviews for all creative work – musicians, painters, writers, filmmakers, dancers,…
Recognizing the new paradigm Corporations vs. People to control the government. How many brain systems do we have?

These are all summaries, so just ask if you want more info.

Musea #206, the Problem Solution issue now online

January 7, 2020

Dear Readers,The new Musea is out at the usual suspects and online at
Remember open minds can solve problems.

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