3 Drawings

February 23, 2017

Cartoon Man Sees His First Realism Art.

Last Moment of Modern Art.
(how conceptual art is used to end Modern art and start Post-ism art; no longer another ism, but instead a synthesis of all that has gone before.

Cuckoo Clock Man

Big List Add Ons – Feb 2017

February 17, 2017

Big List Inductees of Feb 2017

“BIG MUSIC LIST (200 Song – First Worldwide Best Music List

Here are 200+ great tunes you probably have not heard – notice they are in all genres, from all over the world, are great songs, and stand out – not fit in.
They deserve as much attention as any pop song. Then too if you don’t like say 50 or so of these, there are still 150 great ones left for even the pickiest listener.

Just added these inductees.

Two Poems on Books

February 17, 2017


My book leaves rattled when he became aware
of the books placed, next to it.
“I’ll share no shelf with such drivel
so badly written and illiterate!
I expect display with spine support!”
and zipped up his jacket to make his point.


the used book
was badly marked;
underlined passages
with notes in the margins
scribbled in black
permanent ink.
The wily bookseller
triples the price
and writes on the tag
Annotated Edition.

Flowers for Your Valentines Day (art)

February 14, 2017

My Renoir – Yes I Own a Renoir

February 3, 2017

Tommy’s Renoir.

Did you know that I own a Renoir? Yep, had it for 30+ years. Am I rich? Nope. It’s a restrike – that’s a print taken after Renoir’s death. Though its a real Renoir etching, the master did not approve of it and it is not a limited edition in any way. It cost me something over $100. And I paid it off $10 a month to a local gallery during the 70’s. I’ve seen ithe real print advertised in art magazines. Renoir also did a color print version.

It’s called “Le Chapeau Epingle” from 1894 and shows one girl pinning a bonnet on another. It is quite charming. But see for yourself.

Here is a photo.

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