Hunkasaurus – News of 150 New Videos on YOUTUBE

August 3, 2015

Dear Musea Reader,

This weekend brought a nice big surprise for ME and my MUSIC.

I chose the website, CD Baby to put my 150 songs – 9 CD’s on the internet for streaming and sale. Glad I did. It has proved to have extra benefits that I couldn’t even imagine at the time, such as placing all of them on the brand new Apple Streaming.

But a bigger surprise was when I found, this weekend, that they had put all my songs, all 150 on Youtube – each one a separate video! That is 150 new VIDEOS for me (Add that to the 73 I’ve made over the last decade or so = 223!.)

Each one has for the visuals, the cover of the CD, and for the audio the full song.

To see them all go here. You will find them listed on this and the next 7 pages

[If you have a specific title, search this way ‘ CD Baby + Hunkasaurus + Title of Song and that title will be the top of the first page.]

Will you do me a favor if you visit? Below the video on the right, is a thumbs up and a thumbs down. Would you give these a thumbs up? That would be great. You are certainly welcome to post any comments too! That would be greater!

This one minute video is by CD Baby and explains why they put the music on youtube.

Tom Hendricks

Photo 1

Mountain Top House! (art)

August 3, 2015

Mountain Top House! This is an old work, that I found and added just a bit of colored pencil touch ups to the color copy. Would you live here?

Photo 4

Library Planet – Review Jack Magnus – 5 of 5 Stars!

August 1, 2015

Dear Readers. Here is another review of my short sci-fi novel Library Planet.

Title: Library Planet
Author: Tom Hendricks
Genre: Fiction – Science Fiction

Every so often, I run across a literary work that makes me want to read great sections of it aloud in order to savor more fully the marvelous and magical blend of language and meaning that merges into a living and synergistic spark.

Reviewed by Jack Magnus for Readers’ Favorite (Five of Five Stars)

Library Planet* Co

Library Planet is a literary science fiction novella written by Tom Hendricks. Street and Smith is a solitary man who finds great pleasure in the company of books. Being a wealthy man, both through inheritance and his own industriousness, he was able to take advantage of the rift that occurred among the over 70 planets that had set up this planet as a museum and later a library for the Capital of the confederacy. The entire planet had eventually become the library before the two factions decided to set up their own libraries. Street and Smith was able to provide the money and material incentives to the departees, leaving him the lord of his domain and owner of the planet. He revels in the solitary delights of roaming his halls, cataloging his current and new acquisitions, and reading for hours each day, until one day his perfect solitude is broken by a sound. Following it, he comes upon a ghostly presence who swiftly departs. He’s enchanted by the visitation and knows which books to consult to find the way to coax her to appear once more.

Every so often, I run across a literary work that makes me want to read great sections of it aloud in order to savor more fully the marvelous and magical blend of language and meaning that merges into a living and synergistic spark. Reading Library Planet, I found not only that desire but also the compelling and irresistible impulse to read those phrases, sentences, and whole sections aloud — and I actually did. I was initially quite intrigued by the concept of a library planet and discovered an instant connection and feeling of rapport with that solitary man whose world is filled with vast uncharted shores and canyons, and the lore and knowledge of a thousand thousand beings. And I soon shared in his enthusiasm and delight as he finds and sets out upon his quest.

Library Planet is hauntingly beautiful, and the author’s use of language and imagery throughout the work is inspired. This story is part fantasy, part fable, and totally awesome; and it’s most highly recommended
Wow! This is breathtakingly good. Bravo!

APPEARANCE – 5 (of 5)
PLOT – 5

Blue Moon (bop shoo bop shoo bop)

July 31, 2015

Dear Musea Reader,

Today , Friday the 31st, is a Blue Moon – that rare month when we have two full moons. So to celebrate, here’s my Hunkasaurus and His Pet Dog Guitar version of BLUE MOON!

This is one of the songs that I did twice on my 150 song set. This is the slow version. Later I did a fast issue.

Picture 1_2the slow version. Later I did a fast issue.

Bop shoo Bop sho Bop and repeat!

Sculpture in the wild

July 30, 2015

My next issue of zine Musea will be about my Sculpture ideas. I like this painting of sculpture better than the sculpture painted. So it won’t make the issue. I think I have some better examples of abstract sculpture ideas.
See what you think.

Photo 3


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