October 3, 2015

(see below for “What is a quatro?”)

in the ceiling

to wax
or wane ….

umbrellas up
bell curve

my shadow

the wave
of sleep


when winter is
the only season

1 bird
1 cloud

the door
closes behind me

follow the
invisible North Star
What is a QUATRO. It’s a new type of very very short poetry that usually compares two things, in a haiku way, packing a lot of meaning in a very small amount of words. There is usually a very real comparison between two things, and behind it a 2nd deeper meaning. Pass them around – Tom Hendricks


Photo 1

Paintings influenced by Rothko (art)

September 30, 2015

Here are some recent paintings influenced by Mark Rothko’s Work.

Photo 1

Photo 1

Photo 3

3 Kid’s Poems (9/15)

September 25, 2015

3 Kid’s Poems

Mother Goose
was pedestrian
Mother Peacock
was uptown

one day Mirror
looked into a mirror
to see what he could see
but he alone
saw nothing there
alas it could not be

I look at my watch
wait for it …
wait for it …
I clap my hands
and the Sun rise

s.Photo 2

My 8,000 Art Work

September 19, 2015

Being a Virgo, I like to classify and keep things in order.  When I finish an art work I catalogue it with its own number.  When I’m getting near a big number, I’m always curious which work will be the one that has all the zeros.  In this case it was a copy of my drawing of a waterfall with a couple talking at the top, with colored pencil.  Here it is.

Photo 2

The Architecture Issue of Musea (art)

September 19, 2015

This is a collage of some of the Architecture featured in the recent Musea issue.
(Building not necessarily to scale – Book Rocket is too large).

Photo 1


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