My Mystery Novel

May 24, 2016

My Mystery Novel,

My mystery novel
is all punctuation.
It’s title is “?”.
And the first page is blank.
At the end of each chapter a “,”.
Then the denouement with a “!”.
And the final word
at the end is “.”.

Sayings of Editor Art (May 2016)

May 23, 2016


I know imagination more than I know science.

England had Dickens, we had Twain.

Most great musicians today are marginalized players, not industry leaders.

On Music Videos. You don’t buy a record to look at it.

Most of the best bands playing today wouldn’t even have gotten on the radio in the 60’s.

There was fashion in the 70’s but i think it went into hiding.

I’m more concerned with telling than writing.

Billionaires, what if you had your billion but someone else had control of how you spent it? Would you still be rich? Ending poverty also means giving the poor power over the money.

Should people be able to have secrets from their government? Yes.

Which is better to own, the key or the lock?

Boat and Tree

May 23, 2016

Great Painter

May 23, 2016

Texas Music Office and TeXas Video Showdown Support

May 23, 2016

Dear Musea Readers,

Lately I’ve gotten some support for the TeXas Video Showdown, a musical protest against an industry controlled by 3 CEO’s, from the TEXAS MUSIC OFFICE in Austin..

Marc Fort from the Texas Music Office, saw my post, liked it, commented on it, and sent me a guide to resources so that I could pass the word on to other Texans.


Hi Tom,

I love that line: “time to change the music industry so it’s built on talent and not publicity.”

It’s true that *the traditional music industry* is distributed and controlled by 3 multinational conglomerates, and the men that lead those companies.

The great news is that the playing field for having a career in the music industry is more wide open than ever. Prior to the Internet, musicians had to almost completely rely on the record labels for national and international distribution. Now it’s perfectly normal for musicians to have long, healthy, prosperous careers independent of the traditional industry.

Commercial radio is still very tough for independent artists to break into… because of the conglomerate consolidation, but independent and college radio do provide artists with opportunities.

Please feel free to give the Texas Music Office a call on Monday (when we’ll be back in the office), or shoot us an email at, and we’d be happy to send you some resources for the various genres you listed above (genres outside of pop music).

We have a ton of resources for indie musicians of all genres!
Thanks for sharing this! Did you write it? It’s really well done and thought out. I’m checking out the link to the TeXas Video Showdown now.

Best regards,
Marc Fort
Texas Music Office
(512) 463-6666


[And later after viewing the TeXas Video Showdown video:]

Loved the video! Reminded me of an old school rockabilly rave up! Thanks for sharing.
… I really, really enjoyed the song! I look forward to finding & hearing the studio version, because this video immediately made me want to hear another version where I can hear the vocals better.

We’ll definitely help spread the word! Musicians are organizing in DFW, San Antonio, Lubbock, & Austin, spurred on by some of the same inspirations. There’s a new nonprofit org up near your area – Hear Fort Worth – that’s organizing in an attempt to change some of the ongoing issues in the music industry.

Thanks again for sharing that rave-up! …



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