Choice: Buy 1 Plane, or End Poverty in the US

February 20, 2018

Readers, Right now you have a choice. Pick one:

1. The F-35 fighter plane
2. The end of poverty in the US.

The cost of the F-35 fighter may reach 1.4 trillion. Just one third of that a amount would generate enough interest in CBAs to end poverty in the US without spending a penny of the capital.

Did you know the cost of development of one fighter jet, when put into CBAs or community bank accounts, could generate enough interest to end poverty in the US – and this would not spend a penny of the capital. Compare

1. The cost of the F-35 = $500 billion and counting.

2. The cost to end poverty = Not one cent. The $500 billion is put in community bank accounts, and generates interest. The interest goes to the community, and the capital is never spent.

Which better guarantees security for the US; one plane, or ending poverty within the US permanently.

CBA’s or community bank accounts is a way to end poverty in the US without spending a penny.
Take the money spent on this single plane and put it in local state banks, or credit unions. Then give the monthly interest that it generates to that states poorest cities or counties, one at a time till all have received the monthly interest. Then repeat the process, over and over and over from then on without ever stopping.

The capital is never spent, the interest money keeps coming in forever, and the bank has money that by the CBA rules, it can only loan to those communities too. This empowers the poorest communities with little government interference So there really is no reason now not to end poverty.

We would all work for a cure if 45 million people had a devastating disease. We would find a cure and help them get well. Think of poverty as the disease.

Start with dividing the country into 5 parts of 10 states.
Example, North East, Great Lakes, South, Midwest, West. Then each year for ten years choose one state from each region. Set up a state bank or credit union with 10 Billion dollars. That capital is never spent, the interest that comes in every month from then on forever, goes to that state one county or community at a time. Loans from all that massive money in the bank, can only be loaned to businesses in that state.

The people that live there decide how the money is spent to better help all their community. (Be sure to include D.C. and P.R., etc.). They prepare a budget and keep receipts, with this information open to all to see.

This is a way to end poverty in the US through economic development that builds up the nation. Remember the country had 700 billion it could loan the banks during the banking crisis, and another 500 billion plus for a single plane (F-35). So there is enough to end poverty.

For example: The CBA for one state = 10 billion. That amount invested at a negotiated 6% = 600 million a year or 50 million a month for each and every state from now on. The money never stops coming in.


Wait a Minute – More Shootings

February 20, 2018

Wait a Minute …

Wait a minute – if it was just a mental issue, then there would be mass killings in every country where people have mental issues.

Wait a minute – if we can’t talk about it because it’s too fresh an event – then let’s talk about the last ten.

Wait a minute – if the NRA controls congress, then shouldn’t the pressure be put on the NRA to solve the problem?

Wait a minute – if the problem was in the community, then shootings wouldn’t happen anywhere else.

Wait a minute – if only women controlled the guns, then shootings would be almost zero.

Wait a minute, – if reasonable change now will lead to worse consequences, what is a worse consequence than mass killings?

Wait a minute – the only thing this shooting has in common with the other shootings is … shooting.

Hard Science in WIS Sci-fi Novel

February 19, 2018

Science Hypotheses from the Sci-fi novel, “Writings in Science, a History of the Future”

This sci-fi novel is big with not only lots of adventure stories, but hard science ideas. Here are some of the key ones.

1 The origin of life. Suggestion that the daily cycle of UV forced chemical selection with life the most stable reaction. (Also a daily wet, dry cycle too). Genetic coding was first for ” Double Stability”. That is stability that keeps what works, and adjusts what needs work in that environment. That is the main reason for coding and for our genomes.

2. Carrying the Baby concept. Hominids being bipedal allowed mothers to carry, caress, and soothe the baby. This mother child bounding may have led to the faster evolution of language and intelligence.

3. Why do we sleep? The main reason, besides resetting the digestive system, and building memory, is for the bodies immune system to attack any infection, mostly in the gut (73%), the mouth (23%) and the skin.

4. The Stream of Consciousness method of teaching is a way to educated many times faster than the current systems. SOC.

5. People Power, a low tech power source anywhere there are people, such that there is never an emergency where there is not power.

6. New type of selection, the transfer of gut bacteria from mother to newborn child.

7. The emotions of fear and anger evolved out of the defense system against infection in the gastrointestinal tract. Anger from gut infection. Fear from mouth infection. This ties directly to why we have overweight or underweight problems.

8. The idea that the nervous system is made up of separate parts that are often in conflict, lead to an internal civil war of conflicting unconscious drives, and that solving this inner trauma resolves many outer social problems. The idea that there is a somewhat separate nervous system for each of the 3 germ layers in bilateria.

9. Thermal regulation decreases mutations.

10. There is a direction in evolution, and it is toward better catabolic and anabolic processes. Catabolic and anabolic chemical processes evolved, but did not blend. Negative mutation on one side may be minimized by a positive aspect on the other. A positive mutation on one side may support a positive change on the other.

11. Selection Pressure Model:
The greater the selection pressure – directional or diversifying selection – the greater the speed of evolution in the area of the selection pressure, AND
the lower the selection pressure – stabilizing selection – the lower the speed of evolution in the area of the selected pressure. Or in simple terms, nothing changes until it’s forced to.

12. Separation anxiety or stranger anxiety, may be the reflection of the biological loss of breast milk in the infant. Separation anxiety may be the infant’s separation from breast milk to ‘stranger’ first foods and liquids. Stranger anxiety may be the reflection of the infants immune system’s response to first solids or first infection.

13.There may be selection pressure within the body itself. Kwashiorkor, a disease caused by lack of protein, where the body competes for what protein is left, seems to support this.

14.The reason for our sweet tooth may be connected to the fact that sugar brings quick energy, and it is the easiest and fastest food to digest.

The Planting Song (poem)

February 19, 2018


Hear ye! Hear ye! Hear ye!
Time for a planting song.

May this field be fertile
and the seed in the ground fecund.

May the Sun be bounteous and the rain nourishing.

May crops grow tall and cover the ground in color,
and ripen when full, free of pests.

May all this happen and we be blessed!

Hear ye! Hear ye! Hear ye!
Time for a planting song.

Who is Getting the Cash from Streaming?

February 17, 2018

This article from Digital Music News is about streaming revenue.

The scary fact coming out of it is this:

99% of the 377 billion streams are for the top 10% of streamed tracks!

That means a handful of major stars are making all the money, and the crumbs, 1% of streaming revenue, is left to 90% of musicians.

Yet another reason for the music revolution. for more.

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