Not Easy on Adele

October 19, 2021

Not Easy on You Adele
The reaction for Adele’s new single is a 90% bought and paid for marketing scheme.
We heard about this single, Easy On Me on everything from ABC Nightly News, to NPR radio. There was never such pre promotion across so many media outlets like that for any other star. Not for Barbra Streisand, Aretha Franklin, Janis Joplin, Whitney Houston, Amy Winehouse, etc.

Let’s say there was a fair music media instead of this marketing set up. Would Katy Perry"s single, Dark Horse, have had an advertising budget of $11.7 million – for promoting one song! That’s not recording it, just promoting it!

Think of how many musical careers that same money could have started!!!

Back to Adele. Had this been a fair music industry instead of the mess we have now:

1. She would not have had any pre promotion like this. There would be real competition and each month there would be 100 major single releases. Each of those 100+ would have had to compete on merit. None would have gotten the excess promotion that Adele did.

2. Her career would quickly be buried if she didn’t release a hit single every 4 months. Just ask the Beatles or Rolling Stones or Motown, or Michael Jackson, who all had to compete in a more fair music industry were 100’s of labels competed, not just three.

3. The new release by Adele called, Easy on Me, is not a classic, and the stripped down arrangement is very bland. The single is just ok, and not very good. She has a fine voice but this is not a song to match. She has now amassed a 190 million personal fortune. I would think she could buy a better song than this. Sounds like a good singer singing to karaoke. Remember if Adele is really that good she can handle some real competition!

The reason many care for her and this song, or have even heard about it ,and it’s release, and her comeback after 6 years, is because it has been marketed as newsworthy and one of the biggest stories in music!

When an over consolidated music industry – now down to the Big 3 Labels that control the industry (Warner, Universal, Sony) – only prop up a few pop stars – the results are strange to say the least – or devastating to be honest.

A few like Swift, Beyonce, Perry, Ga Ga, Grande, Sheeran, Drake, Bieber, Kanye and Adele make mega millions. But the 99% of the rest don’t make fast food money, and the ENTIRE MUSIC INDUSTRY is in a severe slump with sales this year only HALF of what they were in 1999, 20 years ago!!!

Oh, no one mentioned that last FACT in their flowery puffed up promotion did they?

Time for a fair music industry, and a fair media that will talk about: the music revolution against all this excess, and for all musicians! That in turn just might save a failing industry.
Musea since 1992

The Wheel is the Center of Changing Music

October 1, 2021

The Wheel

Most music groups say the musicians in their group are the very talented – but few can give any specifics.
Here are 3 for the FaceBook music Group called Reinventing the Wheel – the Music Barn that make them stand out from the rest.

The Wheel, for some unknown reason, has accumulated some great talent from all over the world into one FaceBook music group! Here are three specific reasons why this music may be more noteworthy than just about anywhere else.

1. Women Singers: The Wheel has an amazing group of superb female singers. The guys are fine, but the women shine!
They include, but are not limited to, these regulars: Emma Watson, Susanne Walbrunner, Trudy Newell, Karen O’Mahoney, Nicole Walken, Sheila Margaret Ward, etc. (who have I forgot?) Each has a distinctive voice that stands out as good as anyone singing today.

2. Lyrics: The lyrics on the Wheel continually surprise me with their sophistication and elegant thought. Whether it’s a diatribe, a diagnosis of a failing romance, or wordplay and puns, the Wheel has them all and then some.

3. Bands Out – Collaboration In. The 60 year old idea of bands from the British Invasion, is being replaced by a singer/songwriter working on a song with a different set of musicians on each project. The restrictions of playing with band mates only, is out; and in its place, there is a freedom to work with any others that specifically fit a certain song or music project! The results are better music!

Whether this explosion of talent will rival the great music collectives of the past – and this may be the first one ONLINE- will have to wait to be seen – but my prediction is that we may have a golden age of music here on The Wheel.

Share the news!
Musea since 1992.

Sayings of Editor Art

August 17, 2021


Musea, a one person think tank.

More Hemingway – less Henry James – keep it simple.

Simplify! Edit! Intensify!

Just think of everything that is, as an electron positron, or a variant of these two without charge. (2 Photons = positron/ electron pair.)

Righteous anger / on behalf of / millions of musicians / is a good thing!

Plagues are not nice – either respect their danger or be stupid!

My path in physics is like following a trail of bread crumbs. I say, "Oh!" pick it up and see another straight ahead!

Let’s say there are only 3 teams in world soccer and none of the players are very good.
but still they got paid mega millions … That’s the music industry today!

What doesn’t tremble, bowed down to time! (based on Issa haiku)

Country, take your medicine; then we’ll send what’s left to others !

Wave = W. Mirror wave = M.

Visitor to England: Everyone here has an accent!

Media, if the only news you report of a foreign country is bad news, then you’re portraying them as barbaric. That is one sided journalism.

Chirotic feeling, bitter sweet joy is in all great art – but in painting it’s immediate and instant!

No brand names on my clothes – I am a person, not a billboard.

The hour glass ticks!

All my recordings have at least one mistake in them. That’s my signature!

When a kid said he LIKED rock and roll in the 50’s, he was an outcast.
Now if a kid says he HATES rock, he’s an outcast. See the difference?

Just a cog in everyone else’s life!

A rising tide raises all boats or drowns you.

Like putting a band aid on a band aid on a band aid on a band aid …

People say "Tom you seem a little bitter." and I say, "Yes and I’ve earned every drop!"

Here is the difference – when a man turns down a woman’s advances; he’s not afraid of being killed!

Let’s change the arts from a marketing ploy for a few, to arts for all.

3 Wave Universe

August 7, 2021

3 Wave Universe.

My suggestion is that temperature makes three different pairs of waves from photons. These then make the elementary particles.

The Wheel

July 14, 2021

The Wheel – quick comment

This doesn’t happen very often. And most of the time when it does no one is aware of what’s going on but …

We have a consolidation of musical talent on the Wheel that is close to – Liverpool in the 60’s – big.

There are lots of music groups on FaceBook and very often they have adequate or even above adequate talent with technical ability that is first rate. But what they don’t have, that only the Wheel seems to have is:

A sense of community
A sense of collaboration among the musicians.
Reviews – a chance for musicians to actually get reviews for their work from other thoughtful musicians.

Luckily I’ve seen this happen three times before, and even been a small part of it:

Rock and Roll and the British Invasion were two golden eras of music 1955-1970+, that I lived through.

Zine and Desktop Explosion of the 80’s and 90’s was the last golden era of literature before the net – and has yet to be recognized! My zine Musea since 1992, was one of those zines involved, and is still going strong.

The Golden Age of the Internet now going on – bloggers, YouTubers, and groups like Reinventing the Wheel. Note the corporate media is as clueless about all that’s happening now as it was with zines and rock and roll in their heyday!

So what’s next? Don’t know. But with a little support and promotion from you, or friends, or strangers; Reinventing The Wheel may become the center of the musical world. Not only because of all the points I made earlier; but because the music – for some fated reason that I cannot explain – is really really good and really really concentrated into one spot!
And that surprises me every day! Well done all!


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