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2,300 and counting

October 10, 2016

The TeXas Video Showdown has now been viewed by 2,300 people.
The purpose of the worst video ever made, is to challenge the 3CEO’s that control music, and kept it from changing or growing.

Join this music revolt, or start your own!

Birthday of Elvis and his song Treat Me Nice is in the middle of the Music Change

January 8, 2016

Today is the birthday of Elvis Presley and he is still relevant to music. His song Treat Me Nice, is leading the Texas Video Showdown a video challenge of a music industry that is down to 5 pop stars. Vote – go to the link and vote thumbs up. Join a thousand others.

People should know that one indie musician, representing all musicians except a few pop stars, has challenged the 5+ pop stars to the Texas Video Showdown, and Swift, Perry, Beyonce, Bieber, 1D, etc. even with all their fans, are loosing so far. Readers that want a big music change – please vote for the thousands of good musicians that are not one of the five or so sound alike pop stars. if you know a great musician, they are probably out of the music business no matter how good they are.

The indie musician, Hunkasaurus, has purposely made the worst video ever – he didn’t even comb his hair – with simple solid fun music to challenge the over produced generic corporate music of the sound alike pop stars. Help him by voting thumbs up on youtube.

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