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Book Baby

April 27, 2017

Book Baby Storefront is another online store for all my books. Each of my book titles is listed separately.

Here are four covers.

The New Paradigm

April 23, 2017

The paradigm is shifting from conservative versus liberal to corporations versus people.

This new world view has both corporations and the public fighting for control of their government. Corporations usually win.

Christmas Stories – 15 Years Worth

April 23, 2017

Musea Annual Christmas Stories
Musea has an annual tradition – a Christmas story for the December issue. Did you miss any of them?

There is a lot I like to put into each short story, and not much room to squeeze it into -only 8 pages per Musea issue, with the front page being a photo! That means everything has to happen in 7 pages.

I try to write, so that each story first HAS a story, a good plot. Then some interesting characters caught up in something challenging, some connection to Christmas, and finally a deeper meaning behind the top story. Maybe even a couple of layers of meaning. Hopefully the stories take you somewhere, that you feel better about visiting.

Here is a summary of the last 15 years worth. Enjoy. – Tom.
DOWNTOWN WITH THE BOOK OF RENOWN (novel) – Brad and Tom find a Treasure. 2014
HAUNTED WITH JOY – Kids follow a set of treasure maps to find …. 2013
STATIC – Antique radio leads to a murder scene.
LEO MARS, DETECTIVE – Leo Mars tries to solve a suicide case 2011
SENLIN – Story of the greatest dancer that ever lived.
CANDLE AND ICICLE – Children wish away a death in the family. 2009
CHESS SETS – A new idea for a toy
HOUSE KEY – A husband hides his wife’s gift in a …
BROTHER JOHN – A monk learns about giving and joy.
HEAD UP PENNY – A little ghost returns home
MR WEEBLERS ENCOUNTER – Santa, real or fake
ALIENS – Aliens land and enjoy Christmas on Earth
DOT’S PLAYHOUSE – A father builds the ultimate doll house.
MAGIC BAG – A bum finds a magic bag that’s filled with presents. 2001
ANN – Ann breaks her foot while trying to do good, at the worst time of the year. 2000
RANGER 330 SUB ATOMIC BLASTER; toy gun is so easy for father to steal !?! [etc.]

(all at

Musea Remembers: Art Revolution Festivals

April 23, 2017


Q. The biggest weakness in the Dallas art community is that people stay in their own artistic ghetto. – Tim Wood.

The first issue of Musea, a legal sized page of paper printed front and back, spelled out the state of the arts, and they were not good. They were in the doldrums. Musea’s byline read, Art News and Reviews for Those Who Oppose the Status Quos.
We accept absolutely, positively, no advertising. We will not ask for or accept government grants. We will not accept corporate sponsors.
That first issue did two things, it spelled out what was wrong in the arts, and what we thought could be done to fix it. But there was a third issue between the words. That was that we should think of all the arts together, not keep them apart. Musea was not a music zine, or painting zine, or writing zine, or film zine, it was all the above and more.

Within the first year, I heard from others that felt the same way. Among those were Tim Wood, editor of The Word, and a local arts activist, (see columnists,) and Greg Shanks, Bloom Music. Together the three of us cooked up the idea to set up an all day art festival that featured all the arts. There would be no limits to the type of art performed or displayed. We called it the Art Revolution Festival.

Together we found a place, Chumley’s Bar and the Stout McCourt Art Gallery next door. Then we booked the talent, gathered the art and zines for displays, and set it up for Sunday afternoon, November 6,1993. We decided to make it free. We set up a fish bowl at the front table for donations. That actually worked very well and got us much more than had we charged $5 or so.

We displayed photographs, paintings, sculptures, and an exhibit of zines and underground publications – and I am still shaking my fist at whoever stole my zines, Meat Scientist and Shockbox! They were a display not a giveaway! Besides the gallery, we had a stage for movies, videos, theater, poets, dancers, and musicians. Each group had about 15 minutes. Overall 26 artists performed or displayed their works. They ranged from Cathy Gould reading her poetry, to the rock band The End. Our largest audience came to see Polly Whiplash and All Her Cave Woman dressed in furry loincloths. They did a roast of Rush Limbaugh to a packed room.

Setting up the festival was an amazing amount of work. Tim and Greg wanted to do another. I loved the idea but bowed out. To their credit they did Art Revolution Festival II, III, and IV. Note the fourth one finally got belated Dallas media coverage. Along the way Tim and Greg, got other festival organizers to help, Cathy Gould, Michael McMurray, and Steve Baker. When Chumley’s closed, they moved the festival to Poor David’s Pub.

Musea #22 talked about my visit to the Arts Revolution Festival II, April 17, 1994.
Musea #24 talked about the lineup for Arts Revolution Festival III, August, 1994. Musea #29 talked about Arts Revolution Festival IV, January 29, 1995

My dream is to take this gem of an idea and turn it into an all arts center open to all, all the time.

Musea Zine and Musea Publications (Pix)

April 20, 2017

Musea Zines

Musea Publications

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