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Oscar Recap!

March 4, 2019

Dear Readers,

Melanie Pruit has posted her roundup of this years Oscars.
This is one of the most in depth coverages out there.
Here’s the link to recap what happened on movies biggest night!


Ralph Nader looks at NPr and PBS

February 19, 2019

Dear Reader,

Search out the link for “The Realized Temptation of NPR and PBS” by Ralph Nader. He addresses a lot of my concerns in their media fairness. I would add that the problem includes all their art coverage too.
Right now all songs are NOT considered, and they actively block any progressive music, musicians, or music ideas connected with the music revolution.

Tom Hendricks

Musea #204 Online

December 1, 2018

Dear Reader,

Musea issue #204 is now online at the website.
This is the RECAP issue, that sums up the first 25 years.
See what you think!

Tom Hendricks

Red State Update Mention

November 24, 2018

Dear Reader,

Red State Update, a humor, blog and youtube series had their Sixth Anniversary Blog Program – 327, the You-Ask-“Em show.

They suggested that for that show they would answer questions from viewers. I turned out to be the only one that was political!

What I asked was their opinion of my post on the paradigm shift from liberal versus conservative to people versus corporations. (Copy at this link.)

Dunlap seemed intrigued, but Jackie said it was too much to read! LOL

Hear the comments at 1:40 in, to about 1:41.

Since they talked about my ideas, I thought it was only fair to talk about their show.
They come across first as very conservative, but listen closer, lot more complex than that. Check it out – the short videos are my favorites and are very funny!

The RECAP issue, #204

November 19, 2018

Dear Reader,

The new issue of Musea #204 is out at the usual suspected places, been mailed to the usual suspects, and will be online at the slightly suspicious Musea website soon!

This issue is the RETROGRADE Issue, a recap of the last 25 years and 203 issues that went before. Lots of surprises here for every reader, from the casual to the faithful!

Look and see what you think. Comments welcome.

Tom Hendricks – editor.

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