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Wang Wei’s Poem (my version)

July 22, 2014

My Version of Wang Wei’s Poem

barren mountain
then voices
the sunlight pierces
the deep forest

Recent poems from December 2011

January 3, 2012

Poems written in Dec 2011
Comments welcome.
[poem notes in brackets like this]

1 [Loosely based on a passage from
“The Book of General Ignorance”.]

What a day for a nothing event.
In 2003 the Hubble Telescope
was set to ultra deep field mode.
In 1 million seconds, or about 11 days
the photo they made showed tens of thousands
of hitherto unknown galaxies,
each consisting of hundreds of millions
of stars stretching out to a dim lit edge.

2. [in the Chinese Manner]

My friend and I part –
his straw hat soon
gets lost in the wheat.

3. [Future Astrolabe – from Writings In Science
my sci-fi novel]]

A star is like a match
but cool to the touch
let it land and rest
on your outstretched finger
store it in your pocket
for the light you need
on a moonless night
to help you find your way.

4. [Yarn]

“Tigers, jaguars, leopards, and lions
one in every tree.
That forest was thick I tell you kids,
that forest was thick as thieves.

We’d tiptoe in slippers from bole to bole
as they’d snore up in the leaves.
That forest would buzz with “Z’s” my friends,
that forest would buzz with “Z’s.

We had a mate a gentle soul
whose toe was suddenly stubbed.
He yelled. They awoke. A paw came down
and yanked his body up!

I lost them all – all but me
who escaped without a scratch.
Their chomping on bones, and smacking of lips
was enough to cover my tracks!

Vision is out there, you just have to look.

I can fly, but I have to be dreaming.

Poemette – short poem.

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