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Hay Ride for Two (guitar instrumental)

May 28, 2019

Hay Ride for Two (short guitar instrumental)
Song #2,099 (c) Tom Hendricks 2019
Hunkasuaurus and His Pet Dog guitar

Sixteen Hundred Songs, and Here’s one for Willie Nelson

August 28, 2013

Recently I composed song #1600 – a short guitar instrumental. ¬†Lots of songs. I’d like to share them. Here is one for Willie Nelson called, The Ballad Of Willie Nelson.


“Happy Birthday Willie Nelson” – Ballad of Willie Nelson

April 30, 2013

Happy Birthday to Willie Nelson today 4/30/  Here is my original, Ballad of Willie Nelson

“B” is for Ballad of Willie Nelson ( H and PDG musical alphabet)

February 27, 2013

B is for Ballad Of Willie Nelson

Lyrics are important Part 5

August 14, 2012

Lyrics count. They add a lot to a song. Here are 5 of my originals in part five, the last of my posts on lyrics.

The first , How Beautiful (Girls Are) is a salute to all women everywhere. The next is a Ballad bio of Willie Nelson – sort of a response to On the Road, where he comes back home. The third, Box Office Blues, is blues for those working a minimum wage job. The fourth, 140 MPH, is a fantasy love song (don’t drive like that !). And The fifth and final one is a musical autobiography of mine. Enjoy!~


(love song)
How beautiful Cinderella must have been and
How beautiful in the eyes of her prince and
How beautiful girls are.

How beautiful in black and white, Heddy Lamar
As she walks through the maze of the streets of the
Casbah and
How beautiful girls are.
How beautiful they are
How beautiful in my eyes…

I look around, I look, I look and see
So many variations there can be.
So many ways a girl can be

How beautiful Kelly Bundy, Christina Applegate.
As she says her lines, comedic fun, and
All that dumb play and
How beautiful girls are.
How beautiful in my eyes.
How beautiful girls are.


I was born in 1933.
My parents left and it was just my sister and me.
Grandparents raised us, we did all right.
Seems there was always music playing then
Seems I was always playing in a band
On a road or going home again.

Some way find my way back home
Some way I find my way back home.

I write songs and I play them everywhere.
Didn’t write this but the ones I did you’ve heard.
And some I sing were written long ago.
I’m no different than who you think I am.
Just a simple straightforward man
A troubadour just trying to sing my songs and (chorus)


I’ve got the box office blues, oughta write it on the
marquee (repeat)
`Cause I sell tickets all day and
No one buys one for me.

I work the concession stand. Sell popcorn and candy
too (repeat)
I wasn’t one of the lucky ones born sucking on a silver


140 miles per hour.
You make me bitter, you make me sour.
Say you’re mad in love with me
We’ll stop this car and set me free
Pull over at the next stop and
Lift that pedal that’s floored
And I’ll… I’ love you more.

3 long day and starry nights
Desert heat and red oil light
Your forehead’s hot, the hoods a cloud,
Both need water to cool you down.
Your eyes are glazed over,
Knuckles white to the core,
But I…I love you more…

Love you more than anybody.
Love you more than anyone.

Go ahead then and drive and drive
Until this malady subsides.
Take me there no matter where or when.
Hope the gas holds out till then.
Speed up and keep passing.
We’ve gone too long and too far.
And I…I love you more… (to chorus)

(autobiographical waltz)
When I saw the Beatles I became a big fan
And decide to be a big star.
So I learned how to sing and I wrote me some songs
And I learned piano and guitar.
And though wasn’t too good I thought that I was
And this kept me going on
Working and playing and writing and singing these

I showed songs to people; musicians, producers,
Record exec and such.
Some said they liked them and others said they liked `em
But they didn’t like that much.
I brushed off rejection like dust off my shoulder
As best as I new how
And grumbling to the drawing board, shouted out
I’ll show you now!

And I sang on, I sang on, I sang on.
And I sang on, I sang on, I sang on.

When I was young I was in it for the glory
Now I am older and I…just…want…to…play…

I have decided I’m one of 2 things
I’m either a genius or I’m not.
I’m either composing lilting gems or
Obstreperous, pendantic rot!
Or more likely, it’s just simply music
That I loved for so long.
And so without further adieu
I think I’ll sing on…lalala…

All songs c1999 tmh music

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