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Musea Reading Fund

September 28, 2017

Dear Musea Readers,

Just added $439 to the Musea Reading Fund store credit, for ANYONE to buy ANY classic anything bought at the Lucky Dog Book Chain in Dallas. (I have a couple of thousand in there, so use it up.)


The River (two versions)

September 19, 2017

The River

The small World of Zine, MUSEA

February 6, 2013

There’s a lot going on in the small world of Zine, Musea, my 20 year old print zine. Have you missed these?

1. Musea Reading fund – free money for buying classic books, recordings and more – set up at Lucky Dog Bookstores in Dallas.

2. Box Office Concerts – first and only in the world, on Tuesday and Wednesday at the classic Inwood Theater in Dallas Texas.

3. Musea Zine Hall of Fame – on Zinewiki. Recommendations welcome.

4. National Hiring Day – This is a day that corporations are encouraged to fill open positions and larger corporations hire one or more new employees.

5. The BIG List – First Worldwide Best Music List, taken from the internet.

6. Musea Zine – the latest issue, #187 is now out at the usual places. Pick up a copy or read it online.

7. The Art and Media Revolution – opposed to the abuses of mainstream corporate art and media while supporting the best of independent arts. Musea is one of the leaders.

8. HHT, Hendricks Health Theory, lots of new ideas in biology and human health.

9. Weekly Art Quiz – test your art smarts.

PLUS, my own music, paintings, and writings.
Wherever you are from: Thanks for visiting Musea!!!

Want Free Money to buy Books, Records, Videos?

November 2, 2012

Through my zine Musea, I have set up the Musea Reading Fund at the Dallas Bookstore chain, Lucky Dog Books (formerly Paperbacks Plus)

Here’s how it works – ANYONE,  yes I said  ANYONE, can use the fund to help pay for any classic book, comic, video, magazine, record, etc., etc. etc. that you can find at any of their stores. Go in and when you find a classic – you get an automatic half off for it being used, then you ask for the Musea Reading Fund and get ANOTHER HALF OFF.

Right now, today, 11/2/12  the fund is up to $1,426,80 – use it as much as you like. The point is to help promote classic works in all the arts.

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