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The Flight of the Queen

March 16, 2018

The Flight of the Queen

The Queen had enough
and scowled at the King,
– who paid no mind –
took off her crown,
swept back her hair,
and with a grand sweep
defenestrated it!

Where it startled a cat
traipsing by
who scampered off
to later return
and sniff the cold metal
and paw the bright gems.

With a train in pursuit
and the guards all lined up
like a column of sconces,
she left the castle.

Under a cloudy sky
she came to a halt,
raised her hand to command,
“Bring me a carriage!”
Attending maids
scattered to obey.

The Queen now ensconced:
bumping along over brick roads,
bumping along over stones in the dust,
bumping along over the muddy trail,
out of the kingdom,
and into the forest.

Her anger settled
– a falling curtain –
enough to take hold
in a lesser place.
Reason raised up
to then take over

Where to now…?
Where goes the Queen … ?

Cendrillon (children’s novel) Review by Jack Magnus

June 23, 2015

Dear Musea Readers,  My children’s novel CENDRILLON, the True Story of Cinderella, has gotten some favorite reviews. Here is one by Jack Magnus.  He gave it 5 of 5 stars. Thanks Jack Magnus. Cendrillon is available on all main streamingbook sites for $1.99streamingbook sites for $1.99.


Reviewed by Jack Magnus for Readers’ Favorite.
Title: Cendrillon Subtitle: The True Story of Cinderella
Author: Tom Hendricks
Genre: Children – General … Cendrillon:

True Story of Cinderella, is a marvelous retelling of the classic fairy tale. It’s simply and elegantly related by the anonymous narrator, and I found myself enchanted by his story.

The True Story of Cinderella is a novella for children and preteens written by Tom Hendricks. The narrator of the story, who remains anonymous, had an ornate chest that just happened to have an undiscovered secret drawer. One day, his housekeeper tripped over some shoes in the attic, and her fall caused the drawer to open. In it were a packet of old letters tied with a ribbon. He brought the packet to the curator he bought the chest from, who opened it and found letters written in German, and bearing the royal seal and a black and white etching of a young girl. When the letters were translated, they were found to be from Queen Cendrillon to her son, Prince William. They bore a startling resemblance to the fairy tale about Cinderella.

Tom Hendricks’ preteen and children’s novella, Cendrillon: The True Story of Cinderella, is a marvelous retelling of the classic fairy tale. It’s simply and elegantly related by the anonymous narrator, and I found myself enchanted by his story. It doesn’t matter that we’ve all read or heard the story of Cinderella many times before. This version, which includes a carefully restored photograph of the heroine of the tale, makes the story an adventure and a delight all over again. The wicked stepmother, Rachael, and her daughters are suitably awful, and the circumstances surrounding their meeting with the prince are priceless and comedic. And Cendrillon? She’s everything a fairy tale lover could ask for. While this novella is geared for a preteen and child audience, anyone who still remembers the thrills and chills of the fairy tales of their childhood will remembers the thrills and chills of the fairy tales of their childhood will love it as well. Cendrillon: The True Story of Cinderella is most highly recommended.

Appearance – 5
Plot – 5
Formatting – 4
Overall – 5

Red (a fairy tale play) Final scene

March 29, 2013

Time to see how the play ends up. Have you been following the series? I hope you enjoyed it.

Scene 5
Setting: The Throne Room

Carpet Master: (enters)
Carpet Master to see the Queen.
We are all ready your majesty.
Which one is the one is the color we’ll use?

I’ve got it my good sir, down to these 2.

Carpet Master:
Which one then… will you choose?

She looked at one, then the other
close by the fire, then out a way further.
Held then by the throne, and her favorite shoes.
Held each to her cheek with its rosy hue.
Finally closed her eyes and shuffled the two
And randomly chose one…

…this one will do.

Carpet Master
Your Majesty, your style is full of grace,
And your palate is one of uncommon good taste.
Your new carpet, this exact color of red
Will be here in an hour …
… so the Carpet Master said.
He snapped his fingers and clapped his hands
And in came the carpet carried by 6 men!
And gently they lowered it to the floor

Carpet Master:
Now my minions, start to unroll!

And yard after yard of beautiful red
Began to unfold, began to spread.
And while all eyes watched the procession
The master in his pockets, made a slight substitution
And switched the Queen’s choice with regular red
Of the same size but not the same shade!

Carpet Master:
Now come my Queen, look at the match.

As he put on the carpet the regular red swatch.

Indeed my choice was right can’t you see?

And all the court wisely tended to agree

And you and your men deserve high praise
to spend all that time getting the right shade!

She gave him a kiss, one for each cheek.
And took from the king, a medal he didn’t need
And pinned it on the Master who smiled with a big grin.

And that’s for that. Well done…

… The END.
( he turns to the audience)
Clap… clap… – its’ the thing to do
Clap…, clap… – cause we are through.

( he turns to the players)
Now take a bow each one of you.
The King…, The Queen…, the Carpet Master…
and His Assistant too.

* * *


Red (a fairy tale play) Scene 4

March 25, 2013

Here is the latest episode of my play Red. The story so far – the Queen needs a new royal rug, but it’s got to be RED! Enjoy!


Scene 4
Setting: The Queens Chambers.

Carpet Master:
I have here my Lady, what you’ve request
A thousand swatches of one thousand reds.
It’ll take all night and a day or two,
but we’ll get the red that is your due.

Oh me! Oh my! There’s certainly a lot
Of shades of red in this box.
And you have 2 or 3 boxes to go?
(Workers are bringing in more big boxes)
We’ll you’ve done well, I want you to know..
Leave me a while and I’ll peruse.
And I’ll get back to thee by tomorrow noon. (Curtain closes)

But not just a night and a half a day
But thirteen full weeks she searched the shades
And pared it down to 100, then 5,
then down to 2 that were absolutely right.


Red (a fairy tale play) Scene 3

March 23, 2013

The Play continues:

Scene 3
Setting: same. Through the window we see smoke from the burning of the old carpet.

Carpet Master:
Old is out and new is still thread
(holds up a roll of uncolored beige thread)
First things first. Let’s dye it red.

But the Queen, Carpet Master was surely precise.
She wanted it quick, but she wanted it right
And right to her will be quite a quest…

Carpet Master:
I’ll take care of the Queen. Dye it regular red.

But didn’t she just now demand a color
Of a red much deeper than any other,
That’s glaringly rich and not under done?

Carpet Master:
I’ll take care of the Queen. Dye it red number one.

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