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Want to Go To Mars?

December 8, 2017

Want to go to Mars?

Yes, everyone would be excited about a manned mission to Mars,
Yes, I love science, and have even written a huge sci-fi novel* that is a history of the future that features colonies on Mars. Yes, that would be great but first ….

The science community has to find some solutions for problems here on Earth. Solutions that end poverty,get clean food and water in abundance for all, end major diseases, devise low cost power, and combat global warming,

THEN, everyone will be on your side and behind you. Then everyone will cheer when the first rocket sails for the Red Planet, lands and returns.

First things first. Then go with the world’s blessings!

Tom Hendricks
(editor of the 25 year old zine Musea)

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*Writings in Science, a history of the future in stories, essays, poems and plays. May not be the widest Sci-fi book written, but it may be the biggest.


Poverty , The end of

October 5, 2015

This article suggests poverty can be solved in our generation. That’s been something I’ve been saying for some time. See the link to the story and some comments from me after.

“This is the best story in the world today — these projections show us that we are the first generation in human history that can end extreme poverty,” World Bank President Jim Yong Kim said in a press release.

We would all work for a cure if 45 million people had a devastating disease. We would find a cure and help them get well. Think of poverty as the disease.

The cost of one war would be enough capital to generate enough interest to end poverty in the US in a few decades.

CBA’s could end poverty without spending a dime etc.

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Two Poems on Poverty

December 28, 2013


I had
a bowl once
but it filled up
with dust

my ribs
stick out
empty spoons

I used
to smell bad
but even that
ran away

a penny?
a penny?
it’s too heavy to hold…


From Han Shan
This poem is my version of #25 from Han Shan’s Cold Mountain

The swaying grain is not yet ripe
my bowl is empty with the last of the old
I went to a neighbor to borrow some meal
and stood at their gate hesitating

the husband first, came to the door
and said for me to speak to his wife
the wife came out to see what’s the matter
listened, then said go ask my husband

too stingy to help when times are hard
wealth seems to make some all the more hungry.


poor / and not knowing it /is not poor at all

We Can End Poverty in Our Lifetime

February 22, 2013

Science has proven that people are happier to give to others than to buy for themselves.  That suggests that if we find a way to end poverty, we will be glad to follow through. Here is one idea. It is followed by two links: 1, science story on how we feel happy when we give, 2. How the money for a US war could end poverty in the US.

Time to End Poverty, Here is the way, Costs Nothing
Let’s collectively end poverty on the planet. What is needed is both a will and a way. The will is up to each person, but the way – a new way built on micro loans – is easy.

1. Set up CBA’s, community bank accounts. A government, or any group of investors, or any interested individual can set it up. They put money into a community bank account, and the interest goes to the community. The capital is never spent. Plus the banks have money to loan to the community.

The money or capital that is invested in the CBA’s is never spent. Thus this doesn’t cost a penny ever.
The interest on the money – that comes in every month forever throughout time – goes to the community. It empowers them to improve their community any positive way they choose. Monthly the neighborhood meets and determines how to best spend the money to resolve the problems of that neighborhood (or community, or small town).
There are checks and balances to make sure they use the money wisely. Depositors can remove their capital if they don’t approve of how the interest is spent by the community. The community must openly show investors months ahead of time, how they will spent their interest to help the community

For any bank to get the large account it must agree to only loan that money to that neighborhood or it will loose the account and the investors can take their money to another bank. Thus benefits are doubled.

Therefore no capital is EVER spent, the INTEREST on the money comes in every month this year, next year, and forever and ever and ever. The interest on the money empowers the community (or county or state or any selected group) to resolve their problems, not with charity – which all hate – but with investments. The account allows the banks to make loans to that area as well. Thus the money becomes twice as much – it generates interest, and it allows the bank cash to loan.


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