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Musea #200 Will Be Late

April 28, 2016

Dear Readers,

The Musea for May,June, July is not going to be available in May, June, or July!
This is the first time I’ve missed a deadline, in 23 years but there are reasons, good reasons.

1. The next issue is the 200th, and I’m planning something special.

2. I’m finishing – yes I can see an end – to a 15 year old writing project, my sci-fi novel called
WRITINGS IN SCIENCE, A History of the Future in Stories, Essays, Poems and Plays.

There is a saying in the book itself that reads, “This may not be the widest sci-fi novel ever written, but it is the biggest.” That will make sense when you see it.

3. I’ve got other fun plans in the works for all things in the Musea world.

So nothing now, but plenty on the drawing boards.
Don’t forget the 199 issues that went before – most on line, or see my blogs, or music site.

Tom Hendricks
(editor of the 23 year old zine Musea)

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Here are 200 great tunes you probably have not heard – notice they are in all genres, from all over the world, are great songs, and stand out – not fit in like the generic pop stars. They deserve as much attention as any pop song. Then too if you don’t like say 50 or so of these, there are still 150 great ones left for even the pickiest listener.

Texas Standard and KUT Radio in Austin

April 4, 2016

Texas Standard and KUT in Austin

Why is Texas Standard so conservative, anti-Texas music, and opposed to innovation when you say you are none of these? Why not talk about the music revolution coming out of Dallas, the TeXas Video Showdown that challenges what music has become, and that all music has jumped the shark because of 3 men controlling it. Come on corporate suits, do what you promise.

When it comes to music coverage you promised and failed on all these

• Respect your intelligence.
• Respect your need for accurate information.
• Engage both head and heart.
• Remain true to the ideals of public radio.
• Experiment and try new things.
• Keep you informed and connected.
• Surprise you.

Tom Hendricks
(editor of the 23 year old zine Musea)


This post is about the 3 men that control all the music.
That is not an exaggeration, it is a fact.

Writings In Science, Possible Cover

March 4, 2016

Still working on my HUGE sci-fi novel, Writings in Science, a history of the future, told in stories, essays, poems and plays. I would LOVE to have many covers. This might be a candidate?

Zine Article on Huffington Post – Too little Too late?

September 1, 2015

For the most part, zines, the best writing of an entire generation was wiped clean from history. Glad to see this token article – way too late.

Rare to see anything ever from any media source on zines.

My zine, Musea started in 1992 and is still going well. During those early years, I saw a golden age of writing, a new style of writing that combined it with book making, and the last major writing golden age before the internet.
So I started the ZHOF, or Zine Hall Of Fame

Photo 1

Recent Christmas issue of Musea

Three Reasons Why The Texas Media SHOULD support the Texas Video Showdown

August 27, 2015

Three reasons the Texas Media should cover the Texas Video Showdown:

1. This is a creative way to invigorate the music industry, that many say has reached an all time low.

2. This is Texas Music, that you say you support.

3. By dismissing the Video Showdown, you marginalize creative music, Texas music, and you end up supporting the status quo, the generic pop stars and corporate music that is doing so much harm to good musicians.
You vote against Texas, and creative music.

Photo 3

What is the Texas Video Showdown?

Texas Video Showdown: Hunkasaurus versus Taylor Swift, Madonna, Katy Perry, Beyonce, Bieber, 1D, and other very few corporate stars.

Hunkasaurus and his cheap bad video with his beat up standard guitar, and no giant set behind him but a blank wall, has challenged Taylor Swift, Madonna, Katy Perry, Beyonce, Bieber, 1D and their very expensive recent videos, to a video showdown.

Hunkasaurus says his video is not as pretty or trendy or well produced, or as filled with famous people, but that it is better music, because it’s just music – one take, one guitar, one revolution. So far he is winning in first voting.

Vote now with thumbs up for Hunkasaurus, or a thumbs down for the Pop Stars

This is why there is a music revolution going on called Postism music out of Dallas. Some of these musicians are changing music history with some possible world’s firsts; while these pop stars seem to be most interested in publicity and a generic sound.

Has music jumped the shark? – Hunkasaurus and His Pet Dog Guitar.

Box Office David McGhee

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