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Ten Short and Short-Short Plays (my fourth streaming book is now out)

May 5, 2015

Dear Musea Readers,

My fourth book is now out. This one is a collection of 10 of my short plays:

The streaming price is low at $1.99. It’s available at all the main sites such as Amazon:
Thanks to Matthew Creed for his help with the cover, that features my art work Comedy/Tragedy.


Five short plays:
1. THE WANDERING STUDENTS. In a magical wood, two nymphs bewitch two college students with lyrical results (rhymed play) in this homage to Shakespeare’s comedies.
2. WILLIAM TELL. THE PLAY. A group of players are acting out Shiller’s, William Tell – but is it staged or real when he shoots that arrow? A play in a play, in a play, that tests reality.
3. MEDUSA, (The First Greek Tragedy in 2,000 Years.} Two Greek Gods, Athena and Poseidon are in a power struggle; with Andromeda, Perseus, and Medusa, the pawns in their fight.
4. DAEDALUS. Father and son, must escape the Minotaur monster, but the king won’t let the pair leave. Daedalus has the intellect and skill for invention, but fate is against him in this tragedy. (On our website – see issue #85)
5. SWANELLA AND THE DOLL. (A Ballet in Verse.) This play is based on the classic ballet story, Coppelia that in turn is loosely based on “The Sandman” by E.T.A. Hoffmann.

Plus, Five Short-Short Plays:
6. MANIKIN AND MINIKIN. (A Two Character Play.) Two Porcelain figurines sport with one another on a mantle in an English parlor, in this romantic, rewriting of Manikin and Minikin (A Bisque-Play), a puppet play by Alfred Kreymborg (1918).
7. RED. (Children’s Play). The Queen has had enough of the Throne Room’s old threadbare red carpet. Time for a new one, but it has to be just the EXACT shade of red. How does the rug maker satisfy the Queen?
8. THE INTERROGATION. (A Dramatic Poem.) A painter and art teacher, is interrogated for unknown reasons by offstage interrogators.
9. LARRY’S SUGAR PILLS.(One Act Play.) Larry, the owner of Larry’s Sugar Pills defends in court, the curable claims of his ‘medicine’ that is nothing but sugar, “We had a sugar coating but I’m the first to say / That seemed redundant, and got in the way…”
10 JOB. This bible story is based on the Book of Job. It is written in the style of the medieval ‘mystery’ plays.


Did you miss any of these other streaming books?
Portraits – novel about art artists and the art revolution
Cendrillon – the true story of Cinderella
Library Planet – sci fi novel about a library planet and all the books there.

Architecture poems

May 3, 2015

The Next MUSEA issue will be all about Architecture with pages of new buildings!
Here’s some architecture poems for fun.

How drab a day at a ‘box’ building that no architect has ever loved. How exhilarating a day at a labor-of-love edifice rising with gusto and moxie from its surroundings.

Photo 5
Amber Chapel

I hope to one day
turn these into
professional drawings
and built models
and finished buildings
towering above me.

I think I’ll build
a castle today
make it so huge
it touches the clowds
first thing to do
assemble my tools
one piece o paper
a pencil and rule.

build, build, build
block, block, block

my house ran out and left me
I came home from school and it wasn’t there
where it was supposed to be.
The neighbors said
it went on vacation
packed it’s bags
and without hesitation
left for the coast
to sail the sea
My house ran out
on me!
(kid’s poem.)

Crossroads (art)

April 24, 2015

Photo 5

Portraits, My novel on art, artists and the art revolution – Published, and Ready for streaming.

April 9, 2015


My Third novel is now available at all the main streaming suspects, I-Books,
Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Baker and Taylor, Copiea, Garners (Britain) etc.
Here’s the cover. The drawings are of the three main characters.

Portraits is a novel about three things: Nine artists that come together in an art co-op to change art, the romance of two of the artists Jack and Francesca, and a secret admirer, Missy U., who plays a major role in it all.
It is a novel about art, artists, and the art revolution.

Jack Labas is an artist in a dark world, where his paintings are reaching new heights; but, no one else acknowledges, or even knows about his achievements.

All was black.
Then a spark,
a glowing light
in the dark.

Through the help of a secret admirer, and later an art co-op of artists working together, he helps change art forever.

From ‘An Essay on Art ‘by Missy U.:

The future builds on the hope we have now;
Hope that our world heritage of art will not only survive and be protected, but allowed to reach more and more of the world’s audience.
Hope that what is now hard for artists today, will be easier for artists tomorrow.
Hope that time wasted in struggle, will shift to time gained for work.
Hope that art for the few, will metamorph into art for all.
Hope that art will be integrated into our lives in ways we cannot yet imagine.

Our future freedom rests in the hands of those whose likeness will be in their dissimilarity. – Robert Henri.

Request a Song 8-10 PM

April 6, 2015

Hello out there! Are you reading this between 8-10 PM and its Sunday night?
If so, would you do me a small favor? PS you don’t have to be from Dallas either.

Go to this music request blog for a Sunday night radio music show, the Paul Slavens Show.
You’ll see a big blog list for people to request songs for next week’s show.
Would you request that KXT radio, Paul Slavens show, play one of my songs?

You can just ask for a Hunkasaurus Song, or a song from my 150 song release, or post a link to one of my videos from youtube, or anything you like from, or one of these best sellers (from a Google list of best sellers.)


Top Songs from Play Google.


1 We Are the Kernals,   5-Th 1:09
2 Xmas,   5-Th 0:58
3 Harmonics,   Next 0:31
4 I Will,   Next 1:43
5 Unchained Melody,   9-Th 3:52
6 Amazing Grace,   9-Th 2:29
7 Fully Automated,   Next 0:43
8 Ferry Across the Mersey,   30 3:10
9 Johnie Angel,   5-Th 2:36
10 Next Level,   5-Th 2:59

From KXT Blog
This is where you can add your wonderful music suggestions to the playlist for next Sunday Nights show ! Just jump on , check out what others are suggesting and add your voice to the mix !!

Thanks to all that took advantage of the “YOU BUY, I PAY” weekend special.
Tom Hendricks
(editor of the 23 year old zine Musea)

MUSIC, 9 full CD’s of free Postism Music)


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