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Video, All the Birds in the World

February 4, 2018

Just posted a youtube video minutes ago, of a very happy keyboard song. I’ve been writing a massive amount of music, mostly on guitar with a break on the piano, and this little 5 chorder came out with a lot of spirit and joy.

Now imagine a sky with all the birds and listen.
(Written 1/31/18, composition #1879)


Winter – (piano)

January 24, 2014

We, in Dallas, are in a cold snap. Here’s one of my short bagatelles for this season, Winter.

Keyboard version of Amy from 7-th One

July 24, 2013

My guitar version of Amy will be released soon. In the meantime here’s a VERY ROUGH version with voice and pre recorded synthesizer to give you a preview of the song.

Music Video, made and posted to YOUTUBE tonight 4/13/13

April 13, 2013

There is NOTHING fancy here. Very very very rough video – pre-recorded piano part plus me singing live. Just for fun. I have songs/CD’s that are professionally recorded – this is NOT one of them by any means. Got your salt ready (for taking this with a grain)  AMY,  written and performed by Tom Hendricks

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