What would have been the biggest upset at the Oscars?

The biggest upset at this year’s Oscars, would have been if a star had said; “We talk about the millions we make every weekend, perhaps some of that should go to decent wages for theater workers!”

Sooner or later someone will have to talk of the real Hollywood – it’s more than mega million dollar box office each weekend.. When media talks about low wages, don’t excuse Hollywood. One of the 8 lowest paying jobs in the country* is theater workers – the very ones that prop up tinsel town.

While Hollywood walks the red carpet, theater workers are swept under it.

Film stars, directors and theater owners, are often very generous and likable, but not to theater workers. Don’t be so pampered you don’t see the writing on the wall. Do you know that we often work for minimum wage, seldom are allowed full time hours, work all holidays, and because we are not allowed to work 40 hours, we are denied most worker benefits. This is no better than the way fast food restaurants and Wal-mart treats their employees. The real business of Hollywood, must be an industry with one of the most vast differences in salaries between those at the top and those at the bottom. Moral people in and out of Hollywood should be for fair wages for theater workers too.

Three reasons I hear as to why Hollywood multi-millionaire directors, actors, and producers should be excused from supporting fair wages for theater workers who sell the tickets to their films. 

1. Hollywood doesn’t own the theaters:

They used to, but had to give it up – trustbusting! But only a lawyer would argue that they don’t control theaters now. Hollywood says all theaters have to be digital or no new films – and they can do it. That’s direct control over every theater.
If actors spoke out, it would change, if directors spoke out it would change. If theater owners spoke out for a more equitable share of ticket sells, they would be blocked by Hollywood film companies and it would NOT change.

2. The work is for only teens so we can pay the lowest wages by law.

84% of minimum-wage workers are age 20 or older, according to the Economic Policy Institute.

3. The job is so easy a machine can do it.

We have computer skills, business skills, theater running skills, restaurant running skills, customer service skills, etc. etc. AND we have to work with the PUBLIC! That includes people that trash what we do – but couldn’t find the front door without our help! Think it’s a breeze? Try it out and see.

Time for insular Hollywood to be fair to theater workers.

*These are the 8 lowest paying jobs: Fast food, dishwashers, cashiers, hosts, amusement part workers, move theater workers, farm workers, personal health care aides.  Time for insular Hollywood to face up to its status as just as bad as Walmart, and McDonald’s when it comes to wages for theater workers.

Follow up: Consolidation of film leads to fewer films, bigger budgets, and safer choices. Hollywood the only place where a sequel is considered creative! But while each of the new big films will have a budget of 80 million or more – JUST for the advertising budget – theater workers continue to be one of the 8 lowest paid jobs in the country!

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8 Responses to “What would have been the biggest upset at the Oscars?”

  1. musea Says:

    Looks like security workers at the Oscars, feel the same way!

  2. musea Says:

    Four theater chains own about half the theaters in the US. They are: REGAL, AMC, CINEMARK, CARMIKE

  3. musea Says:

    Someone responded this way:
    So? It’s not exactly a job that requires a college education, or even a triple digit IQ…

    My turn:
    Theater workers are not talking about getting Dr wages, or even triple digit IQ wages. This is hardly a reason to deny fair wages for anyone.
    Are you a supporter for the Hollywood millionaires? Do you think they all have college educations and triple digit IQs? …….

    Here’s the truth: theater work takes computer, theater, restaurant, and customer service skills. Thats worth more than the lowest wages in the countryt.

  4. musea Says:

    Reblogged this on Musea Zine and commented:

    Though one year old, this post is right up to date!

  5. Justin Says:

    Other Carmike theaters in my area pay 8.10 and my theater is 7.25, also promotions, unless management, do not include raises.

  6. musea Says:


    Will you be the first to mention theater workers? No liberal or conservative group ever has – none, zero, zilch.

    Glad to hear people talking about low wages. But I’m not glad that everyone liberal or conservative has gone out of their way NOT to mention theater workers paid the lowest wages and benefits allowed by law.

    My question is will any media or any politician
    ever mention Hollywood one of the worst offenders? Still no one liberal or conservative has ever mentioned theater workers. Theater workers make millions for Hollywood – but they also make the lowest wages and benefits allowed by law.. They also work all holidays, weekends, and nights. If just one of these millionaires would support theater workers, all this would change. But not one person has.

    Theater workers are one of the 8 lowest paid jobs in the country, but no one challenges Hollywood multi millionaires. Where is everyone? Why are they so afraid of Hollywood? Hollywood brags about how many millions they make in box office each week – a lot of that comes from unfair wages to theater workers.

    Tom Hendricks
    (editor of the 23 year old zine Musea)

  7. Kenneth Franks Says:



    A new selection of underpaid workers speaks up for a moral wage!
    Yes, indeed they should be worthy of more to even pay a bill and
    put bread on their tables.

    Hollywood, wake up, the impoverished are at your doors.

    The end.

    Kenneth Franks

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