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Hard Science in the Sci-Fi Novel, Writings in Science

October 10, 2017

Besides having some great adventure, romance, drama, and space opera stories of danger, my sci-fi novel, Writings in Science, a History of the Future, also suggests some major science discoveries that might be clues to real discoveries here and now. Here are five.

1. The Origin of LIfe came about through chemical selection caused by the daily cycle of UV light (day/night , wet/dry cycle).

2. The entire method of learning is overturned and the teacher-
lectures-students, method from the middle ages, is done away with. See the specifics of every aspect of the new education system.

3. English Spelling Reforms – here is how the new version looks. See what was changed and what was done away with. See a sample of the new English.

4. Major reason for Brain Development is found to be, Carrying the Baby. Walking allows for hands to be free, so mother can caress, comfort, and carry the baby. This human bonding leads to everything from language to brain development in our hominid ancestors.

5. Bacteria Gene Transfer. New way to pass genes is found – the mother passes her good bacteria (and their genes) to the newborn gut where all nurturing is taken in. Find out about Bacteria gene transfer selection.


Patent Office (sci-fi cartoon)

September 1, 2017

Gravity = Perpetual Energy Machine

August 8, 2017

GRAVITY = Perpetual Energy Machine

(or to be more exact
Gravity = Perpetual Force Machine OR
Gravity = Perpetual Motion Machine.

(For more wacky physics – and what physics nowadays is not – see my sci-fi novel Writings in Science)

The Vision of the Child Prophet

November 25, 2016


I had a fever
and went to bed early.
I was restless
but finally I fell
into a deep slumber.
I dreamt I could fly
and went to the garden.
Night was there
and I was ready.
Up I flew
leaving the ground.
So many bright stars
shinning everywhere.
So close each one
the size of my pockets.
So I reached out
with arm and arm
and touched one star
and then another,
and there was a jolt!
And with the energy
that they gave me,
I could fly further.
And so I flew
all through the heavens,
and night passed
in an instant.
I woke to the Sun
beginning to peek
through my window
filling the room.
Morning is here
and everywhere else.

This was written at the end of my work on the sci-fi novel Writings in Science. I decided not to include it, and thought it would be best to stand on its own.

WIS, 2nd Review of Sci-Fi Novel

November 10, 2016

Dear Readers,

This is my second review for Writings In Science. I have some favorite lines from the review.

The first thing I can say about this book by Tom Hendricks is wow.

It is hard to know where to start in sharing my thoughts on this book other than just how much I enjoyed it.

Reviewed By Kathryn Bennett.

Writings in Science: A History of the Future by Tom Hendricks is a collection of poems, essays and stories all compiled into a novel, written in two parts. The reader is taken to a world where the earth is no longer viable and is, in fact, dying because of the sun. People are leaving the blue planet in droves and one man with the name of “I” works to gather his favorite science writings to preserve them as a legacy for the future. Follow the history in this book and all of the changes that have happened to the planet before it began its death throes.

The first thing I can say about this book by Tom Hendricks is wow. It may not be the longest science fiction book ever, but it delivers on what it says that it will – a great span of information, a literal treat for your eyes as you read. The breadth of information is wonderful and the format with two parts and a collection of writings is fantastic. You don’t get to meet just one group of characters like in most books, but many groups, all of them rich and fascinating. It is hard to know where to start in sharing my thoughts on this book other than just how much I enjoyed it. Anything theatrical has to go into my favorites category because of my love of the theater. This is not the usual book, but if you like unique reads and science fiction, you will enjoy this book, and who knows, you may learn how to prowl like a house cat while you’re reading.


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