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List of Original Bio Ideas (reprint from Musea issue #189)

January 16, 2015

LIST OF Bio IDEAS – reprint from Musea #189

“Hypotheses may often be of service to science, when they involve a certain portion of incompleteness, and even of error.” – William Whewell.

Reader, these very speculative, biological ideas are my own as far as I know. Time will tell which if any will be proven correct.

1. Life can be defined as the most stable chemical response to the Sun cycle, specifically the Sun/UV/hot then night/cool daily cycle at the time of life’s origin.
2. Catabolic and anabolic chemical processes evolved, but did not blend.
3. There is a direction in evolution toward better catabolic and anabolic processes.
4. When there is a mutation on either catabolic or anabolic processes, there may be selection pressure on the other to match the good mutation, or mitigate the bad one.
5. Catabolic and anabolic processes started as a reflection of the day/night, Sun cycle:
Catabolic – day – dry – hydrophobic. // Anabolic – night – wet – hydrophilic.
6. During the origin of life, there may have been different selection pressure on each set of bases due to the fact that A-T pairing has 2 hydrogen bonds and C-G pairing has 3 hydrogen bonds. There is quicker denaturing in higher heat in A-T bonds (more activity in heat), then in G-C bonds (more stability in heat).
7. The reason for 3 bases in a codon may be because the middle base pair is better protected.
8. Selection Pressure Model:
The greater the selection pressure – directional or diversifying selection – the greater the speed of evolution in the area of the selection pressure, AND
the lower the selection pressure – stabilizing selection – the lower the speed of evolution in the area of the selected pressure. Or, nothing changes until it’s forced to.
9. Four Directions in Life Processes:
Take in / Build up (both anabolic); and, Tear down / Excrete out (both catabolic).
10. SETI should consider looking for alien life in the electromagnetic spectrum at 260 nm instead of just the ‘water hole’. DNA bases have an average UV absorbance maximum around 260 nm.
1. Breast feeding sets up both the digestion system of food in and waste out. It should be continued for longer than 6 months. It is the closest thing to a magic elixir ever made.
2. Weaning is a major biological event in the infant’s life, and it sets up how that child will process liquids and solids that are not breast milk, excrete out wastes, and deal with pathogens.
3. Six months after birth the infant’s immune system starts to set up, as the mother’s milk antibodies, begins to decline. This immune development period, that lasts about 2 years, may be a key period of the infants health and well being.
3. Separation anxiety or stranger anxiety, may be the reflection of the biological loss of breast milk in the infant. Separation anxiety may be the infant’s separation from breast milk to ‘stranger’ first foods and liquids. Stranger anxiety may be the reflection of the infants immune system’s response to first solids or first infection.
4. Conglomerate brain idea. The nervous system is a composite of different nervous systems. My suggestion is for these 3 main ones:
the ENS or enteric nervous system or gut brain, that controls food in, waste out and immune systems; the R-complex, that controls other inside body processes; and the neocortex that controls the senses, and higher thinking processes.
5. These 3 nervous systems seem to have evolved from the inside out. First the digestive tract and the Enteric Nervous System(ENS); then the R-complex brain for circulating and regulating those nutrients, temperature control, and other inner body processes; and finally the Neo-Cortex for sense perception and higher thinking.
6. The different parts of the nervous system may work somewhat independently. There may be conscious or repressed trauma between the somewhat independent and separate parts of the conglomerate brain. This may lead to auto immune problems.
7. There may be selection pressure within the body itself. Kwashiorkor, a disease caused by lack of protein, where the body competes for what protein is left, seems to support this.
8. The bulk of immunity is in the colon – 70%. That suggests that the biggest biological threat to humans is pathogens in the colon.
9. Memory may have evolved from adaptive immunity.
10. The most severe biological trauma, may be in pre puberty and puberty.
11. Replication may have begun as an evolved waste out strategy. Dividing a cell in half not only allows the cell’s genes to continue in the daughter cell, but it allows the father cell, now half as large, to continue to grow .
12. Liver circadian rhythm may be a key clue to understanding why we sleep. The liver switches at night from bile production for fat digestion, to synthesizing chemicals and processing toxins. This may be a major clue to the biological changes in sleep.
13. Your body has a wake up clock at 6-8AM. That’s when cortisol, the wake up hormone, is at it’s highest level of the day’s cycle.
14 The two diseases connected to cortisol (Cushing’s Disease and Addison’s Disease) may be giving clues that tie in weight problems with the type of stress we faced in infancy. Overweight – too much cortisol, as a response to outside the body stress. Underweight – too little cortisol, as a response to an infection inside the body.
15. Two major traumas in human health: HUNGER, not enough nurturing-in trauma, or INFECTION, not enough waste-out trauma. These may be in some way connected to the gut biota set up during infancy.
16. The biological fight and flight may be: fight – attack and break down pathogens, flight – separate from and excrete out pathogens.
17. Why do we sleep? We may sleep to 1. stop eating and stop digestion. 2. make the necessary hormones to fight pathogens and support the body (GH, Testosterone, etc.). 3. prepare to excrete out waste. (UPDATE/Add On) Sleep, besides resetting our digestive system, may be to allow the glymphatic system to cleanse all the cells in different parts of the brain – such that NREM sleep (80%) is for the cerebrum (thinking and senses) , and REM sleep (20%) is for the brain stem, limbic system and cerebellum (inside body processes).
1. There is a danger of human selection that restricts what species exist to only those that support humans. This is short sighted and reduces needed biodiversity.
2. The reason for our sweet tooth may be connected to the fact that sugar brings quick energy, and it is the easiest and fastest food to digest.
3. During sleep, specially REM sleep, the colon may be important as a water processing tank that supplies healthy water, as needed for the next day’s digestion, and to regulate water levels.
4. Life can also be catalogued by dividing all processes into either catabolic or anabolic processes.
5. The suggestion that scenarios for the origin of life that depend on “X” Steps of a chemical wand, depend on too many fluke events to work.
6. Genetic coding was first for ” Double Stability”. That is stability that keeps what works, and adjusts what needs work in that environment. That is the main reason for coding and for our genomes.
Contact me for more information or supporting documents on all the above AND see:
Catabolic and Anabolic evolved, but they did not blend.

Where might messages from Aliens be on the electromagnetic spectrum? (new ideas)

May 29, 2013

Where is alien life hiding along the electromagnetic scale? OR most likely to contact us?

Look for life in the electromagnetic spectrum at 260 nm instead of the radio spectrum. DNA bases have an average UV absorbance maximum around 260 nm.
Aliens would know that too.
UV and Bases link

Problem with Most “X” Chemical Steps – Origin of LIfe Scenarios

April 25, 2013

For those following my challenging biology ideas, please go to the main bio summary thread and read the latest comment entry at the end. Then you might also read my UV paper.

Problem with OOL chemical scenarios  (bio summary)

UV paper:

My Paper on UV and the Origin Of Life

March 4, 2013

For those interested in Origin of Life papers – my paper on UV, is as close to a scientific paper as I have written.  See what you think and let me know.

Origin of Life Hypothesis

January 22, 2013

Life began as the most stable chemical reaction to UV energy in a day night cycle:

Catabolic and Anabolic evolved, but they did not blend.

Musea Zine

READERS PLEASE NOTE:  This hypothesis is going through many changes. Some of these ideas have been altered or amended. The later posts added at the end are more up to date, and should be more accurate. I always welcome your comments, questions, etc. Tom Hendricks , January 2011.

The Hypothesis summary:  The biological basis of life is also the major factor of all human behavior. it’s based on two very basic and universal things; food in, and waste out. Food in and waste out, evolved to all kinds of nurturing in, and all kinds of waste out. To discover why we behave as we do, look at human behavior in terms of moving toward food/nurturing, and moving away from waste.  – Jan 2014

For another summary of the Origin of Life – a different perspective (3.14), see


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