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Three Tommys

May 13, 2017

Consider These Presents

December 15, 2016

Need a present for someone who enjoys streaming books and music? Consider these presents.

MY BOOKS / MUSIC STREAMING ONLINE. (At all major net outlets.)

LIBRARY PLANET: Within these pages you’ll find a sci-fi adventure, a gothic tale of suspense, a mystery, a quest, a romance, and a 1,000 libraries to house them in – a story so vast it requires a Library Planet! $1.99

CENDRILLON : Cendrillon is the true story of Cinderella. A packet of letters is found from a historic Germanic Queen that supports all the details of the Cinderella fairy tale. There is also included a real photograph of Cendrillon on the cover, based on a print portrait made at the time. $1.99

PORTRAITS : It is a novel about art, artists, and the art revolution. Nine artists come together in an art co-op that may just change the entire art world. Along the way there is also the love story of Jack and Francesca, and Jack’s secret admirer, Missy U. $1.99.

TEN SHORT AND SHORT-SHORT PLAYS: Five Short Plays: The Wandering Student, William Tell, Medusa, Daedalus, and Swanella and the Doll;
Plus Five Short-Short Plays: Manikin & Minikin, Red, The Interrogation, Larry’s Sugar Pills, and Job. $1.99

DOWNTOWN WITH THE BOOK OF RENOWN or “?”. Two boys have one big adventure, when Bradley finds a treasure map and two keys in a memo book from the hand of a dead gangster. He names it the Book of Renown. The map in the Book of Renown leads him and his friend, Tom, downtown to… Teen mystery novel. $1.99

WRITINGS IN SCIENCE. Sci-fi novel in stories, essays, poems, and plays. Lots of good reviews so far. One of the largest sci-fi novels ever. $5.99.


HUNKASAURUS and HIS PET DOG GUITAR, Outside The Box, Tin Set. Contains 150 SONGS from 9 individually released CDs. $100.

Here are the 9 CD’s: 30, Next, Third, Four -TH, 5 -TH, 6 -TH, 7 -TH, 8 -TH, 9 -TH.

For 10 years I’ve worked on a 9 CD, 150 song collection of half originals and half covers. It’s all types of music, that reflect my song list of voice and standard guitar playing, that was developed during 18 years of box office concerts. $9.99 per CD.

SPOTIFY/ PANDORA/ APPLE MUSIC users? Those who like spotify, would you play my songs too? I have 150 to choose from – half covers of popular classics in rock and half originals. They are under the title, HUNKASAURUS AND HIS PET DOG GUITAR. Give them a try and see what you think. Pandora , and Apple music should work too.

Some Kid’s Poems

October 19, 2015

Little Tommy Hendricks
asked for a sandwich
What kind would you like?
Chocolate would be nice.
Chocolate? That’s absurd
… Then caramel instead.
But what then for desert?
A sandwich of course!

I’ve decided to get
an invisible dragon.
If my mother could see it
I couldn’t have him.

He’ll live in my closet
that’ll be his place
because when invisible
you take up no space.

I’ll make up his food
to be what he likes
Invisible Georges
without the spikes.

And if someone
should bully me
they’ll answer to
his smoking teeth!

count the crows
on the lawn
count the crows
caw! caw! caw!

“Roll call,
How many here?
I see two.”
“I count two.”
“I count too.”
“So how many total
we all agree
the final count
can only be
what we see:
(inspired by a POGO cartoon)

Photo 3

The Best Tax Plan for the Too Rich

October 5, 2015

Here’s one left field idea.
Let’s pass a law that the 10 people with the highest income for each year, have to give all of it in income tax, 100% income tax bracket for that year.
That way those near the top would try to reduce their income by first giving it to charity or relatives, to avoid the total tax.
For the greedy at the top, it’s pretty diabolical, because they don’t know if they are in the top ten, or divested enough to dodge the list.
If nothing else it would give lawyers and lobbyists, endless hours, and the public great entertainment once each year.

Photo 11

Tom – Boy Wizard

March 23, 2013

Tom, Boy Wizard,  is colored pencil over pencil drawing copy.


Boy wizard

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