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Jan. 1 2014. Getting the Country Back in Shape

January 1, 2014

Brand new year readers. Want to end stalemate in government and get the country back in good shape?
There is a catch:

You’ll have to open your mind to new ideas!!!

the problem is not
finding solutions
the problem is more
opening the door
of minds closed
to those solutions!


1. Call for a National Hiring Day – to get the economy started.
2. Call for a government savings account. Put 10 billion a year in it.
3. Cut spending and raise revenue 1/10th of one percent across the board.
4. Let government employees get 1/10 of 1% of money they can save
5. Cut corporate and rich welfare at least as much as poor people welfare.
6. Set up CBA’s, community bank accounts, and end all poverty.
7. Stop all wars for 10 years.
8. Make sure the government stays a democracy.
9. Support free college through a wiki-College
10. Promote National Art Centers, to support all arts.


1. Call for a National Hiring day.
There is a solution to the jobs problem and it could quickly put hundreds of thousands of people back to work. It is not pro left or right. It is not from any corporation, it’s outside the government control, it’s totally voluntary, works in about one week, and helps all with little sacrifice from anyone. There are 4 million open positions now. This would spotlight those jobs.

2. Call for a government savings account.
Every year put 10 billion in a savings account. Rule #1 you can’t spend the money. Rule #2 You can’t spend the interest for 10 years.

3. Cut spending 1/10 of one percent across the board AND Raise revenues 1/10 of one percent across the board.
Here’s an idea that supports both parties goals with little sacrifice from anyone. The idea is to cut one tenth of 1% on both sides of the budget – reduce all spending one tenth of 1 %, AND increase all taxes, and fees one tenth of 1%. (That’s one dime for every 100 dollars).
When the government is at a stalemate then little measures like this may be the only thing people can agree on. This supports both parties, is fair to all, hurts very little, and the change is small and not jarring to anyone in or out of the government. This is a solution that’s best for the country. One dollar for every 1,000 dollars.

4. Let government employees get 10 percent of the first year of any savings of any wasteful spending they can eliminate. Ten percent of a billion here, and a billion there adds up!

5. Cut rich people welfare at least as much as that for the poor.
For every cut in social welfare, we need an equal percentage cut in corporate/rich people welfare.
Tricky Talk about what’s saving/ruining the country
Giving money to rich people will save the country.
Giving money to poor people will ruin it.
Sounds silly doesn’t it? But let’s go further.
Giving money to rich people TAX BREAKS will save the country MAKE JOBS
Giving money to poor people ENTITLEMENTS will ruin the country DEFICITS.
Don’t be fooled by this tricky talk. It’s just some peoples way of treating poor people unfairly.

6. Set up CBA’s, Community Bank Accounts, and end poverty.
Time to End Poverty, Here is the way to do it without costing a penny.
Let’s end poverty on the planet. What is needed is both a will and a way. The will is up to each person, but the way – a new way is easy.

Set up CBA’s, community bank accounts. A government, or any group of investors, or any interested individual can set it up. They put money into a community bank account, and the interest goes to the community. The capital is never spent. Plus the banks that have the CBA, have money to loan to the community.
This video shows how the money used for a single war, could eliminate all poverty in the US.

7. Stop all wars for ten years.
For some inexplicable reason we seem to always have to have an enemy? When communism fell we jumped to find a new threat, the middle east. Now that’s winding down and we are switching to ???. Why does America, the strongest nation in the world, always have to be afraid – and live at war fear level? We should have an army that is so strong it keeps us out of war, not so weak it keeps us in perpetual war.

Before the US gets directly involved in any overseas conflict, we need to do the following steps.
1. Let the combatants solve it – if they can’t
2. Let regional leaders and neighbor countries solve it – if they can’t
3. Let the UN solve it – if they can’t
4. US put pressure on combatants to solve it – if they can’t
5. US put pressure on regional leaders and neighbor countries to solve it – if they can’t
6. US put pressure on the UN to solve it – if they can’t
7. US put pressure on our allies to work with us to solve it.
THEN and ONLY THEN should the US consider getting directly involved.
8. Consider that the cost of one war would end poverty in the US. Weigh the two options carefully. Would fighting this war really be better for US interests than ending poverty in the country?

8. Make sure the government stays a democracy.
The paradigm is shifting from conservative versus liberal to corporations versus democracy. Both are fighting for control of the government.

9. Support Wiki College to get everyone an education:
WIKI-COLLEGE – Why not free college online – say a college wikipedia, where professors first post their lectures for the course as a series of videos. Maybe have newsgroups of students and teacher to discuss the lessons too. And even a backlog of discussions from past students and the teacher. Then at the end of the course there’s a system to take a final for $25-50. If you pass you get credits. The test money is split between the professor and wiki. This would allow online students to access some of the best professors in the world. And professors to have an ongoing royalty for their video lessons they posted one time.

10. Promote National Art Centers to support the spirit and arts of the country:
Look at that empty strip mall. Want to fill it to capacity? Let the NEA, National Endowment for the Arts, shift from giving grants to art groups, to setting up community art centers -places like this that are open to all artists in every major city – open to performers, artists, theater, lecturers, arts and crafts teachers and all the rest. Let traveling artists show, play, perform, lecture, on weekends, plus first come first serve, during the week for the cities own groups, shows, exhibits, etc. , etc.etc.
DONT demand million dollar architects – just move in and start bringing arts that are really open to all, back to the community.

During these changing times, it’s important that we keep trying what hasn’t worked in the past, continue to block out any new solutions, and wring our hands when that doesn’t work…. Right?  WRONG!


*These ideas culled from past Musea articles.

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