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Postmod Art or NO-ISM (revolution in painting)

June 29, 2012

POSTMOD ART or NO-ISM : This page is all about the new art movement.

My goal is to get painting out of the Ivory Towers and back into the world.

Conceptual art ended MODERN ART. And for the last 40 years no one has known what to do with it!


Video 1. Snake Oil
The Snake Oil art piece both clamps down on one type of art while opening the door to another.

Video 2. Five Doors To The Art Revolution: Door #2 Art

Here’s why I think Modern art is neither modern nor art (or at least not very good art) anymore. 1. Cold  2. Disjointed  3. Can’t communicate it’s message  4. Weird  5. Elitist  6. Technically poor if there is technique at all  7. Pompous and inflated, often takes up a room   8. Non functional, not useful, not integrated into life 9. No breath or scope. From Five Doors to the Art Revolution, video #2.

Five Doors: Art



Modern Art

Modern art
you’ve lost your way.
I’d rather see
a comic book,
fashion drawings,
or children’s art,
an illustration,
or anything but
Modern art
you’ve lost your way!


Weird art is easy. You put a strip of raw bacon across an expensive violin – but it’s not great art!

Modern art is the salon art of our day.

Look at that
pencil and pen.
How many drawings
are left in them?

Sometimes painting needs bigger themes then ‘look I’m weird and have problems’.

Postism – a back to basics art that takes art forward.

Modern art – it’s either fishy or fowl.

There is a difference between a sketch and a sloppy painting. The first is fresh and lively. The second is unfinished and needs work

See this link for more:

See this link for article, “3D Art Theory”

Tom Hendricks
(editor of the 19 year old zine Musea)

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First 50 of my Youtube Videos

June 22, 2012


I was lucky enough to get an iMAC computer when my last computer died last year. With this new computer it is easy to make short videos and post them on youtube. So, in recent months, I took advantage of it and have made 50+ videos so far. All are of my music, art , photos, poems, or writings. All are posted on
To see them go to

Many are music videos. You already know what they are. But there is also a 6 part video essay on “The Five Doors to the Art Revolution”, and ‘ART’ and ‘POEM’ videos – both new types of video. (See next article). Reader, I encourage you to look at these and give me your comments and ratings. Then tell your friends about your favorites. Also let me know of any videos you have posted.

Tom Hendricks Youtube VIDEOS  (see first comment for link)

1. SUN – video to instrumental “The Spanish Melody 2″ , a slide show of the, Tom-faced Sun looking down on Earth.
2. THINKING BOUT A FEELING – video slide show to my upbeat rocker, featuring many of a collection of 50 new photos. Tom clicks on Tom’s photos and critiques them.
3. HOW BEAUTIFUL GIRLS ARE – video love song for all women that features a sampler of my art work of portratis of women, in many styles and media.
4. BALLAD OF WILLIE NELSON – This biographical song has visuals that tell the story of my dealing with Nelson’s lawyers! See why he can’t hear his own ballad!
5. PARDON ME SIR – recitation of one of my nonsense verses. Poem video.
6. THROUGH MY WINDOW – recitation of a love song without music. Poem video.
7. 5 DOORS TO THE ART REVOLUTION / Intro – First of 6 short talks on the five doors of the art revolution from the Musea issue #162 March 2008. This episode
introduces the series.
8. 5 DOORS TO THE ART REVOLUTION / #1 Music. The revolution in music.
9. 5 DOORS TO THE ART REVOLUTION / #2 Art. The revolution in art.
10. 5 DOORS TO THE ART REVOLUTION / #3 Literature. The revolution in literature.
11. 5 DOORS TO THE ART REVOLUTION / #4 Reviews. The revolution in reviews.
12. 5 DOORS TO THE ART REVOLUTION / #5 Center. The revolution in art centers.
13. CAT’S MEOW – Fashion music video that shows how to tie the Tommy Knot.
14. HIPPIE GIRL – instrumental slide show with new photos.
15. ZINE WORLD – musical salute to the zine review zine, Zine World.
16. DANCING CROSS THE MOON – music video featuring space art that includes my artwork ” Starry Night”.
17. CANDLE – poem video with Candle artwork.
18. TOMMY’S GOT A SONG – autobiographical song with a photo of Pet Dog Guitar.
19. JIMI’S TUNE – Short instrumental salute to Jimi Hendrix.
20. AACA LOGO – AACA logo as the visual with instrumental “Waiting”.
21. TOO SHY: Music video with a series of photos of Hunkasaurus and Pet Dog Guitar all dressed up and playing in an upper room of the Inwood Theater.
22. STORIES: 3 Collages of my art work fit the two stories told in the lyrics of my song, “Stories”.
23. TRISTAN AND ISOLDE: Ballad of the celebrated medieval lovers. With my artwork “Sun”.
24. DREAMBOAT: Song of a starry-eyed lover with the artwork, “Blockhead”.
25. SNAKE OIL: Conceptual art protest of conceptual art! Artists, see this!
26. CONTEMPLATING THE ART: With the song “Waiting” is my art work “Construction”. One art piece, one song – short and sweet.
27. PLAY THAT COUNTRY MUSIC: Tip of the hat to country music – video.
28. SEARCHING: Looking for love, song features 3 blue-green photos.
29. FLY AWAY: Short, grief filled poem with 3 art works, “Landscape #1”, “Landscape #2”, and “Man”.
30. THE THIEF STOLE: Short poem based on the haiku by Ryokan, plus an original collage, “The Window in the Moon”.
31. POOR LITTLE URCHIN: Short poem with an illustration / drawing to fit.
32. FREE RENEWABLE ENERGY: Short short video talking about the idea of people power, people generated energy; with artwork, “Pipes”.
33. THE SPACE BETWEEN THE MOON AND EARTH: Short poem video with moon collage and sound effects.
34. BOX OFFICE CONCERTS: Short video about my box office concerts with photos by Uday K Photography.
35. MEDIA DECENCY PLEDGE: Video about Musea’s Media Decency Pledge of July 2005 and who signed it, and who didn’t.
36. HIPPIE GIRL #2: Music video features the “3 Dolls” (art tubes) with song “Hippie Girl”.
37. ALICE: Music video features the artwork “Moon Gazing – Under Glass”.
38. LOVEY: Music video features the artwork “Lovey” with my song, “Lovey”.
39. LITTLE ROTHKO: One minute art video of “Little Rothko” my painting in the style of the great artist, Mark Rothko.
40. THE ANCIENT OBSERVATORY: Music video features the artwork, “The Ancient Observatory” with the instrumental, “Up and Down”.
41. PENNY RATTLES IN A BANK: Penny Rattling in a Bank video about a better way to spend the 500 + billion dollars we have spent on the Iraq War. (And end poverty!)
42. JUST FRIENDS: Music video featuring the art work “Masks” and music, “Just Friends”.
43. THE HORSEMAN: Poem video of “The Horseman with sound effects.
44. DON’T GIVE UP ON LOVE: Music video of the love song plus artworks “Hideaway” and “The Knobs”.
45. THE WEST: Music video of Pet Dog Guitar instrumental, “The West” featuring the artwork “Watchdog”.
46. QUATRO: Poem video featuring the first quatro, a new type of 4 word poem, plus sound effects etc.
47. BLOOM: Poem video of a “Vision” poem, a new type of poem where a phrase suggests a vision.
48. TEA: Poem video of another “Vision” poem.
49. LAUREL AND HARDY: One phrase biography video for Laurel and Hardy – a new type of poem where a single phrase suggests a biography
50. PEGGY BUNDY TALK – One phrase comedy about Peggy Bundy, one of tv’s greatest straight ‘men’.
51. DOROTHY AND THE GOOD WITCH – What Dorothy said to the Good Witch – a mini koan film.
52. GREED PROVERB – Video of an Art S Revolutionary proverb on greed sickness.

UPDATE Some new ones have been added

53. THE POET WRITES  – Yet another poem video.

54. LOUNGE MUSIC –  One of my 1,500 songs. This one is strickly Lounge.

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