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Boats (pen drawing photocopy)

March 29, 2013


December Work (includes 2 new quatros)

December 17, 2012

Poems written in December 2012
Comments welcome. [poem notes in brackets like this]


1. [Quatro]

Knitting his brows
warp and weft

2. [Love song lyrics]

We have a love
as good as gold
with lucky stars
above us both


When night comes
I walk up the stairway.
stars above me
stars below.

4. [Song lyrics]

Not every sailor
stays by the sea,
but there are some
that never will leave.

and something in
the rush of the waves
will keep them near
all of their lives.

5. [Quatro]

shadow of the bird
just as quick

Solving poverty is easy – getting new ideas into old minds – impossible.

Don’t let drugs go to your head!

Tom Hendricks
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