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Writings in Science Poem

October 17, 2018

Upon study
we find ourselves
in a rational world.

Yet the purpose
for all these mechanics
is not understood.

Gargoyles (poem from Writings In Science)

July 1, 2016

Here is one of the poems from my just-about-finished, 15 years in the making, novel WRITINGS IN SCIENCE, a History of the future in stories essays poems and plays.


All the Gargoyles
of the Cathedral
met in the attic.
The Chimera spoke.

“Some among you
are not doing your duty,
are not scary enough
to ward off evil,

and are crumbling
under the pressure.
We work as one
or we all tumble
back to the dust
that IS our bones.”

“Waiting for humans
to rectify errors
is a fool’s errand
we cannot afford.”

“We singly and jointly
must work together
so as to build
strength in numbers.”

“You Grotesques,
our savviest members,
help the young
learn their trade,

learn how to scare
without crumbling.
Take them in hand
or claw, or wings.”

“Save each sculpture
before it’s too late.
Save every monster.
Do we all agree?”

“Yes! Yes!”
they sang as a choir.
“Yes! Yes!”
echoed from the rafters.

“Yes, yes!
with a little help
we will keep
the dark at bay

I Saw in the Microscope (sci-fi poem)

May 13, 2013

Poem from, WIS, Writings in Science Novel.  For much more see the new issue of Musea #188 at

I saw in the microscope
an electron whizzing by
and though I can’t be sure
I thought it was looking back
with it’s telescope
pointed at my eye!

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