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March 9, 2019

Videos? Maybe it’s time to give them a rest and get back to the audio, the music!

When you have to spend thousands to make a video, that means 99% of musicians can’t have careers. It’s a way to keep the music corporate, generic, and bland. TeXas Video Showdown, the worst video ever made, on purpose; protests all this and the fact that only 3 men control the music industry (CEO’s from Warners, Sony, Universal) When was the last time you heard a musician protest anything in the music business?

What if you are a great musician, but you don’t want to spend 100 thousand on a video?
What if you are a great musician but don’t like teen pop that always sounds the same?
What if you are a great musician but you don’t support the 3 CEO’s that control the music business?

Poems Written September/October

October 12, 2011

Poems written up to early October 2011
[poem notes in brackets like this]


What dew the Sun
takes away
the Moon soon comes
and replaces.

2. Entropy Clock

I devised
an entropy clock
the more it ticks
the more it tocks.

At one time
way back when,
all was wound up –
unwinding began.

My clock measures
every break,
every little fissure,
each little quake,

of the inevitable,
falling apart,
no longer ticking,
entropy clock.

3. (a quatro based on a Will Dockery poem)

watching the water boil
snowflakes falling outside

Whether you like
my art or not,
the numbers don’t lie.
I am prolific.

I tried to capture
motion in my painting
but nothing pictured
would wait to dry!

6.(vision poem)

I watched as a line
of people pulling a rope
played tug of war
with the sea pulling back.

7. (Mother’s Advice)

“Jacob! Jacob!
You’re wrestling an Angel!
What possible good
can come of it!?!”


Vision: Like an egg timer set on forever…

For some reason most ghosts don’t want to stick around.

Gravity is a drag!

Poem Title” On First Looking Into Chapman’s Winnie-The-Pooh

Tom Hendricks
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