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Sara Niemietz is Looking For A Song (and I’ve got 2 that are Perfect)

August 23, 2014

There is a fine singer named Sara Niemietz whose career I’ve been following on Facebook and Youtube.

Recently she posted: Thanks for the song recommendations! I’m reading them all and picking some songs to sing! If you haven’t already, please suggest a song below for my collection of songs celebrating 100,000 subscribers!  (her youtube channel)

Here are two originals that I think would fit her just fine:

1`. Darlin’

2. Don’t Give Up On Love


3 Christmas Songs

December 3, 2013

Here are three Christmas songs on YOUTUBE that just may put you into the spirit.

The MONKEES doing “Riu Chiu”

SARA  NIEMIETZ doing “This Christmas”

Me doing “Xmas”  a short instrumental



My Song for Sara Niemietz – Don’t Give Up On Love

September 6, 2013

Sara Niemietz, is one fine singer.   Instead of auto tune she sings expressively, instead of karaoke type over productions, she has a guitarist  that plays great arrangements. Instead of choosing tracts and bad songs, she records great solid ones with good lyrics.

Her singing and songs has impressed me, so I sent her  one of my songs to record . See the youtube video here for my song., and search Sara Niemietz  on youtube for some great performances by her.


Sara, I have been writing songs for over 50 years with over 1,500 compositions.
There is one of my songs that might be just right for you to sing. It’s called “Don’t Give Up On Love. Lyrics are below, and my video/recorded version is attached from one of my CD’s. See if it fits you. Best wishes, and continued success, Tom Hendricks

(You can learn more about me through wikipedia – Tom Hendricks)

Don’t Give Up on Love

On the road to who knows where
Where nobody seems to care
And you ask ‘why am I here?’
Don’t give up on love

Cry your eyes out everyday
Hide out in your hide-a-way
Keep all the world at bay – but
Don’t give up on love

Don’t give up on love
It’ll see you through

One more time and verse to say
Say in time you’ll try again
You may loose or you may win
Don’t give up on love.

Second Entry (for the big list)

October 14, 2012

Here’s one of 5 new entrees into the big list

Most Classic Remake of a Classic, Sara Niemietz, “At Last” (yt).


Sara Niemietz

FIRST WORLD TOP 40 LIST! BEST MUSIC LIST in the WORLD!!! (And hardest to get on!) Never before – or probably never again in history, will anyone hear such great new music all at once.The internet is the world’s first worldwide JUKEBOX. And this is the first music in that jukebox. The first OUTSIDE THE BOX set. Week after week Musea, my 17 year old Dallas art and media zine scours myspace and youtube for the very best in music from every corner of the world for the world’s first list of new great music.

Five New Entries to my Best of the Net, Song List

October 13, 2012


Here are the five new entries to my best of the net song list. Just about 91% of these are number one hits you haven’t heard – or classics you’ve missed!

THE NEW SONGS ARE (drum roll please):

Best Mix of Folk and Gospel music, The Caravans, featuring Albertina Walker, “If I Had a Hammer” (yt).

Most Classic Remake of a Classic, Sara Niemietz, “At Last” (yt).

Best US TV Theme Song From a Russian Combo, Messer Chups, “The Munster’s Theme” (yt).

Best Bike Song To Change the World, Candi Duke “Open Your Heart and Free Your Mind” (yt).

Best, Everyone’s Welcome, Song, Arlie Duff, “Y’all Come (yt).

(See – hear all these on my blog, youtube, or my Facebook page)

Tom Hendricks
(editor of the 20 year old zine Musea)

For the full list:
BIG MUSIC LIST (200 Song – First Worldwide Best Music List)

Videos to follow


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