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Rock, Paper, Scissors, Dance Moves

June 20, 2018

Learn the steps of the new dance. So simple!

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Rock n Roll (poems)

August 24, 2013

ROCK AND ROLL ( and music revolution) POEMS (and sayings)

rock and roll’
is over for me
it’s gotten boring
and refuses to change

Rock used to reel against a boring world. Now it has become a boring world.
Good musicians oppose it.

good musicians
don’t play rock
instead they rebel
against what it’s become

ROCK AND ROLL in its earliest decade was opposing and rebelling against the mainstream music that came before. Today it’s cloning that rebellion in generic copies.

The More musicians sound alike, the more they are praised.

Time for a shake up of the fake stuff

Shake up
fake stuff

When music starts opposing what rock has become instead of falling into it’s generic molds, then it’ll be exciting again. (and i’ll be impressed.)

Bands were:
cutting edge in the 60’s
played out in the 70’s
redundant in the 80’s
boring in the 90’s
a formula in the 00’s
left behind in the 10’s

Rock is the BEAT
Roll is the MAGIC

POSTMOD MUSIC – the first new music since the 3 company monopoly (Warners,Universal, Sony) took over.

More circus than soul! – Corporate Music.

Has rock n roll jumped the shark?

Rock n roll used to rebel against the establishment. Now it’s used to prop it up.

What’s important is the quality of the music – I like how all the voices are auto tuned to robot levels, and the musicians sound like karaoke – that’s what rock and roll has always been about!?! – Art S Revolutionary

When no music is played on air except band music – music will never progress.

Time to put the roll back in rock. Roll is the grease in the machine.

A no hit wonder has no career. A one hit wonder has a career for life.

Too many music arrangements, smother their songs.

Bands are a 60 year old format that was played out 50 years ago.

Some of us think that the music business is stuck in the same electric guitar, bass, and drums formula done better 60 years ago. Some of us think the real creativity is to break free of bands and go a different way from the 60 year old path that everyone else is on.
We call it postism music. It’s back to basics music, with emphasis on quality songs and melody more than the personality performing them.

History of Rock in Roll in verse and song

The first singer that says, “I won’t be auto-tuned to sound like a machine” will be accused by critics of not being able to sing on pitch!

Music now is down to Coke or Pepsi, Swift or Beyonce.

The FORMULA: electric guitars, bass, and drums.

Post Bands Music
is the essence of a song.
At its best it’s simple,
honest, and profound.

Time to either dump rock and roll or go back to it’s roots and play it right!

Say no to bands and force musicians to be creative again!

It is easier to oppose Big Brother from the novel 1984 than to oppose the Rock and Roll establishment.


Rock and roll doesn’t rock no more.
It’s turned middle age and become a bore.
It’s everything it used to oppose.
Rock and roll doesn’t rock no more.

Rock and roll is corporate and dull.
It’s phony music that’s lost its soul.
It’s paint-​by-​number and rotten to the core.
Rock and roll doesn’t rock no more.

Rock and roll has got to go.
Base, drums, and guitars are so so-so.
Enough of the clones of clones of clones.
Rock and roll doesn’t rock no more.

Rock and roll has got to go.
Its taken 60 years but now it’s so.
It’s lost the beat and doesn’t roll.
Rock and roll doesn’t rock no more.

Rock and roll doesn’t rock no more.
It’s a has-been and It’s your father’s olds.
It’s spirit is gone and the choir all knows
Rock and roll doesn’t rock no more.     (c) Tom Hendricks, 2010,, but free to reprint in full. (Just one person’s opinion)

This guitar is as good as a band. ( Pet Dog Guitar – my Silvertone standard guitar  from 1964)

Don’t Let good musicians be marginalized by corporate fake music.

Anyone can write a BAD song. Just ask a POP star.

everything’s great
everything’s fake!

When rock started, those musicians were rebelling against a boring world – now they’ve become the boring world!

The real news is the music revolution – I may be the only person on the planet to oppose what rock/rap/country/pop have become, but I doubt if I’ll be the last.”

Renounce boredom
Get back to basics
dump corporate music,
over productions
and clone band mode.
Step forward
with something new.
Break out!

Hunkasaurus –  1 standard guitar, 1 voice, and 1 revolution.

For all of history, until now – innovative musicians were leading the mainstream, not marginalized by it.

Modern music is like sneakers. There are hundreds of types of sneakers; but they are all sneakers. Why not wear a different type of shoe once in a while?

Should 5 musicians get more media coverage than all the rest of the world’s musicians combined?  Beyonce, Beiber, Gaga, Perry, or Swift. (and maybe runnerups 1D, JT, and Miley).

History of Rock in Roll in verse and song

Jazz changed America, but rock and roll changed the world!

Hunkasaurus – a box office star!

Photo shopped
auto tuned
lip syncing –

Even when I haven’t heard a new bands song, I can honestly say I’ve heard it before.

Lip syncing – tongue in cheek!

Why do we celebrate the generics and marginalize the innovative?

What’s a hit song?  The real hits are songs that every singer wants to record, and every musician wants to learns how to play.

Who in their right mind doesn’t think that there will be a backlash against what music has become?

Guitars, bass, drums …
it’s been done!

Current corporate mainstream music is a mix of Country, Rock, Rap, Pop = C.R.A.P.

What’s a hit song? A song that every singer wants to sing and every musician wants to learn how to play.

A great song will cover a lot of errors in the recording; even make most of them endearing

If you are in a band, you’re 60 years too late!

Bands, you’re not breaking new ground, you’re following a 60 year old format

Rock and Roll in its earliest decades was opposing and rebelling against the mainstream music then. Today its cloning that rebellion in fake generic copies.

Used to be that the best artists (of all kinds) led the way. Now these artist have become marginalized and gotten out of the way!

The only way to bring any vitality back to music, is to first dump bands (electric guitar, bass, and drums). When you are forced outside of the 60 year formula, then you have to do something new. Postmod music includes everything that is not a band and not trying to be. We need a break from bands.

Musicians, if you are going to be another band, another Beatle clone with electric guitar, bass, and drums, 60 years after it was great and new; you’d better be better than the Beatles, and I know you are not because you are imitating them.

More about the music revolution part of the art revolution:

Who’s Rebelling Now? (Rock is Over)

July 23, 2013

When rock started, those musicians were rebelling against a boring world – now they’ve become the boring world!
The real news is the music revolution – I may be the only person on the planet to oppose what rock/rap/country/pop have become, but I doubt if I’ll be the last.”

Rock for me is over. Time for it to join barbershop quartets and big bands – music from last century. It has become everything it started out rebelling against. If it can’t get back to basic roots – and decades have shown clearly that it cannot – then it’s over for me.
There is nothing exciting there anymore. After 60 years, nothing new in rock/pop/country/rap.
Music needs something to challenge it or upset it, or get it excited again. We’ve had the bland for decades, what we need is something like Elvis or The Beatles. Something out of left field that really shakes things up.

good musicians

don’t play rock

instead they rebel

against what it’s become

The Lost Tapes Series – CIRCUS, a bagatelle

September 27, 2011

The LOST TAPES series. (Music from the 80’s and 90’s re-found.)
CIRCUS (original, keyboard, bagatelle – music that would fit a great circus)

Tom Hendricks
for ALL the LOST TAPES go to or to my blog
for the other 5 cd’s of Hunkasaurus and PD, go to Then get happy.

The series so far:
Watching Her Walk From Behind (jazz song)
History of Rock and Roll (recitation with bebop guitar)
Two Based on Beethoven (classical pieces)
Love is Forever by Mosteller/Loehr (12 by 12 Records Favorite- best piano and voice))
Strings ( extremely melodic one minute piece for strings).
The Signal (note the rhythms in this exotic instrumental.)
Angel (12 by 12 Records Favorite – best guitar and voice song.)
The Spanish Melody – Part One and Part Two (two in the Spanish Guitar Style).
Soul Searching ( original bebop jazz composition – I play keyboards.)
Stories (two versions of this original, full band, and post-bands guitar/ voice version.)
Leaves (Bach or Beethoven? ( Bagatelle on harpsichord in the Bach style.)
Sprite (the Waltz of the Sprites). Bagatelle on keyboard.
Treat Me Nice (2 versions: Lost Tapes-80’s versus Post-Bands updated version)
The Happy Flea (Joyful Music in 2 versions – Keyboards, and Jazz Combo)
Dallas (Two songs about my hometown. Dallas, and the instrumental Pegasus
Skating (my best instrumental waltz?)
Bullfrog (Bach for Tubas)
Sparrow (Celebrating the little things in nature. Trying to get the precision of Bach and the melody of Tchaikovsky).
Sing For You (Official version, and 80’s first attempt ‘lost tapes’ version).
Heartbreak Hotel (Official version, and a 90’s ‘lost tape’ version).
Subatomic Particles (Bagatelle for Physicists)
That’s Alright Mama or GIVE ME AN ‘A’ (off key notes and all)
Circus (original, keyboard, bagatelle – music that would fit a great circus).

Just one left:
The Bugs Bunny Theme

Please turn it up loud, or use headphones for best results. And help spread the word about this new post-bands music.

Tom Hendricks
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THE BIG LIST -100 Plus Favorite Music from The Internet and the World

December 10, 2008

ONE HUNDRED PLUS  (Now 200 plus !)

Favorites from the internet and the world.  THE BIG LIST


MYSPACE was the world’s biggest and best record company when this Big List began. [That’s switched to many other sites now].  YOUTUBE is and remains the world’s best video company. Between them and other net music sites, there’s a lot of great music and undiscovered talent in this big world. Here are Musea’s best favorites.  And these are just recent discoveries!!! As far as I know this is the WORLD’S FIRST WORLDWIDE WEB. BEST NEW MUSIC LIST.

Some are pure music, some are a fun mix of music and video, all IMO are VERY GREAT and better than what you hear as mainstream corporate music. I think about 90% of these would make #1 Singles, and the rest would make some of the world’s greatest albums.

Note these are from every continent and from all over the world. They includes EVERY type of music. I looked for good songs that had melody and rhythm. I also looked for a variety of styles and anything that showed originality. And finally I looked for things that are in some way magical – that enticed me to hear the music over and over.

Most of these are indies, but I’ve also included some of the best of classic music and even some mainstream artists. Also note that many are women. After all I am a guy and nothing is sexier than woman performing great music.

Some are only youtube videos, or [were found] only on myspace pages, or both. So check both. Investigate any that appeal to you. I think you too will discover great new music. MYSPACE (ms), and YOUTUBE (yt).

Best Classical orchestra:  Giovanni Allevi (ms)  “Whisper” (ms).

Best Classical voice: Paul Potts  “Nessum Dorma”  (yt).

Best Classical guitar: Filomena Moretti “Asturias” by Albeniz (yt).

Best Performance of the Oldest Written Piece of Music , Michael Levy “Odessa Bulgar” (yt).

Best Saxophone quartet,  Clazzical Saxophone Quartet “Prelude and Fugue in E Minor” (ms).

Best Classical Single Saxophone, Emma “Phil Woods Sonate II” (ms).

Best Composer for Keyboards, Inventor of Modular Art Music, and Best Composer for Vocal Music, Stefano Vagnini (Zoo) “Amaltea”, “Via Crucis”, “Arachne” (ms).

Best Impressionistic Piano Composer, Geoff Orr “Dance of the Dark”, “An Old Photograph of You” (ms).

Best Flamenco Version of Beethoven, Kelly Valleau “Fur Ludwig” (ms).

Best 2 Minute Aria Back from the Past, Grace Moore, “Adieu Notre Petite Table” also “I’ll Take Romance” (ms)

Best Opera Duo, Operababes “Apres Un Reve” (ms).

Best Theatrical Performance, Klaus Nomi “Cold Song” (ms).

Best Old Type Chanting in a New Style, Mediaeval  Baebes  all (ms).

Best Duet, Andrea Bocelli and Sarah Brightman “Time To Say Goodbye” (yt).

Best Videos Showing Music Notation, Smalin. Example:  Stephen Malinowski “Clair de lune”   (yt).

Best Musical Instruction Video,  Shawn Cheek “Nutcracker Theme 2” (yt).

Best Classical Experimental, Common Sense Composer’s Collective “Marc Mellits Lunacy”  and “STIC” (ms).

Best Blind Musician instrumental, Jose Feliciano “Malaguena” (yt).

Best Open Call for All Orchestra Players, London Symphony Orchestra for their idea for the Youtube Orchestra  (yt).

Best Movie Soundtrack,  assorted artists “A Man and a Woman” (yt)

Most Heartfelt Voice, Eva Cassidy “Autumn Leaves” (yt).

Best Movie Song, Noel Harrison “Windmills of Your Mind” Thomas Crown Affair (yt).

Best Movie Instrumental , Troubleclef “Love Theme from Cinema Paradiso” (yt).

Best Detective Music That Sneaks Up On You, Seldom Party, “Trumpuppeteers”. (ms).

Best Jazz Singer/ Piano Performance,  Radka Toneff “The Moon Is A Harsh Mistress” (yt).

Best Vintage Dance Band, Johnny Crawford Orchestra “Sweepin’ the Clouds Away” / “Look What I’ve Got” (ms).

Best Big Jazz Band,  One O’Clock Lab Band ” “Side Effects” by Neil Slater (yt).

Best Big Band Song, Gordon Goodwin’s Big Phat Band “Sing Sang Sung”

Best Jazz / Classical Flute,  Andrea Ceccomori “Goviana”  (ms).

Best Pop Classical Song – Voice and Piano, Francisca Valenzuela “Vuelvo” (ms).

Best Vocal of a Russian Sex Kitten, Sophie Milman “My Heart Belongs To Daddy” (yt).

Happiest Classic Love Song Performance, Bryan Ferry, “The Way You Look Tonight” (yt).

Best New Version of Misty, Cleve Douglass and Michelle Rounds “Misty” (ms).

Best  Jazz version of a Burt Bacharach  song, Stan Getz “Walk on By” (ms).

Best Jazz Guitar, Alexis Lafargue Duran “La cuerda floja” or “Roberto” or “Africa mia” (ms).

Best Smoky Joint,  Romantic Jazz Piece, Pat Metheny “Lonely Woman” (yt).

Best Video Showing the Flying Notes of Coltrane on his Classic  “Giant Steps” from dancohen (yt).

Best Smooooooth Jazz , Dave Sereny “Luxury of Love” AND best Jazz version of a Michael Jackson song, “Give It To Me Baby”  (ms).

Best Vocal and Trumpet Duet, Kate Ceberano and Mark Isham “My One and Only Love” (ms).

Best Vocal For These Hard Times, Al Jolson  “Brother Can You Spare A Dime” (yt).

Best Rock and Roll Instrumental That’s Little Played, Bill Haley and the Coments, “Rudy’s Rock”  AND Best Dance Performance of a Rock Song, Rhythmically Challenged “Rudy’s Rock” (yt).

Best Salute to a TV Show,  Marie Digby “Ugly Betty” (yt).

Best  Song From TV ( “Ugly Betty”) That is a Monster Hit, “Brett Dennen, “Ain’t Gonna Loose You” (yt).

Best TV Show  Opening Theme Song  Classic, “Dobie Gillis” (yt).

Best Classic 70’s  Song Updated, Stephen Bishop “On And On” (ms).

Best Composer’s Version of His Classic Song Made Into A Hit By Another, AND  Best Love Anthem, Todd Rundgren “Love Is The Answer” (yt).

Best Retro Sex-OHHH! Marilyn Monroe, “My Heart Belongs To Daddy” 5 minute version (yt).

Best Sinatra Song Redone By Frank And Sammy Cahn For Ringo’s Wife Maureen and issued in VERY VERY VERY limited edition,  “The Lady Is A Champ” (yt).

Best Lounge, Best Bachelor Pad Music, and Best Incidental Music,  Juan Garcia Esquivel, “Musical Office” Video by Ernie Kovacs, or ALL songs (yt).

Best Big Band Song That Got Lost in the Shuffle , Bobby Darin’s original tune  “That Funny Feeling” OR “Falling in Love With Love” his duet with the Supremes (yt).

Best Crossover Duet, James Brown AND Luciano Pavarotti, “It’s a Man’s World” (yt).

Best Pop Video and Song, Feist  “1234”  (yt).

Best Motownish Pop Song, Camera Obscura “French Navy” (ms).

Most Intoxicating Hula Hoop Performance on the Planet,  Wendy Daugherty, “The Sedona Hula Hoop at Sunset” (ms).

Best Pop Single Monster Hit, that wasn’t … yet,  Lisa Loeb, “Fools Like Me” (yt).

Best Pop Girl Group Song and Video,  The Pipettes  “ABC” (yt).

Best TV Show Opening Theme Song /Video Contemporary “Mad Men” (yt).

Best Chorus On a Rock and Roll Song AND Sexiest Choreographed Video,  Wonder Girls  “Nobody” (yt).

Best I-Don’t-Know-Why Songwriting. It’s quirky but classic too, King Curly And The Doomsday Piano “Familyman”, “Lullaby”, “Ghost Train”, or “The Bumblebee Has No Home” (ms).

Best French Pop Classic,  France Gall “Laisse Tomber Les Filles” (yt).

Best Bubblegum Music, Annemarie “Bubblegum I See” (ms).

Best French Pop New, Monsieur Dame “Boitacious” (ms).

Best Romantic Pop, Ingrid Michaelson “The Way I Am” (ms).

Best One Like the Song Listed Before This One, Laura Gibson and the Portland Cello Project “Hands in Pocket” (yt).

Best Pop Lullaby, Heyhihello, “Goodnight Moon” (ms).

Sexiest Song Recorded on  Planet Earth,  Dusty Springfield “The Look of Love” (yt)

Best  Lounge Ballads, Jane Fraser “Don’t Mean a Thing”  / “About a Boy” (ms).

Best Lounge Vocalist, Bev Lee Harling, “I’m For You” / “Life Won’t Wait” (ms).

Best Beatnik Vibe, Lauren Field “It’s a Jungle Out There” (ms).

Best Clear Strong Voice, Josh Gray “Tonight Tonight” (ms).

Best Actual Good Corporate  Art Song ,  LeAnn Rimes “What I Cannot Change” (yt).

Best Acoustic Guitar – tie,  Everything From:  Monte Montgomery (yt)  / Tommy Emmanuel (yt).

Best Solo Electric Guitar Performance, Brian Setzer “Sleepwalk” (yt).

Best Electroacoustic Song, Julia Crowe “In a Dark Woods” (ms).

Best “Rhythm” Guitar, Andy McKee “Drifting” (yt).

Best  Two Guitar Necks at Once  Performance, Justin King “Knock on Wood” (yt).

Best Original Guitar Composition, Filippo Corbella, “Patchwork”, (ms).

Smoothest Guitar Playing, Pete Huttlinger “A Felicidade” (yt).

Best All Over The Place Fingerpicking Guitar Playing, Erick Turnbull “Bomba Checka” (ms).

Best Ten String Guitar, Dominic Frasca “Impossible Guitar” (yt).

Best Short and Sweet Guitar Lead, Hovak Alaverdyan “Arm Solo Part” (ms).

Best Guitar Range of Pieces, Kelly Valleau “Beethoven Symphony No.5, First Movement Excerpt” to “The Simpson’s Theme”  Or in the one song “Fur Ludwig”(yt).

Best Female / Male Voice / Guitar, The Sing Strings, “Let it Go” (yt).

Best Nick Drake Song, Nick Drake, “Pink Moon” (ms).

Biggest Sound Ever to Come Out of One Guitar and Voice, The Tallest Man On Earth, “King of Spain” (yt).

Most Joyous Django Reinhardt Piece, Troubleclef “Improvisation #2” (yt).

Best Harpist and Singer, Joanna Newsom “Sawdust and Diamonds” (yt).

Best Electrified Ukulele in a Surf Music Instrumental, Mad Tea Part “Big Noise from Krekel” (ms).

Best ukulele performance of a Beatle song by a non Beatle,  mbwanderer ” Goodnight” (yt)

Best ukulele performance by a Beatle, Paul McCartney  “Ram On”  (yt).

Best Early Beatle Song by another Group,  Billy J. Kramer and the Dakotas “I’ll Keep You Satisfied  (yt).

Best Mersey Beat Classic You May Have Missed, Gerry & the Pacemakers “It’s Gonna Be Alright” (yt).

Best Beatle New Songs, The Fireman (Paul McCartney) “Two Magpies” / “Sing The Changes” (yt).

Best Song that Sounds Like A Beatle Classic  but isn’t, Peter Lacey “Many Moons Ago” (ms).

Best Beatle Cover Band, Spongetones (ms).

Best Song With The Base Player Playing the Same Note For All 6 Minutes. Paul Gilbert “It’s All Too Much” (yt).

Best Rolling Stone Cover AND Best Use of Violins, Sara Hickman “Mother’s Little Helper” (ms).

Best Old and New Video,  Donovan and ZouZou  “Cherchez l’Erreur” (ms).

Best New Rock and Roll Song That Has The Old Big Beat Sound, VV Brown, “L.O.V.E.” (yt).

Best Rock Classic  Cover,  “You Were On My Mind”  originally by the We Five, by Jamie Hoover (Jamie Hoo-Ever CD / ms)

Best Bob Dylan Video AND Best Romantic Video,  “When The Deal Goes Down”  With Scarlett Johansson.

Best Dylanesque Song,  Guru Monkey, “Cosmic Curtain” (ms).

Best New Found Demo, Crosby, Stills, & Nash, “Marrakesh Express – 1969 Demo (ms).

Best Classic Rock Song Sung Live,  Neil Diamond  “Cherry Cherry 2005” (yt).

Best Version of the Little Richard Classic “The Girl Can’t Help It” , a TIE:  Rusty York (yt) The Animals  (yt).

Best “B” Side Beach Boys Song  That Sounds Like the Beatles, Beach Boys, “Girl Don’t Tell Me”, (yt).

Best Beach Boys Live, The Fendertones (yt).

Best A-cappella Monkee Christmas Carol, The Monkees, “Riu Chiu” (yt).

Best Monkee Song That Needs A Better Vocal To Be The Hit It Deserves To Be, Monkees, “Forget That Girl” (net).

Best 60’s Classic Love Song You Haven’t Heard, Uniques “All These Things” (yt).

Best Coffee Bar Songs Jessica Lanza “Normal, No Failure”, or “I Was Never Meant to Love” (ms).

Best Back-To-Basics, Guitar – Voice – Songwriter, Billy the Kid Solo “If I was”, “Love Me Once, Love Me Again”, “Already Forgotten Your Name” (ms).

Best Live Cover Song, Breanne Duren “Come Down In Time” (yt).

Best In Home Performance,  George Wirth “Diner” (yt).

Best Ambient Folk Music, Jen Gloeckner “Only 1” and “Nothing Personal” (ms).

Best Song Biography, Jack Collins  “You Might Know Jack” about  the writer, Jack Saunders, (ms).

Best Voice From the Past, Connie Converse “One by One” / “Father Neptune” (ms).

Best Old Timey Made Fresh, Joe Dinkins “Red Robin”  (ms).

Best Love-Lost Folk Song (Female), Laura Marling “Ghosts” (solo OR group video) (yt).

Best Love-Lost Folk Song (Male), Iron and Wine “Belated Promise Ring” (ms).

Best Love-Found Pop Song, The Green Children, “Life Was Beautiful” (yt).

Best Vibes, Lesley Duncan, “Love Song”, (yt).

Best Gothic Love Song, Jack Westenberg, “Vampira” (ms).

Best Wake Up Song,  Nataly Dawn, “Waking Up” (yt).

Best Thank-The-People-That-Paid-For-The-Record-In-The-Lyrics Song, Jill Sobule “The Donor Song” (ms).

Best Autobiographical Folk, John Lyle “I Know Who I Am” (ms).

Best Quiet Folk/Blues, Great Republic Of Rough And Ready, “Gospel Ship” or “See See Rider Blues” (ms).

Best Folk Rock Fiddler Instrumental, Martine Lund Hoel “Jackobites Live from Tour” (ms).

Most Original 80’s Remake, Andrew Paul Woodworth “Fight For Your Right” (yt).

Best Musical Cartoon,  Warner Brothers  “Three Little Bops” (yt).

Best Nest of Singer/ Songwriters, The New York Songwriters Circle, Produced by Tina Shafer; including Mieka Pauley, Gillian Grassie, John Schmitt, Caleb Hawley, and Under the Elephant (ms).

Best Love Duet, Reggae Style, Fairgrounds “The Seconds In Between” (ms).

Best Down Home Duet, Edward Sharpe and The Magnetic Zeros “Home” (yt).

Best World Anthem,  Bai Kamara Jr.  “Citizens of the World Unite”(yt).

Best Christian Rock, Crystal Lewis “Lord I Believe In You” (yt).

Best Protest Song AND Best Peace Anthem AND Best Song By a  Collective group of Musicians from a City, Boston;  Sgt. Maxwell’s Peace Chorus “End War Now”  (ms).

Best Political Video, Harry Shearer “935 Lies” (yt).

Notable Song About  The Impact of the War, Michael Vincent “Fire Fight” (ms).

Best Non Protest, Protest Song, John Mayer “Waiting On the World to Change” (ms).

Best List of 3,000 Protest songs,  (many on ms/yt).

Best Videos showing famous musicians playing with the same guitar strap I own: Elvis “Trouble”, Jimi Hendrix “Star Spangled Banner” – both (yt).

Best Guitar Lick  Fleetwood Mac “Oh Well” (yt).

Best Thrash Version of Michael Jackson, Jameson “Beat It” (ms)

Best Classic Sixties Album no one Knows,  Love “Forever Changes”. Listen to “Old Man” (yt).

Best Woodstock Song you Haven’t Heard, Richie Havens, “I Can’t Make It Any More” (Gordon Lightfoot Song), (yt).

Best and Most Emotional Singer/composer/performer From the 60’s that you haven’t Heard of, Laura Nyro “Captain For Dark Mornings” (yt).

Best Hippie Anthem, Animals “Monterey” (yt).

Best  Flower Power Music, Sweetwater, “In a Rainbow” (ms).

Best Spiritual Folk Music, The Levins,  “Dropping Keys” / “World of Peace”

Best 1,000 Voices Sound, The Gravitons  “All I Really Want” (ms).

Best Merry Melodies and Joyous Noise, Mount Righteous “When the Child Awakes” / “You! The Magic Number” (ms).

Best Rare Album, Mellow Candle “Swaddling Songs” – All songs (ms).

Best Phil Spector Song No One Knows, Sonny and Cher “Why Don’t They Let Us Fall In Love” (yt)

Best Autobiographical Album  Lyrics, Bobbie Gentry  “Ode to Billy Joe” Album (ms).

Best One Person Band,  Theresa Andersson  “Birds Fly Away” / “Na Na Na” (yt).

Best One Singer and Guitar Covers, Matt Tutor “Beginnings” / “Black Water” (yt).

Best Animated Short about One Man Bands,  Pixar “One Man Band” (yt).

Best Novelty song from Doctor Dave’s 3-D House of Novelty Songs (ms), Shirley Ellis “Clapping Song”  or “Name Game” (yt).

Best Nerd Novelty Song, Connie Francis “He’s Just a Scientist” (yt).

Best Big Beat Parody and Dance Video, Levriero, “What American English Sounds Like to Non-English Speakers,” (yt).

Best Band That’s All Machines with No Humans,  the Trons Self Playing Robot Band  (ms).

Best Fill In The Blanks Video, Kutiman, “Mother of All Funk Chords” (yt).

Best Kid’s Song, Bill Harley “Fireflies” (ms).

Best High School Video /Song,  Kids of Widney High “Pretty Girls”  (yt).

Best Lullaby, Dano “Lovely Dreams” (ms).

Best Beatbox Champ, Julia Dales “Wild Card Audition” (yt).

Best Tap Dancer for Rhythm Song, Tilly and the Wall @ the Granada Theater  (yt).

Best Travelogue, Little Majorette “London” /  “Let’s Get Drunk” (ms).

Most Quirky All Around, Micachu & The Shapes “Calculator” (yt).

Best Electronica Ambient Track,  Alterra “Media Mind Design” (ms).

Best Blues Singer / Best Contemporary Lyricist,  Amy Winehouse (yt).

Best Blues, James Reeser And The Back Seat Drivers  “Opener in C” or “Kick’n You Out” (ms).

Best Snippet of a Duet, Aretha Franklin and Smokey Robinson “Ooh Baby Baby” (yt).

Best Two Parter Story Song,  Roy Brown,  “Butcher Pete” Part 1 and 2, (yt).

Most Soulful New Blues Singer, Olivia Pierson, “Don’t Ever Leave Me” / “Nobody’s Fault But Mine” (ms).

Best Tribute to Ray Charles in song, Fuzzbee “Brother Ray” (ms).

Best Doo-wop A cappella, The Emeralds “My Juanita” (ms).

Best All Time Doo-wop Classic  Most People Missed, Dion, “Shu Bop” (yt).

Best Introspective Blues Song, Chicago Red “In This Life” (ms).

Best Shuffle King, Freddie King, “Blues Band Shuffle”. “Goin’ Down” (yt).

Best Soul, Gnarls Barkley, “Who’s Gonna Save My Soul” (ms).

Best Love Song for a Month of the Year, Hollywood Joe, “Hello December” (ms).

Best Bluegrass  Female Voice, Amber Cross “Black Eyed Susan” (ms).

Best Roots Music Banjo, Diane Sanabria, Banjo Queen “Medley in D Minor” (ms).

Best Country, Billy Joe Shaver “Rolling Stone”, AND Best Gospel  “If You Don’t Love Jesus” (ms).

Best Classic Country Song Like They Used to Do It, Johnny Paycheck (Donny Young), AND Best Lip Synching by Dusty Sorg. “Shakin’ The Blues” (yt).

Best Texas Rock, Delbert McClinton “Giving It up For Your Love” (ms).

Best Recitation To Music, Luckenbach Texas “Luckenbach Moon” poem by Hondo (ms).

Best Two Sided Country Rock Single, “John Rhett Barrett  “My Horse Laid Down /  Give A Little More” (ms).

Best Hi-Octane Rockabilly, The Dempseys “Back to the Dog House” / Wine Spo Dee O Dee (ms).

Best 50’s Type Love Song, Charlie Thompson “Kathaleen” (yt).

Best Rocka-billie,  Wanda Jackson, “Hard Headed Woman” (yt).

Best Sun Records Classic You Missed, Carl Mann “Pretend” (ms).

Best Classic Surf Music, Dick Dale “Nitro” (ms).

Most Dynamic Drummer, Sandy Nelson and The Sin City Termites “Back Fire” or “Bizerk Beat” (ms).

Best Folk / Roots Toe Tapper , Le Vent du Nord “Rosette” (ms).

Best Tribal Folk Rock, The Acorn “Flood Part 1” (ms).

Best Folk Rock Duo and Best Muppet Video, The Weepies “Can’t Go Back Now” (ms).

Best Dream Song, Salim Nourallah “Dreaming” (ms).

Best A cappella Group, Down 4 The Count , “Whirlybird” (ms).

Best Choral Thunder Storm, Perpetuum Jazzile “Africa” (yt).

Best A cappella Version of When The Saints Go Marching In, Les Poukissotes “Owenzesains pour de rire”  (ms).

Best Swing, Stolen Sweets “Easy on the Eyes” (ms).

Happiest Song of the Last Decade, Seth Bernard and Daisy May “We Are” (yt),  AND Best Overall Undiscovered, Deserves Major Fame, Talent,  Daisy May (ms).

Best Trippy Band (Folk Rock) , Dark Captain Light Captain  “Jealous Enemies” (ms).

Best Party Poet Set to Music, Will Dockery  and The Shadowville Allstars, “The Ride (Combat Zone” (yt).

Best 60’s Spirit in a New Group, The Unconventionals “Strawberry Sunshine (ms).

Most Carefree Indie Pop Song, The Yolks “Why” (ms).

Best Electro Love Song, Vink “All Your Smiles” (ms).

Best Pre Rock Classic, Big Joe Turner “Shake, Rattle and Roll” (ms).

Best Rock Organist, Voodoo Organist “The Revenge of the Black Widow” (ms).

Best Live Rock Band Performance on Video, Rory Gallagher “Cradle Rock 4/7” (Live Madrid 1975) (yt).

Best Video Effects, Erykah Badu “Honey” (yt).

Best Smooth Funk, Gruve Nitro “Seasons”  (ms).

Best Instrumental like Frank Zappa Would Do, Harrison Fjord “Pimp Shirt” (ms).

Best Surrealist Jazz Comedy Orchestra, The Incomprehensible Danny Midnight Orchestra, “The Pedestrian” (or anything he does) (ms).

Best Moog-ish Music, Neon Indian, “Deadbeat Summer” (ms).

Best Confessional, Mary Magdalan “Debbie” (ms).

Strange Alternative Pop, Fishboy “Minus Two” (ms).

Most Out There Experimental Guitar, L D Hamrock “Organic Liquid” (ms).

Best Rock Polka, Brave Combo “Down At The Friendly Tavern” (ms).

Best Gothic Video/Song, Kerli “Walking On air” (yt).

Best Gothic Guitar (and Voice), Michael Cardenas “Witches Chorus” by Verdi, or original song “Privet” (ms).

Best Romantic Gothic Recitation, Poetica “Finding My Wings” (ms).

Best Dark Songstress, Lykke Li “Little Bit” (2 person back up band is best) (yt).

Best Siren Song, Ladis Lao Robles “Moon” / “Secret Guiding Light” (ms).

Best Acted Song, Amy Walker “Judy’s Over the Rainbow” (yt).

Most Festive Video, Macaco “Moving” (yt).

Best Little Known Jobim Classic Song, Performance, Duet, video (if you’re not Brazilian) Elis Regina and Tom Jobim, “Aquas de Marco” (yt).

Best Bossa Nova Classic Classic, Astrud Gilberto “Fly Me To The Moon” (yt).

Best Bossa Nova by a male, Giuseppe Cuce “La Ballata di un Flore” (ms).

Best Bossa Nova by a female, Roberta Campos “Felicidade” (ms).

Best  Comic Duo,  Garfunkel and Oates, all videos, (yt).

Best Love for All, anthem: Fred Francis, “The World Was Made for Love” (net)

Best Guitar Version of the Country Classic , Martin Tallstrom “Foggy Moutain Breakdown, (yt). B side,  “Lost in the Rain”  (ms).

Best Jazz, Classical, Folk ,Mix  Becca Stevens  “The Riddle”, “Weightless” (ms/ net).

Best Big Star that Wisely Dumped Bands ,  Eddie Vedder (and his Ukulele) “Without You”  (net).

Classic Songwriter’s Best Song Performance, Jimmy Webb, “Just This One Time”.

Best Psychedelic Classic, You’ve Never Heard (Unless you come from my home town), Five Americans “7:30 Guided Tour” (yt).

Best Song with drumsticks on ashtrays The Dixie Cups “Iko Iko” (yt).

Best PIzzicato , When Saints Go Machine “Add Ends” (yt).

Most Bittersweet Duet, Tony Bennett and Amy Winehouse, “Body and Soul” (yt).

Best Uptempo Update, A-Teens, “Can’t Help Falling In Love” (yt).

Best Remake of The Composer’s Own Hit, Joni Mitchell, “Both Sides Now” 2000 Live Performance (yt).

Best 50’s Style Comedy Song, Lenny And The Squigtones, (from the ‘Laverne and Shirley’ TV series) “Star Crossed” (yt).

Best 27 Sax Choruses, Paul Gonzalves in Duke Ellington’s song, “Diminuendo and Crescendo in Blue”, during the 1956 Newport Jazz Festival.

Best Cinematic Music Moment, Montage in the final scene at the end of “Cinema Paradiso, directed by Giuseppe Tornatore, with music by Ennio Morricone (yt).

Best Mix of Folk and Gospel music, The Caravans, featuring Albertina Walker, “If I Had a Hammer” (yt).

Most Classic Remake of a Classic, Sara Niemietz, “At Last” (yt).

Best US TV Theme Song From a Russian Combo, Messer Chups, “The Munster’s Theme” (yt).

Best Bike Song To Change the World, Candi Duke “Open Your Heart and Free Your Mind” (yt).

Best, Everyone’s Welcome, Song, Arlie Duff, “Y’all Come (yt).

Best Originator of Art Revolutions,  Hunkasaurus and His Pet Dog Guitar, (yt).

Best Punk Smoothy, Joey Ramone, “What A Wonderful World” (yt).

Best Go-Go Dancer on the Beach, Candy Johnson. Ex. “Beach Party” (yt)

Best Doo Wop Classic of a Classic, Skyliners, “Pennies from Heaven” (yt).

Best Spoken Word on Words, Charles Bukowski, ” “So You Want To Be A Writer” (yt).

Fastest Guitar Version of “Foggy Mountain Breakdown” on Guitar, Martin Tallstrom (yt).

Best Classic American Songbook, Duet: “The Lady is a Tramp” Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga (yt).

Best Cavern Sound from Liverpool. ” The Cavern Stomp”, / “Let True Love Begin” The Big Three.

Golden Classic from Country Royalty: “Wildwood Flowers”, The Carter Family (yt).

Best History of Music by Acappela Group, “Evolution of Music”, Pentattonix (yt).

Best Ukulele of the Wizard of Oz Classic, “Over the Rainbow” (Live at the Knitting Factory) , Shimabukuro (yt).

Best Undiscovered Single worth of Love and Peace, “Let Love Shine”/ “The Man on the Hill”, Jack Sera-Lima

Best 3 person, French Dance Video, “Dance With Me” – Nouvelle Vague (yt).

Most Heartfelt Remake, “Hurt”, Johnny Cash. (yt).

Best Lyric Fix: MacArthur Park: “MacArthur Park”, Tom Hendricks.

Best Engine Noise on a Record , “Telstar”, The Tornados (yt).

Best vocal and ukulelee of “SomeWhere Over The Rainbow” Iz, Israel Kamakawiwo’ole (yt).

Best Two Cello Duet of an AC/DC song, “Thunderstruck” , 2Cellos – Luka Sulic and Stjepan Hauser (yt).

Sexiest Dance Scene from the 50’s Cinema, “Picnic” (Kim Novak + William Holden) Music score, George Duning.

Most Playful Dancing in Cinema, dance scene in “Way Out West” by Laurel And Hardy. Song “At the Ball, That’s All” The Avalon Boys.

Best Tie : “Fly Me To The Moon” a. Brazilian bossa nova by Astrud Gilberto b. English pop by Alma Cogan (yt).

Best Song about 60’s bands, written by a band, “Monterey”, Eric Burdon & The Animals (yt).

Best Soul Duo Performance, “Shotgun”, Buddy and Stacey (yt).

Best Romantic Cornet, “Alone Together”, Buddy Hackett (Jackie Gleason Orchestra)

The Three Songs every 60’s Combo Had to Learn, “Gloria” , Them or Shadows of the Night; “House of The Rising Sun, The Animals, “Louie Louie”, The Kingsmen.

Best Minimalism in Soul (singer and stand up bass player – with sometimes a drummer), “He Will Break Your Heart”/ “Donna Lee”/ or “The Man in the Street” (yt). Pair Extraordinaire

Best Collection of Music: “The Great American Songbook”

Best Title Song of a Classic Album, “Astral Weeks” from “Astral Weeks” by Van Morrison (yt).

Best Love; “Alone Again Or” (or any song on Forever Changes) from Love (yt).

Best Classical Improv, “The Koln Concert, Keith Jarrett (yt).

Best Unreleased Swan Song, “Written in My Heart”, Davy Jones (yt).

Best Jazz Snippet – 2 Minutes of Parker (and Rich),  “Celebrity”, Charlie Parker and His Trio (yt).

Best Heavy Metal/Pop combo, “Gimme Chocolate!”  Babymetal (yt).

Best Worker Blues Song, “Sixteen Tons”, Merle Travis

Stunning Indeed, “Stun Me”, Liam Bailey (npr).

Best studio bass, “Carol Kaye  (plus all the Wrecking Crew) (yt).

Best one and a half minute, sing along, Bus Song, “Sunshine, Lollipops and Rainbows” Lesley Gore (yt).

Best Teen Drummer, Live in Tokyo YT Video , “Lover Come Back To Me” Senri Kawaguchi

Great Elvis Performance Late in his Career, “Unchained Melody” Elvis Presley (yt)

Best Telephone Operator’s Party Song Film Production Number, from the 30’s, Hollywood Party, from the film. (yt).

Most soulful Jazz Voice and guitar performance , “Angel Eyes”, Ella Fitzgerald. (yt).

Best Pythian Temple Recording Studio Session (1958), “It Doesn’t Matter Anymore”/ “True Love Ways”, Buddy Holly (yt).

Best Todd Rundgren Inspirational Song Recorded by Someone Else. “Love is The Answer”, England Dan and John Ford Coley (yt).

Best Female Percussionist on the Hits (bongos, congas, etc.), Bobbye Jean Hall Porter, From Motown on. Active 71-90. (wiki)

Sneakiest Theme Music, “Pink Panther Theme”, Henry Mancini. (yt).

Best LIttle Bit of Schubert. Waltz in B Major, D. 145 No. 2 Various artists such as Natalie. (yt).

Best Christmas Talk Show Tradition. Darlene Love sings,Christmas (Baby Please Come) on the Letterman Show.

Best Wedding Song: Peter, Paul, and Mary. “The Wedding Song.” (yt).

Best Breakup Song: a tie between, Neon Rainbow’s “Morning Girl,” and Don McLean’s “Castles in the Air.” (yt.)

Best Rickrolling, Rick Astley, “Never Gonna Give You Up.” (yt.)

Best Philosophy Questions in a Song Lyric , Edie Brickell & New Bohemians, “What I Am.” (yt.)

Best Song About Graceland, Paul Simon, “Graceland.” (yt.)

Best Musician with Both the best Drum Break and Best Bass Line in a two sided Single, Wilson Pickett. “Land of 1000 Dances / Funky Broadway (bass by Tommy Cogbill). (yt.)

Most Grooviest Song, Simon and Farfunkel, “Feeling Groovy (The 59th Street Bridge Song.” (yt.)

Best Woman Dates the Guy For His Car Song, Ronnie Milsap, “She Loves My Car.”

Best Get This Party Started Intro, Spencer Davis Group, “Gimme Some Lovin’ (yt.)

Best Modulation in an Amazing Ballad (From Quiet to Full Voice), Whitney Houston, ” I Will Always Love You,” (yt.)



What’s Postmod Music – its 3 things, a revolution against what rock/rap/country/pop have become, its back to early rock and roll’s simple honesty, directness, and passion, and it’s a music that includes all types of music from every place in the world. (It’s part of the overall art and media revolution).

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