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5 Revolutions and Counting

June 6, 2015

Something in one of the oldie rock and roll songs I was listening to, got me to thinking about how all the arts have changed in my life. Then it dawned on me that I have been a small part of many of them. I was not a pioneer in most of them, but I caught on in the early stages. If you are an independent artist, I bet you were a part of many of these too.

Here’s my list:

1. Music revolution. Rock and roll really did change music. I got in on it when I started playing in bands and composing and recording music in the 60’s. So many of us teens did. The music then was so exiting. We thought it would never stop.
2. Literary revolution. Desktop publishing led to an explosion of zines in the late 80’s and 90’s. I saw a few local zines in a small shop near Fair Park, and began my own. Musea started publishing in 1992.
3. Internet revolution. The internet continues to change everything. As soon as I could I started my own zine website, music website, and blog. I also jumped on Myspace, and later moved to Facebook. We are still in the early days of all of that communications revolution. It seems to be stitching the world closer together in every way.
4. Film revolution. Part of the web was Youtube, the site for short films. That was a radical change of how we watched and made film. I began a youtube channel with short music videos, art revolution talk videos, poetry videos, art videos, and more.
5. Art and Painting revolution. Stuckism, lowbrow art, and my suggested Postism art movement all gained strength and challenged the trendy gallery stuff.

These have been exciting times. When you are in the middle of them, you sometimes miss their importance. I’m glad I was part of all of these.

Tom Hendricks
(editor of the 23 year old zine Musea)

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You Buy, I Pay Weekend Special (April 4-5)

April 3, 2015

YOU BUY! I PAY! Weekend.

Free Weekend of downloads for my friends. APRIL 4-5.

You download what you like from the list below,
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CD – 9 to choose from
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2. I PAY.

After you’ve got what you like, send me an e-mail with the bill. ($10 limit), plus your mailing address. And I will send you a check.

You download what you like,
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Fine print (limit $10 total, and only US addresses, offer good April 4-5).
These sales are good for me too. They will help me promote my music and writings. Thanks.


Tom Hendricks
(editor of the 23 year old zine Musea)

The American Songbook vs. Rock n Roll

January 30, 2015


The great divide in fifties music was the American Songbook – featured on each and every variety TV show, and Rock n roll featured on a few transistor radios along with the static.
Top 40 radio opened up music to all styles, though rock n roll soon became the mainstay style.
What I think is interesting is this differences between the American Songbook and Rock n roll. I’ve thought about it some and there are two things that stand out.
1. The American Songbook was a collection of great songs that any good singer could cover. There was really no definitive recording of any great song.
But rock n roll was very different. No one could do Johnny B Good but Chuck Berry. No one could do Jailhouse Rock but Elvis. and no one could do their one hit wonder, better than those that recorded it and got the big hit, and so on. When others tried to cover a rock n roll song, it just was not the same. It didn’t sound authentic.
Before rock n roll there was a very popular tv show called “Your Hit Parade, that began on radio and ran on tv from 1950-1959. A cast of singers sang the big hits of the day. But the shows downfall was that the cast could sing the American Songbook with a their big band arrangement behind them, and sound fine; but, when they began trying to imitate the Rock n Roll hits, with a big band, it sounded ludicrous to say the least. Rock and roll was about the record as much as the songwriting. It wasn’t about songs, it was about hits.
2. Then too rock n roll was not rhythm and blues, or country, or boogie-woogie. Those were all adult styles of music with adult themes. Rock n roll was very much teen music – more simple, more passionate, and with a big beat – something that adults that grew up with the big band music, didn’t get. Many still don’t.

Has Rock and Roll Jumped the Shark?

January 23, 2015

Has rock n roll jumped the shark?  Discuss.

Six Posts on Music – to start the New Year

January 4, 2015

Six Posts on Music. In the last week, I have accumulated a lot of ideas for my posts on music, (getting ready for a big video premiere later this week. So I thought I’d combine them all into one big 6 PART POST:


1. Youtube is the world’s biggest radio station

2. I Broke I-Tunes!

3. Tiny Desk Concert Contest – well am I banned or not?

4. Wo Fat (my studio friends) – Named by NPR as one of the 10 best heavy Metal Bands

5. Featuring Five – 5 of my Rockabilly Songs

6. CDBaby, Was this the biggest?


Did you know this? I didn’t.

CDBaby in an article called, “What you need to know about today’s music business if you’re returning after a long break”, says:
… YouTube might be more important than anything else in your music career
… besides the music itself, of course.

YouTube has become the #1 search engine for music. It’s also the #1 preferred listening platform for younger music fans. Plus, YouTube videos are highly sharable via social media. … You don’t have to make a dozen fancy music videos, but you should think about at least uploading album-art videos for every song.

YOUTUBE CHANNEL, features all my 70 videos – with a new one coming in a day


When you put your music on CDBaby*, the biggest indie music site on the net, they put it on all the other major music sites including I-Tunes.

I noticed that all my songs were posted and 8 of the 9 cds were posted within a day or so. But when I went to the I-tunes store there was no #5 cd. The songs from #5 were there, but you couldn’t buy the cd. Instead you would get this message, pop-up:
The item you’ve requested is not currently available in the U.S. store.

When I asked CDBaby about this, they told me:
Thanks for writing. Unfortunately, it looks like there has been a small glitch over at iTunes that is preventing certain tracks/albums from going up completely. iTunes is aware of the current issue and they are working diligently to see it resolved.
Note that this is affecting hundreds of titles on iTunes, not just CD Baby clients.
There is a fix being worked on right now and the issue should be resolved shortly. We apologize for any inconvenience.
Hope this helps. Let us know if you have further questions or concerns.
Thanks, Stephfon CD Baby Customer Service

Seems the only logical explanation is that when Hunkasaurus got on there it BROKE the system!?! LOL



I have been having a feud with NPR music website – which started when they banned all my comments on music – too challenging comments?? Bob Boilan is most likely the host that blocked me. Recently I wrote:

NPR, There’s a Tiny Desk Concert contest I’d like to enter. I’ve just released a 9 CD 10 year music project and it would be just right to play now. But because I’ve been blocked from any music comment on NPR and get the following message when I try:
We are unable to post your comment because you have been blocked by NPR All Songs Considered. Find out more.
I have a feeling that there is no way I would have a fair chance to even be allowed to submit.
I’m being blocked because I am leading a peaceful music revolution for the best of indies and I often am tough on bad corporate generic music.. This has upset NPR music and I’ve been blocked. My question is am I blocked from any chance of winning the contest from the start?
Please pass a copy to Bob Boilan too Thanks.

Yes, I’ve put them on the spot! Glad to do it too. I’ve sent the above 3 times and never got any answer! Why worry about NPR? It’s really become the center of most music coverage on the net! So it’s a big deal for all new musicians.



The trio that own and run the studio where I record. Kent, Michael, and Tim, are also the heavy metal band Wo Fat. Wo Fat was named as one of the NPR end of the year, 10 best heavy metal bands, list. Well done guys! This url tells about it and gives a sample from their latest release! They may be touring near you soon too!



Kinda thought my rockabilly tunes would be the first of my originals, from my big 150 song project*, to get the attention ….be my groundbreakers …. not yet.

But here are 4 worth a 2nd look (and remember this is one old cheap standard 1964 Silvertone guitar, played only one time – in what I call a ‘combo guitar style” where you play bass, lead, and rhythm all at once.)







When I posted my big music project on CDBaby*, I asked them if it was the biggest new release they had ever received?

Here’s a question just for fun. This week I released a 9 CD, project on CDBaby under the name, Hunkasaurus and His Pet Dog Guitar. Posted 11/19/14.
This was a 10 year music project – and before I get to my question I wanted to thank you guys for all you did to help in posting all these songs. The page looks great and the music samples sound first rate!
Here’s my question – was that a record for CDBaby?  Has any other single artist posted a 9 CD 150 song set of new recordings onto CDBaby before?
Curious to know.
Hey Tom,
Sorry but there is not an easy way for us to find that out.
We apologize for the inconvenience.
Noelle W.
CD Baby Customer Service

So it seems that question is still up in the air – or up in the sound waves! But I personally think, I’m the one to beat on this!
Tom Hendricks (Hunkasaurus and HIs Pet Dog Guitar)
see WIkipedia for more.

*This recording is part of the 9 CD, outside the box, set of 150 songs by Hunkasaurus and His Pet Dog Guitar, a collection of all types of music (cover and originals), that reflect: the many variations of voice and standard guitar music, a type of combo guitar style, and 17 years of box office concerts.