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The Flight of the Queen

March 16, 2018

The Flight of the Queen

The Queen had enough
and scowled at the King,
– who paid no mind –
took off her crown,
swept back her hair,
and with a grand sweep
defenestrated it!

Where it startled a cat
traipsing by
who scampered off
to later return
and sniff the cold metal
and paw the bright gems.

With a train in pursuit
and the guards all lined up
like a column of sconces,
she left the castle.

Under a cloudy sky
she came to a halt,
raised her hand to command,
“Bring me a carriage!”
Attending maids
scattered to obey.

The Queen now ensconced:
bumping along over brick roads,
bumping along over stones in the dust,
bumping along over the muddy trail,
out of the kingdom,
and into the forest.

Her anger settled
– a falling curtain –
enough to take hold
in a lesser place.
Reason raised up
to then take over

Where to now…?
Where goes the Queen … ?

Red (the fairy tale play) Scene 2

March 22, 2013

For those following the play (see earlier blog for opening scene where the Queen needs a new RED carpet)  here is scene two

Scene 2
Setting Carpet Guild’s Workshop – with guild sign on the door.

(Pointing to diagram)
I want it thick and plenty plush
With the expensive-est dyes and royal-ly lush.
Search the kingdom and all through the land
For the deepest hues of deepest red.
And I want a border – thread of gold,
Not too blaring but whimsically bold.
And take this other, out of my sight.
I don’t want to see it, it’s a frightful blight!
Burn it to ashes…

Carpet Master:
… to ashes we’ll rend

And make sure the fire is fire down wind

Red – (the fairy tale play) Scene 1

March 21, 2013
Hi readers. I’m going to post my short short fairy tale play, RED, in a series. Here’s the first scene.
Characters: Narrator, King, Queen, Carpet Master, His Assistant.
Scene 1
Setting: Throne  Room.
Oh the crown the heavy heavy crown!
… Said the King
sitting on the throne
purched on the dais
resting on the cushiony
red red carpet.
No dramatics my dear, dear, dear.
We need a new carpet there, there, and here.
This is thread bare from suplicates kneeling
It’s got mead stains from spilling and spitting
And more than 1 sword has pierced it through.
It’s faded and musty and out of style
We need a new carpet with a deep  pile.
Thus it shall be done
And thou wilt be doing it,
Cause I’m going hunting!
Goodbye and forsooth it!
[to be continued]

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