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Professor Says KXT DJs, “Robots”, “Mechanicals”

January 13, 2018

Local Professor Says KXT DJs, “Robots”, “Mechanicals”

Local university professor of media, Dr. Nofakusheir, told a representative of zine Musea that he knows for a fact that all the DJs on KXT-fm are robots, mechanical voices.

Here is our interview”

Musea: Why do you say KXT DJs are robots?

Dr Nofakusheir: Four reasons:

1. Fake names – Alan Roberts? Why not Smith and Jones. Generic names, or two first names put together, fit generic machines. Real people have names that are unusual or hard to pronounce.

2 Fake voices – No humans lack all personality. These can’t be humans – these have to be manufactured. No real person has lived twenty years or more without developing some human characteristics.”

3. Show me the pictures. No one has ever SEEN a KXT DJ in person. Where do they live, in Digital Valley?

4. They say they are AAA format. Do you know what that stands for All Automaton Audio.

Musea: What if they are real? They show DJ photos on the website.

Dr Nofakusheir: These white bread generic models are strictly manufactured photos. Obviously these are doctored pix taken from some face recognition tech article or some robot how-to magazine.

But on the slim chance that these are REAL people, we have a bigger problem. The ‘person’ higher up, claiming to program the DJs to talk in such a bland generic way has to be itself a robot. No human has yet devised a way to wipe all personality out of a human being. That stretches credibility.

Musea: The follow, follow up question is this; did real people manufacture these higher higher ups, or did other machines? If other machines, where does this mechanical web end?

Dr Nofakusheir: Yes it’s turtles all the way down! And if machines did NOT hire them, and the DJs are not machines; then I ask this, why would any real humans play music so bland and generic, unless they too were programable automatons.

Further, no human with real personality and even a smattering of skill in music would ever RECORD this pretend music. (Note KXT refers to this pretend music as tracts, not music! Proof in the terms used!) No human with real personality would release such bland music unless under the pressure of all powerful despicable robotic overlords. No musician would allow his name to be used in such a disgraceful way!

Summing up, that means if the DJs are not fake machines, then it has to be the staff that are the machines programming the DJs. And that is why they only allow robotic generic music.

Musea: We have contacted KXT to deny or confirm the professors theory, but as yet cannot get beyond the mechanical digital phone and website menus.


TeXas Video Showdown and KERA

October 24, 2017

Musea Readers know that I have my problems with both NPR and local stations KERA and KXT for their lack of support for artists.

So I was surprised, when googling my name to find this posted in April of 2015 on the KERA Art and Seek site.

I had sent them a story and link feeling that they would never do anything about it.

Take a look, and know that the TeXas Video Showdown, worst video ever made… on purpose, is still going strong with thousands of hits.

When you go to the link, note that there is a place to add comments. Please do if you would like to support the cause.

Now when I criticize their coverage I have to change, “never covered” to” that one time!”

KXT Radio, Won’t Donate, Here’s Why (Musea Email Club #533)

September 27, 2011

KXT, the NPR affiliated music station in Dallas, is having a fund raiser. I’m not supporting it. Here’s why:

1. There was hope this would be an open music station. Instead it’s a rigid format that follows other similar stations. AAA format (see below).
2. They have put trendy ahead of quality music.
3. They don’t support local music well. They play some – a token amount; but in the almost two years that they’ve been operating they haven’t found one real hit. They could do a top ten of local music, they could have listeners request local music, they could do a lot of things to build up the local music community – that would in turn build up their listeners. Instead they’ve played it safe and generic.
4. They are too conservative in their choices of music. You won’t hear anything about post-bands music the new music revolution that started in their own back yard!
5. They seem to block out genres of music, kids music, religious music, country, jazz, classical, foreign language, etc.
6. They seem to block out all protest music or music with lyrics that say anything. What’s left is music that is safe, bland, shallow, and white bread.
7. The on air personalities are so laid back they seem drugged. Show some awake-ness and spirit. It’s alright to like the music on air. It’s alright to have a personality.
8. KXT is an AAA format radio station. That stands for adult album alternative format. It is way too constrictive and dull for our town. Here’s what clone AAA stations are all about:
9. The music should be chosen by more people and more points of view. The selection are all beginning to sound alike – slow, depressing, under the influence, over produced, plodding, generic, 60 year old style, rock band music . Been there and heard that! Why not more opinions, why not more input from others – listeners, music experts (Dallas has a lot of them) , etc.

Tom Hendricks
(editor of the 18 year old zine Musea)
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