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Don’t Discard (poem)

February 24, 2018

Don’t discard
what others seek.
Remember genies
come out of antiques.


Some Spiritual Poems

February 3, 2018

4 Spiritual Poems

Great religions have metaphysics
ethics and rituals.
On two of those most disagree,
but ethics seem universal.

Some people say that those
who die too early become
angels and walk the Earth
living out their lives
helping all they meet.

Let’s say one life
is the length of 2 twilights.

Some of us are born
into the dark night
and know no day.

While others are born
with the rising Sun
and watch it peak,
set, and release.

He uses
his crutches
to fly.

Houses (poems)

January 26, 2018

HOUSES (poems.)

all the world was
split in two
one side with houses
that were round
the other had houses
that were square
the Curves and Angulars
fought and fought
till all their houses
tumbled down.

the door slammed shut!
Wind or ghosts …?
No one else is there
but a frightened girl.
She turned and waited …
for a story.

the room turns white
as moonlight reaches
the open window.

come to my house
and see if I let you in!
Go ahead and keep knocking
till your hand is sore!
I broke up with you
for a reason – so go!

in the night
one light is on
and burning bright.

Five Short Kid’s Poems

October 14, 2017

Pipes shake and groan when
Mom turns on the faucet.
The child hears it and says
Squeaky water!

Splish, splash!
Splish, splash!
find some cover
or we’ll all get wet!

“That low star
rests on the mountain,”
said the child
tired from walking.

the Unicorn and Pegasus
fought to determine
which was the best
mythological horse!

if every child
was good as gold
we’d long for silver.

Poems of Love

August 19, 2017

You’re mad at me
but your eyes falter
there’s still enough love
to get us through

words stuck
in her throat
she hesitated …
he is lost.

I would look out the tower window
and smile at the handsome young men
who crossing by would wave to me.
(Inspired by Tsang Chih , 6th c.)

Her touch
like a painter’s brush
swept across my arm.

why is your head
There are no stars
on the ground.

now each step
we take together
makes our bound
that much stronger

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