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Four Poems on Animals

September 1, 2018

Scamper! Scamper!
little rabbit.
Hide in the hedges
little rabbit!

Black flash across the pond!
A waterbug or the shadow of a moth?

“Show me how
the cricket jumps!”
The boy’s eyes
shift about –
He’s thinking ….

like Schrodinger’s cat
my future is uncertain.
Unwrap the box,
pull back the curtain!

Nature Poems for the New Year

December 30, 2016

The birds have started a union.
Cages and traps are banned.
The sky is free to migrate
and nests must be protected.

being of sound mind
I hereby bequeath
the sky to the birds
(inspired by Issa)

the little white moth
flies over the wall
and is gone.

the birds left the sky
full of songs.

Dancing foxes
through the waving flowers …
Please! Please!
Please don’t wake up!

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