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White Guitar Pick (poem)

April 30, 2015

I play my guitar with a white pick
and sometimes it happens, that for no reason
I’m playing away and I DROP IT!

I know from the past what will follow.
It will vanish mid air before it hits the ground
and nothing on earth can find where it’s gone.

I speak from the past. I speak from the present.
I’ve learned to accept it as one of life’s lessons.
Whomever hexed me and my packet of picks,

you’ve done a most admirable job of it.
But next time I hope what you wrought to wrought
you’d rethink that hex, and decide to stop.

Re-Look at NPR and it’s coverage of Music, Is it Fair to all

April 21, 2015

Review of Grammy’s Awards set to “All about that Bass”

February 9, 2015

Comment on the Grammy winners* – Too much of it was …
Sung to Meghan Trainor’s “All about That Bass.”

It’s all about the same
sounds the same
no difference

The music sounds the same
needs a change
some rebellion.

The music’s sounds the same
all the same
no difference.

It’s all about the same

*The Grammy’s cover a lot of music. Most of it is not talked about on the awards ceremony. I tend to think that most of those off camera awards are usually to very talented people. While some of the on camera bigger awards, are not as deserving – sound a lot alike to me.

Remember if you know anyone else with a 150 song release ….

February 3, 2015

Remember if you know anyone else that has a 150 song, 9 cd, all at once, release in a new type of back to basics music …. be sure to see if you like the music and the new music ideas, and tell your friends about it

Picture 4


Katy Perry, Could that be Banksy in that Shark Costume

February 3, 2015

Could that be the artist Banksy dancing in that Shark Costume during Katy Perry’s super bowl performance?


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