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Moon Poem

May 19, 2017

He made his roof
a magnifying glass.
When stars came out
he could touch each one.
When the Moon came out
he could gather stones.


Serenade of the Moon

February 27, 2016

Sit here beside me.
It’ll be here soon.
It comes out of nowhere,
serenade of the moon.

Night after night
it plays its tune,
the much celebrated
serenade of the moon.

First loud as a bell,
then soft as a loon,
the waxing and waning
serenade of the moon.

(From Writings in Science, a History of the Future,
A novel in stories, essays, poems and play.)

Two More … Sky Poems

January 16, 2015

there is a rustling
in the east.
night is over.

last thing to do
is lock the door …
a half hour later
I’m still watching the moon …

two more MOON poems

January 29, 2014

Old tin Moon
falls branch to branch
Clatter! Clatter!
What a ruckus!
We landed on
the Sea of Vapors,
cold and gray and
tinged with sun.
[video: Dancing Cross the Moon]

Knock on My Door (poem)

December 5, 2013

Moon Poem (for my revised, Moon Tea kid’s poem collection)


There was a knock on my door …
“Who is it?” “The Moon.”
I said, “Come in.”
It said, “No thank you.”

There was a knock on my window …
“Who is it?” “The Moon.”
I said, “Come in.”
It said, “No thank you.”

There was a knock on my roof …
“Who is it?” “The Moon.”
“You can’t come through the roof!”
“But it said, “I want to!”

I could make a hole
in the ceiling for you
but it would let in
rain and snow too.

This is a puzzle
what to do
me in my house
outside the Moon! …

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