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Letter to Mary Anne Alhadeff

September 7, 2017

Letter to Mary Anne Alhadeff

To Mary Anne Alhadeff
President and CEO of North Texas Public Broadcasting.

Will not support KERA or KXT. Will ask my readers to not support them too.

For 25 years you have gone out of your way to block all the news and progressive ideas and innovative artists of every kind from Dallas, Texas, and across the country.

You have blocked news of the issues covered by the Dallas zine Musea, a publication in print and online about the arts and media since 1992.

You have blocked the thousands of Dallas musicians, painters, filmmakers, writers, we have supported.

You have blocked the media innovations we have advocated.

You have blocked the progressive ideas we have printed about in the arts and media in Dallas, and across the country.

You have blocked coverage of most serious arts and media issues.

This link is 200 pages of other reasons, in this history of Dallas art and media since 1992.

Tom Hendricks
Editor of Musea


Musea Will Not Support KERA (or KXT)

July 6, 2017

MUSEA will not support KERA (or KXT)

The Dallas zine Musea (monthly since 1992) cannot support KERA. We also advocate our readers not to support KERA, and we advocate that the rest of Dallas not support KERA.

For all of the last 25 years:

KERA has not reported on or supported the local and national musicians, painters, writers, filmmakers, photographers, etc.; talked about in Musea.

KERA has not reported on the ideas and solutions suggested from Musea to help all artists of all kinds here and across the country.

KERA has not reported on the ideas and solutions suggested from Musea to help make the media in Dallas better.

KERA has not reported on the ideas and solutions suggested from Musea to help make Dallas a better city.

KERA has gone out of their way to not support anything Musea talked about in 200 issues.

KXT Radio, Won’t Donate, Here’s Why (Musea Email Club #533)

September 27, 2011

KXT, the NPR affiliated music station in Dallas, is having a fund raiser. I’m not supporting it. Here’s why:

1. There was hope this would be an open music station. Instead it’s a rigid format that follows other similar stations. AAA format (see below).
2. They have put trendy ahead of quality music.
3. They don’t support local music well. They play some – a token amount; but in the almost two years that they’ve been operating they haven’t found one real hit. They could do a top ten of local music, they could have listeners request local music, they could do a lot of things to build up the local music community – that would in turn build up their listeners. Instead they’ve played it safe and generic.
4. They are too conservative in their choices of music. You won’t hear anything about post-bands music the new music revolution that started in their own back yard!
5. They seem to block out genres of music, kids music, religious music, country, jazz, classical, foreign language, etc.
6. They seem to block out all protest music or music with lyrics that say anything. What’s left is music that is safe, bland, shallow, and white bread.
7. The on air personalities are so laid back they seem drugged. Show some awake-ness and spirit. It’s alright to like the music on air. It’s alright to have a personality.
8. KXT is an AAA format radio station. That stands for adult album alternative format. It is way too constrictive and dull for our town. Here’s what clone AAA stations are all about:
9. The music should be chosen by more people and more points of view. The selection are all beginning to sound alike – slow, depressing, under the influence, over produced, plodding, generic, 60 year old style, rock band music . Been there and heard that! Why not more opinions, why not more input from others – listeners, music experts (Dallas has a lot of them) , etc.

Tom Hendricks
(editor of the 18 year old zine Musea)
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