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Keyboard Pieces

July 30, 2019

Thanks, I’ll check them out.

On Tue, Jul 30, 2019 at 7:59 AM Tom Hendricks <tomhendricks474> wrote:

Dear Reader,

This week I posted 8 of my short, keyboard compositions,.
They are a sort of a cross between Bach and Tchaikovsky !
Look for lots of melody, atonal is out for me.

Please give these a thumbs up! Comments are welcome too!

This is one of hundreds of keyboard bagatelles that I’ve written. Most
are a minute or so long. My piano playing is average at best, so it’s
the composition that is important.

Modern classical music? Got to be atonal, strident, cold, and weird,
right? Don’t think so!!! I try to make these bagatelles melodic,
simple, beautiful, elegant, and fun!

Most have a 2 part structure with a major theme, then a minor middle
then a repeat of the original theme. Join the music revolution!

The Happy Flea
Keyboard bagatelle.

Keyboard bagatelle.

Worker Ants, Worker Bees
Keyboard bagatelle:

Little Sparrow
Keyboard bagatelle.

Keyboard bagatelle

Keyboard bagatelle.

Another Lonely Night
Keyboard bagatelle.

Mother Goose
Keyboard bagatelle.

Pioneering Women
Plus one Guitar Instrumental (double tracked) for good measure

Winter – (piano)

January 24, 2014

We, in Dallas, are in a cold snap. Here’s one of my short bagatelles for this season, Winter.

The Lost Tapes Series – CIRCUS, a bagatelle

September 27, 2011

The LOST TAPES series. (Music from the 80’s and 90’s re-found.)
CIRCUS (original, keyboard, bagatelle – music that would fit a great circus)

Tom Hendricks
for ALL the LOST TAPES go to or to my blog
for the other 5 cd’s of Hunkasaurus and PD, go to Then get happy.

The series so far:
Watching Her Walk From Behind (jazz song)
History of Rock and Roll (recitation with bebop guitar)
Two Based on Beethoven (classical pieces)
Love is Forever by Mosteller/Loehr (12 by 12 Records Favorite- best piano and voice))
Strings ( extremely melodic one minute piece for strings).
The Signal (note the rhythms in this exotic instrumental.)
Angel (12 by 12 Records Favorite – best guitar and voice song.)
The Spanish Melody – Part One and Part Two (two in the Spanish Guitar Style).
Soul Searching ( original bebop jazz composition – I play keyboards.)
Stories (two versions of this original, full band, and post-bands guitar/ voice version.)
Leaves (Bach or Beethoven? ( Bagatelle on harpsichord in the Bach style.)
Sprite (the Waltz of the Sprites). Bagatelle on keyboard.
Treat Me Nice (2 versions: Lost Tapes-80’s versus Post-Bands updated version)
The Happy Flea (Joyful Music in 2 versions – Keyboards, and Jazz Combo)
Dallas (Two songs about my hometown. Dallas, and the instrumental Pegasus
Skating (my best instrumental waltz?)
Bullfrog (Bach for Tubas)
Sparrow (Celebrating the little things in nature. Trying to get the precision of Bach and the melody of Tchaikovsky).
Sing For You (Official version, and 80’s first attempt ‘lost tapes’ version).
Heartbreak Hotel (Official version, and a 90’s ‘lost tape’ version).
Subatomic Particles (Bagatelle for Physicists)
That’s Alright Mama or GIVE ME AN ‘A’ (off key notes and all)
Circus (original, keyboard, bagatelle – music that would fit a great circus).

Just one left:
The Bugs Bunny Theme

Please turn it up loud, or use headphones for best results. And help spread the word about this new post-bands music.

Tom Hendricks
(editor of the 18 year old zine Musea)
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