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Biological Basis to Fear and Anger?

October 23, 2017

Finally, after studying the problem over many many years, I may have some discoveries about where Fear and Anger came from.

SUGGESTION, the two key emotions of FEAR and ANGER have a very specific biological basis.

Both emotions have evolved out of key parts of the digestive system in all living things. The two are tied to taking in nurturing while protecting against infection.

FEAR is the body’s response to any infection.
FEAR helps us BLOCK OUT and EXCRETE OUT infection.

ANGER is the body’s response to hunger.
ANGER helps us TAKE IN and HOLD IN nurturing.

We are AFRAID when we think there may be infection.
We are ANGRY when we are hungry.

FEAR seems to be most active around the mouth and nose before eating.

ANGER seems to be the most active in the small intestines when taking in nurturing.

SUGGESTION, most of these digestive emotions of fear and anger, happened in infancy when we were setting up our body’s digestive system and defense system. That was the time of the most danger. That was also the time of the most emotions of fear and anger.

SUGGESTION, because the digestive problems of infancy were unconscious developments, and because they were the most intense periods of infection fear and nurturing anger; they may lead us to unconscious adult problems of excess fear, or excess anger.

This leads to all the autoimmune diseases and negative behavior connected with this excess, repressed, infant, fear and anger.

There is much much more to this, and more implications than I can fathom right now.

Tom Hendricks – website.


Sleep as Infection Fighting

November 19, 2015

More and more I see the body’s biological fight of infection as a major cause of many of our human problems, problems that are too often blamed on social relationships etc. We blame the people out there, but the greater danger – and our body is responding to it if we are unconscious of it – is infection.

Our conscious mind is not much in the fight, but the other parts of our nervous system seem to be making infection fighting, job one in importance. When we recognize that, I think it will solve a lot of our trauma.

Then I’ll take this one step further and say that sleep is mostly for fighting infection while resetting the digestive system. Wake and nurture, Sleep and fight infection.

Block Those Bad Bugs

Separation Anxiety/ Stranger Anxiety – Infection trauma?

October 14, 2014

Both Separation anxiety and stranger anxiety may partly be based on the body reacting to both good and bad bacteria.

Separation anxiety: May be in part the infant’s fear of loosing his mother’s immune system, while his is still developing

Stranger anxiety: May be in part, the infant’s fear of stranger germs.

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