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Five New Entries to my Best of the Net, Song List

October 13, 2012


Here are the five new entries to my best of the net song list. Just about 91% of these are number one hits you haven’t heard – or classics you’ve missed!

THE NEW SONGS ARE (drum roll please):

Best Mix of Folk and Gospel music, The Caravans, featuring Albertina Walker, “If I Had a Hammer” (yt).

Most Classic Remake of a Classic, Sara Niemietz, “At Last” (yt).

Best US TV Theme Song From a Russian Combo, Messer Chups, “The Munster’s Theme” (yt).

Best Bike Song To Change the World, Candi Duke “Open Your Heart and Free Your Mind” (yt).

Best, Everyone’s Welcome, Song, Arlie Duff, “Y’all Come (yt).

(See – hear all these on my blog, youtube, or my Facebook page)

Tom Hendricks
(editor of the 20 year old zine Musea)

For the full list:
BIG MUSIC LIST (200 Song – First Worldwide Best Music List)

Videos to follow


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